Parking Finder App Development

Parking Finder App Development – Cost and Key Features

This article serves the ones looking for exclusive information to manifest their ideas in the arena of parking finder app development. You will get all the information in this article, which can be helpful for the developers for developing the app.

So, apps are just everywhere and now these mobile apps have even transformed the way you parked vehicles in the past. The time has passed by when you desperately look for free parking space. After all, there is nothing more valuable than our time, and parking apps are one of the apps, which can save a lot of time for people on the go.

Earlier it was such a pain to find suitable parking space to park the vehicles.

As per a report from IBM Global Parking Survey, “Drivers earlier tend to spend 20 minutes in pursuit of a coveted parking space”. However, parking finder apps have made things easier for users to stow their vehicles. These apps help the users in finding and comparing spots, save money every time they park, and even reserve a parking space right from their place. This way, they get out of traffic and into a safe spot in less time and with lesser effort.

The arena of on-demand parking finder apps is pretty huge already, and it is learned that around 2,600 companies operated 12,500 parking venues and earned over $9 billion in a year. If you are keen on developing a top-notch parking finder mobile app, Contact Us to get a free consultation.

Transformation in Public Parking:

Traffic has immensely increased every day. Handling the situation of parking vehicles, businesses have required consistent management solutions. Some of them are like reducing the extra spaces of the vehicles, real-time parking indicators, running better management of the revenues, and proper utilization of the over-pricing factors, to reduce the land consumption and improving the user convenience.

Market & Growth Stats:

  • According to Grand View Research, the global parking finder app market size is expected to forecast at 5.4B dollars by the year 2023 at the CAGR of 7.4%.
  • Top major countries playing a prominent role inside this market are India, Japan, and China.
  • As per statistics, almost 30% of the roads are filled by parked vehicles. In another research report in the year 2020-2026 by the global parking finding app development market, the price has been estimated at $2608.6M and is growing with a CAGR of 4.2%.

Parking finder app solutions have restrained the other system integration complexities easily like hardware sensors, traffic control devices, and real-time messaging systems that easily integrate the data within the coherent system.

Challenges Faced for Building the Parking Finder App:

If while developing the app you get to know and understand that there are any kind of loopholes or faults that exist, then try to resolve it at the early stage of the process to confirm your users with the smooth running of the app. These things can annoy your users in the long run of the app. Therefore being the owner of the company or the manager of the product development team, it must be your responsibility to assure a hassle-free delivery of your product to your users.

Parking Finder App Challenges

Below we have listed some of the obvious mistakes for the parking booking app development:

Inconvenient filtering:

What if your app wants users to fill in the details now and then, that must be a miserable thing for them to look up to. To avoid such a situation, allow the users with a filter to automatically save the details for future usage. As much as pre-filling their details option makes them more habitual of your app. So avoid any kind of inconvenient filtering.

Incorrect booking rates:

The app should possess only accurate charges; there are no hidden rates deprived at the time of booking of the app. Any kind of faulty information could mislead the user and chances are they would land on some other app.

Limitation of choice:

There must be lots of options for the users to book their slot inside the parking finder application. If some other app may have an array of options for parking within their budget, the possibility is they would have moved to them, leaving your revenues in the midst.

Poor information:

All the information should be clear, with no obstruction in the app so that the user will not find them lacking. The dashboard has useful photos, services, addresses, relevant contact information, and others. That gives beneath the order of knowledge to the users.

Issues in app design:

Designing is one of the prolific factors every business needs to consider. Your design is the backbone of your application, it must be flawless and yet responsive to avoid any confusion to the user. If they lose interest in the middle, they can uninstall it without using it.

So try to optimize the challenges and attract more users to hit and use your parking finder app.

Business Types:

Before jumping inside the business thoroughly, let’s understand the different types of technicalities and functionalities required for different types of parking spot finding app development models, and choose the best one as per your choice. Business models have been distributed into three main types: dedicated, aggregated, and all-in-one parking apps.


