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On-Demand Pizza Delivery App Development – Cost & Features

The competition is really intense in the food delivering market at present. It has become a trend to find the present buyer preferring on the go access to achieve their specific requirements, be it in terms of food, taxi, or other services. This is why, since some time on-demand food delivery app development has become a vital part of the customary food joints.

We have all kind of food lovers all around categorized as burger lovers, pizza lovers, Chinese lovers, Italian lovers, etc. So, if we supposedly consider Pizza enthusiasts, then tell us why they will look for whole menu when they are simply keen to order pizza? They won’t certainly like to follow this long course, hence here we have On-demand Pizza delivery come as a rescue.

Today’s Market of On-demand Food Delivery

Around the world, the food delivery market is at €83 billion, as 4% of food is sold via food joints or 1% of the total food advertise. Hence, it is clear that the On-demand Food Delivery Mobile App is not a new concept in the arena of the mobile app industry. It is just that more and more pizza businesses nowadays are looking forward to harnessing the advantages of the on-demand delivery concept in order to fly high in this business.

pizza delivery

So, here let’s explore prominent business models which enable you to earn a lot of revenue in the pizza business.

Individual Business

Here the businesses have own personal chefs to prepare pizza meals, hence they very well match user needs and preferences. But they do not deliver pizza at the user’s locations; instead, they serve when user visit their food joint.


They act as a mediator between pizza outlets and delivery services. So, the aggregator does the job of collecting orders for the pizza delivery stores which they are associated with. Upon receiving the order, the aggregator passes it on to concerned pizza outlet, who then prepares fresh meals that are then delivered by aggregators. For this service, the concerned pizza outlets pay fixed commission to the businesses.

Order Focused

These kinds of businesses do the job of taking orders for pizza delivery services. However, they are not liable to make deliveries. These businesses just transfer the orders which users have requested for. Then on, the concerned pizza delivery service provider manages all the other activities.

Logistics Focused

They simply have to deliver pizza at the location requested by the user. However, they are not related to orders received. Pizza outlets hire these services and then the tasks are assigned to them of taking pizza to the user’s location.

Full Service

These kind of businesses are solely independent, like having their chefs as well as delivery models, same as Pizza Hut & Dominos. They do everything on their own, be it receiving orders, preparing them and then delivering the orders to concerns users meeting the estimated timeline.

Discussing the myriad features of a quality and feature-rich On-Demand Pizza delivery mobile app:

pizza delivery

User Panel:

User Profile

Here is the users first land on. They are required to create their personal profile and update basic information such as their name, address, phone number and display picture.


As soon as the profile is created, users can then log in using their email ID or social media account.

Checkout Process

Then it’s time for the user to pick their favorite food and accordingly place an order. The checkout process should be simple as users do not like filling lengthy forms as they go ahead to place orders.

Track Orders

Once the orders are placed, users can then track them. Order status can be checked by them, whether it’s still under processor is out for delivery. The driver location can also be tracked.

Select Payment Mode

According to their convenience, payment methods can be chosen by the users. Like payments can be made via internet banking, debit/credit cards, or the users can even choose the COD option as they place orders.

Give Reviews

As per the service quality they received & time is taken to receive orders, users can rate and review their experience with the orders placed by them.

Pizza Shop Owner – Panel


Same as user panel, here the linked pizza shop owner is required to register to account via email ID or can use social network accounts.

Catalogue Management

The owner manages the whole catalog starting from the menu, ambiance to everything. The menu can be changed by them or made more appealing using appropriate images & content, so to avail maximum pizza orders.

Manage Orders

The owner can check orders which are pending, received, or completed, to find out whether the orders were completed within stipulated timeline.

Dashboard & Analytics

Going by this section, the owner can make food business decision, as here you find entire data regarding, orders, received payments, offers which users loved most, frequently ordered pizza category and location from where the most orders were received.

Customer Rating & Reviews

Here, the owner can go through consumers’ reviews. Accordingly, they can make decisions to improve the business in a more insightful way.

Admin Panel


Admin can login via email ID or social networking credentials. Then, the number of pizza delivery service providers can be viewed by him and he can also check the number of users linked with the mobile app.

Manage Orders

Received Orders can be monitored by admin on weekly & monthly note. As per that the received orders are calculated to attain total earnings. This way app transparency is maintained.

App Management

It is the admin who manages and reviews the FAQs, terms & conditions. He is also responsible to govern the app operability and functionality.

Offer Management

Admin manages the offers & discounts offered on mobile app, and also the ones which are most in-demand and availed by users.


This section multiple payment modes which are used & managed. Besides, it also tracks and stores information regarding users who have made online payments & also the ones who chose the COD option.

Technical Support

Admin handles all issues concerning quality, operability bug, loading time & response time taken by the app.

Additional Features:

Food constructor icon

The food constructor feature works best to create a sophisticated On-demand pizza delivery app. Using this feature, users can choose their own ingredients of their liking and order a customized meal.

In-App Payment

Integrate various payment models such as Apple Pay, Stripe, Braintree and PayPal’s Mobile SDK, to offer flexibility to users while making payments.

Advanced Analytics

With real-time analytics it is possible to gather required information from heaps of data stored in-app database. This way app owner can take the right steps to streamline business activities, by determining the number of orders received, most enjoyed offers, the location from where most orders received.


GPS plays a big role in pizza delivery app development. Drivers can take the help of maps to identify appropriate destinations as well as can calculate the distance that they need to cover. Besides, entire information is updated in real-time to users and the pizza shop owners. This helps in keeping users attuned to the app as delivery is being made.

In-app Communication

A transparent platform should be provided to consumes and delivery partners to communicate in case of any query related to order status. In-app communication feature allows drivers and users to communicate so they can share critical information like expected arrival time, nearby landmarks, delays (in case), etc.

Menu Page Option

This section consists of pizza categories with specialties and specifications mentioned. Appealing meal images should be provided to entice users. Besides, create a menu page in a manner that it is possible to update it in real-time.

Push Notifications

It’s an apt way to enhance app visibility and user engagement. Push technology in an on-demand pizza delivery app is also useful in informing users regarding the latest deals and offers running presently on pizza outlets.

Technology Stack

Adhering to the right technology stack is crucial while developing a feature-rich On-demand pizza delivery mobile app. Here is the list of technology stack which proves useful in the development of on-demand pizza delivery app.

  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,


Cost Estimation to develop an On-Demand Pizza Delivery app

A team of best designers, developers, testers, and managers is needed to develop a robust & sophisticated on-demand pizza delivery mobile app. The per-hour charges vary as per various zones and physical structure of app development companies.

  • U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe based developers: – $30 to $150 per hour
  • India based developers: – $10 to $80 per hour

Hence, it is clear that the rate is lowest with India-based developers. The average cost of an app depends on various other factors such as app sizes, features, segments & complexity. However, an average app with limited features is certain to cost somewhere around $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform, be it Android or iOS. Meanwhile, the charges may rake up to $45,000, if you intend to develop a feature-rich app adhering to high-quality standards.

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