More and more people today prefer upscale mobile phones and there is a big reason behind it. Certainly these tech-lovers are getting sold for the myriad enchanting features offered by these mobile phones that tend to be of great use for them as well as their work.

Among the several features offered by these high-end phones, one among the biggest is privacy control. Needless to say privacy is the most crucial battle among mobile phone providers since quite a long time now. Who benefits most from the same are business owners who have to exchange crucial data every day. This is why as they look for mobile phones, they have an eye for the device offering security so that the business data could be handled efficiently and there is no threat of tempering.

Now as we are talking of high-end devices, undoubtedly there is always a battle of sorts between iPhone and Android, with both making incessant efforts to better over the other. Though they still remain incomparable still there are aspects where one tends to excel over the other. However, one area where iPhone certainly wins is ‘Privacy’.

As we begin with it, the sad reality is that there are never any security updates to most of Android devices. Due to several reasons Google fail to apply security patches to these devices whereas manufacturers and carriers tend to not care. Apple’s iOS too has security issues but it’s evened out as Apple has the power to update all supported iPhone with a new version. Meanwhile, in case of Android even Windows phones better them in security aspect.

Thus, without any doubt Apple offers the best security features and here we list them out:


When you own a Apple device, it is but obvious that you have set a passcode, as much-recommended by Apple. Once the passcode is set, it becomes impossible for any other party to have an access to your phone. As per the FBI report, Apple Passcodes can’t be cracked easily and one has to be really adept with the technology to attain its access.

Touch ID

Touch finger scanners are offered by iPhone and despite experts’ say that these scanners are not as secure as Passcodes, still they tend to be the best at maintaining good data privacy. Touch ID enjoy the standing same as DNS sample, hence with them it’s easy to protect your data against third party access.

Secure Enclave

It is learnt that lately FBI approached Apple and the team asking their assistance in unlocking the phone. Now the privacy measures set by Google are of such high level that even Apple’s employees fail to have an access to inside data.

This way it is evident that Apple uses safest algorithm and hence excels in protecting its users’ privacy. Owing to their commitment, they are the best smartphone suppliers in the mobile arena. Furthermore, iPhone application development is not smooth with the needed of sheer devotion and research to get ahead with it. At the same time iPhone application development makes Apple devices all the more striking. Now it’s quite clear why iPhone is better than Android in terms of security as making it an obvious choice to security-concerned techs.