Ever since the time when smartphones turned to be capable enough of playing videos with its small-screen, we came upon to notice exponential growth in the number of online video viewers.

As per a study, mobile video views have increased by 400% in the last few years, with 50% of global video views happening on mobile devices. Meanwhile, the video editing app industry has been there for quite some time, and today major number people prefer video editing solutions via a mobile video editing app so to create videos a lot more quickly. Yet there are some of them who are still struggling at finding a video editing app solution so to create Attention to detail videos presenting a story.

What is the problem faced by users in Video Editing Apps?

So, each of them like sharing their whereabouts & life events with their group (family & friends) on social media. It has become so much of a trend for a long time now. Whether, it is their experience with a new restaurant, going to a live show, or to travel to another city, they are just always clicking pictures, creating short videos, in order to keep them as a memory.

But one fact which remains true is that each one of them is not a professional photographer or a video editor. So all of them have to take help from photo editor and video editor app in order to turn their captured memories into beautiful stories that they can share. However, the issue here is that there are not many great video editor apps, in comparison to photo editing apps. Even though the amount of video editor apps is huge, but not all of them are offering great features.


So what is the solution for Mobile Video Editing App Market?

Well, you must have heard about the great Video Editing App, Magisto, so why not aim to create such an app to target mobile video market which is estimated to be reaching $25 billion by the year 2021.

With an exemplary app like Magisto, you can offer high-efficient video editing features, such as story creation, filter-based video creation, theme-based video creation and so on, for the mobile user as per their requirements.

The mobile video-market can greatly benefit from a video editor app serving video editing features as per the demands of recent users and helps them in creating stories that come alive with the advanced features offered by your app. In case, you are keen on creating such an app for your business, then click here to read more…

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