This type of model is mainly originated by a single parking finder app owner. Here in this model, only the essential functions are paramount inside the model without the enrollment of any advanced features. MVP features are counted here to make the entire cost of booking a space optimally. It allows the user to find out the nearby parking space using the GPS option within their app for booking. This model is highly adopted by startups and small enterprises that are in the beginning stage of their businesses. Here single databases are integrated to run the overall fetching of the real-time data.


This type of business model is composed of data from multiple cities for different numbers of users. This model has been acquired by medium-sized businesses, with major features like search app navigation, online booking, payments gateways, and other check-ins. Users can book their space using the parking finder app.

Parking App full of functions:

All in one parking finder app costs high compared to the other business models due to the overlay of advanced features fused into this model. Some of the advanced notable features are: pick and drop services, heat maps, audio QR payments, wearable integration, and in-app payments methods that promote your business to the next level.

How Do Car Parking Spot Finder Apps Work?

Suppose your app has several features but remains bulky at the end, then the users will get miserable results. The interface is easy, refined, and processed to deliver a feasible solution for your vehicle placing issue. Without the proper binding of all of the parameters, technologies, and user-friendly nature of solutions, the app would not be working fully.

Below is the list of steps for parking search app development are:

  • Searching: Users can choose to select the location by entering the pin code and name options, or by turning on the GPS they get an automatic location.
  • Comparing: Using this feature, the user can access multiple features like fetching the current location, ticket booking, parking to the available spot. Best for comparing different features and selecting the best one for them within the app.
  • Booking: Drivers can book a spot using a unique QR code.
  • Making payments: Multiple options have been credited by the developers inside the app like cashless, mobile wallets, credit card options, etc.
  • Driving and parking: Users can find the available option for parking using the navigation feature.

Creation of Parking Finder Mobile Application:

Creating a parking reservation mobile application constitutes several levels from the beginning to the launch of the app, that will decide the complexity of the project and alert the development team whether the cost has surged inside the budget or not. To get more aware of the parameters for developing the app, we have distributed this process.

Recognize your user requirement:

This is to begin, while starting your application, plan out the requirements of the client. Keenly understand what favor of application they would require. Do they want overall a good design of the app, or do their focus is on features of the app, or do they have a limited budget for the development? What are their areas of concern and based on that you can carry forward their app and of course give them valuable suggestions and feedback wherever required.

Based on the above, the team can plan the cost and time constraints for each level of mobile app development.

Analyze your competitors:

This is the very crucial step, where you get to survey the competitors. Check out the working history of your competitors under the specific niche, what trends and ethics they have followed, who were their past clients and what their testimonials are, and do their products create a top level of success inside the market. These are the important aspects the team should need to concentrate on.

Analyzing your competitors helps you to plan out a successful strategy for your product. And of course, well-curated strategies help the entire product in the end.

Hire the Right Mobile App Development Company:

In the traditional time the needs are so obsolete and so the people are. Few of the companies have dwell in this domain of building the mobile app. But now the competitor is so much overstated if your app is not up to the mark, chances are you will end up losing the client. Choosing the right mobile app development company is a significant factor in the delicate outreach of the market.

Implement the App development cycle in the right way:

This procedure comes into the development of the parking finder app. Different organizations have adopted different development life cycles as per the parameters they have to be intrigued inside the product. Development cycles are useful for the overall productivity of the application.

For the successful implementation of the app, the development process is a must step to plug in for the project.

Business Models:

How does a public parking finder app gain you with a high cost of money? Most of the parking app solution providers use different models to streamline their businesses and retain their costs. Some of the models we have discussed below which fit as per the niche of the domains to generate business capital. Inspired by the different features for drivers, owners, and staff, different business models have been adopted by businesses. These models are adopted to avoid the long queues for placing the vehicles at a quick slot of time.

Parking Finder App Business Model


This type of business model is suitable for earning a small amount of commission as a charge every time the user makes a payment inside the app. Whenever the user gets the slot of free space for their vehicles to place, a fee is charged against it.

Featured Listing:

This is the reserved featured area for the owner, for which they have to pay an extra bug of price and get more people to occupy the space.


In this business model, to gain profit, there is extra space allotted for running the ads like placing the banners, displaying the similar niche of ads, paid videos, and other features by the end of the client party. Business services like car repair services, car washing, and sparing service providers are keenly interested in running their business by displaying ads over the space.

Subscription-based parking plans:

This business model provides free services to the users for using the basic services at the beginning. If the user wants to move further and use additional services then they have to pay for that. That way the business keeps on running and combined with premium and paid app models generate a higher-end return to the owners. Subscription models are different based on monthly, or yearly.

Loyalty points:

To maintain a long-term relationship with the user and reciprocate the revenue for the lifetime, give benefits to the users for their loyalties.

Market Leaders:

To understand the market insights in a more meaningful way there are vast types of competitors placed, with their highly impactful features and attributes they have marked a predominant space inside this industry for a long time.

Parking Finder App Leaders


They have claimed to deliver their parking solutions to over 40M users. Being a byproduct of the Arrive Company, they are best in delivering the parking lot finder solution to the users. Some of their prominent leaders to whom they have delivered their services are Honda, TicketMaster, and GasBuddy. Major cities they have served are New York, Chicago, Manhattan, Seattle, Toronto, and Atlanta. It is available for both platforms Android and iOS.

Features comprise inside the app are:

  • Find out the nearby locations for parking at cost-efficient places.
  • Booking can be done inside the app with one touch, and easy online payment solutions.
  • Get the best route and navigation using the map integrations.
  • Save your time and money.


ParkingPanda is the fastest growing company with the vision of giving comfort-free parking solutions to users. It has been acquired by SpotHero, in Maryland, USA. It is best in providing features like comparing, reservation, or booking the space, ticket creation, inventory tracking, on-site payment processing, and sorted space displayed for the parking over 40 countries across the nation. Till now it has acquired a total sum of $5M funding. Some of the countries delivering their services are the US, Canada, Chicago, and others.


Park before arriving. Choose the car parking area and book to start saving up to 70%. This app helps you to search over 250 countries with the alignment of multiple features. It is a simple yet intuitive app that helps you to locate the free space near you. Are you feeling low and exhausted in searching for new space for parking your vehicle, then Parclick is your one-stop solution. They have offered various discounts and offers in their application, to deliver on-budget solutions to their users.

It has piled up with an array of features like:

  • 24 hours access to search out the dedicated zones for different vehicles including motorbikes, vans, etc.
  • GPS intrigued feature helps to find the best area of parking.
  • These services are mainly used by European countries like Spain, Germany, Belgium, and many more.


Over the last 10 years, Parkopedia has served its B2B customers with parking solutions, assuring that there will be no more people looking for parking space to park their vehicles. It was established in the year 2007, now in 2020, it has been one of the leading services providers for delivering services to the brands like Apple, BMW, Audi, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Toyota, it has delivered services to 70M spaces across the 90 countries for car parking, street parking, and private driveways.

Additional features it has comprised of:

  • Real-time parking solution
  • Schedule or plan the pre-booking services using the app
  • Pay using multiple options like cash, UPI, Paytm, credit, or debit cards.


Using the ParkMe app, you can find and pay for the perfect spot across the 240,000 locations in 16,000 cities and 7 continents.

Some of the features it has come with:

  • Check out the real-time info of the available parking spaces including the street parking.
  • Able to find the best possible path.
  • Allots the parking timer to get rid of overpaying for the ticket.

Core features for developing parking finder app:

User Panel:

  • Register/login
  • Car back request
  • Allow the system to track vehicle location
  • Book instantly
  • Schedule Booking
  • Manage History of Parking
  • User profile
  • Enter estimated arrival and departure

Admin Panel:

  • Reports
  • User Manager
  • Add User
  • Manage Earnings
  • Offers Manager
  • Revenue Control
  • Approve/Reject User Profile
  • Bookings Manager

Driver Parking Panel:

  • SignUp/Login
  • Add your ID as document
  • Contact with customers
  • Collect payments from customer account
  • Check their reviews and ratings
  • Cancel or allow the request for the parking

Parking Finder App Small CTA

Advanced features of parking finder app:

  • Vehicle tracking: Using GPS, this feature enables the users to safely park their vehicle.
  • Rate card: Rate cards have different packages of rates on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis, to choose the best pack card.
  • Nearby places suggestions: In case of any unavailability of the spaces, this feature can easily suggest the nearby suggestions to their users.
  • Map Searching: This feature helps to pick the best route and navigation for the user inside the map.
  • In-app communication: Users can use this feature to do easy in-app communication while using the app like chatting, video call, and messaging.
  • Cloud-based storage: Storage is always a big task for the developers, to disintegrate this cloud solution is there for storage without worry. The data here is secured and swiftly tracked.
  • Social media login: This feature provides a fast and safe login process for the user, with just one password.
  • Advertisements: This allows extra space inside the app for the other same domain businesses to generate revenue.
  • Multilingual: The better app is counted as the one which has multiple language support within a tap.
  • Wearable integrations: Connect your mobile applications with the wearable device on your hand, to get easy integrations and responses.
  • Reservation Management: This feature allows the user to secure their parking for the future.
  • Instant alert/ Push notifications: This allows you to quickly send alert messages on the phones like booking, cancelation, parking, and scheduling.

Tech Stack:

  • Cloud Storage: Amazon web Server
  • Operating System: Debian
  • Payment gateways: Braintree and PayPal
  • Database management: Datastax using MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Real Time analytics: Spark, Apache, and Flink
  • Programming: GWT
  • Mailbox: Mandrill
  • Phone, voice and sms verification: Nexmo
  • Push notifications: Bandwidth and Twilio

Required Team Structure:

For developing any mobile application, a great team is required. They are capable of handling their task and come up with satisfying deliveries to their clients. From the beginning of the app to the end, they are well balanced for any future assistance. Let us look over the different team members required for parking finder app development.

  • Project Manager
  • Front end developers
  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • QA experts
  • Business Analyst

Cost of Parking Finder App Development:

To estimate the cost of developing the app various crucial things need to be considered before. Some of them are software integrations, features, and functionalities of the product, etc. Let’s have to understand each of the factors one by one below:

Development: The cost mainly depends upon the development process. What kind of features and attributes the development team adheres to inside the project are the main factors for deciding the overall cost of the project. However, on the availability of the developer, their location mainly affects the cost factor.

  • In the USA the cost may vary around $140-$260/hr.
  • For other European countries, the cost may differ to a huge price of $60/hr.
  • While in Asian countries the cost ranges between $20-$35.

Designing: Designing is the most crucial and important aspect for deciding the cost of the parking finder app.

  • For the USA, the cost of designing varies to $80-$280/hr
  • For the UK, the cost will be slightly low down to $50-$180/hr
  • For European countries, the cost varies between $20-$180/hr.
  • Asian countries are very cost-efficient for building any app under the price of $15-$100/hr.

Testing, Maintenance, and Launching: Testing and Maintenance are the final parameters before delivering the project into the market.

By combining all of the factors, the overall cost of the basic featured project varies around $30k-$50k. However, if you want to involve your application to beat the competition and add highly scalable and advanced features then the cost of the application should consist of between $50k-$70k.

Estimating the cost paradigm at the earliest of the project helps you with budget issues in the future. You should need to make a clear investment by thinking about the cost factors and any other things before moving further. And yes, analyzing the competitor’s strategy, and their previous projects or any loopholes they have faced earlier may help you to limit the cost of development of the project.


When you are planning to go into the industry of car parking application development, you need to start your journey with a team that has well-organized strategies, feature-rich solutions, and that can delicately deliver your project within time. The right app development team helps you to maximize your revenue profits and gives fully loaded solutions for parking.

In Octal Info Solution, we have a diverse strength of developers who can meet the desired needs of the clients. Our cost could be a balanced fit in your budget as compared to belonging to the different parts of the globe. We have assured you of the impressive delivery of the product from our side. Connect with us for more details.

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