So often there is a big debate over what works best for your company, whether it is fixed working hours or flexible working hours, mainly when it’s concerned to IT industry.
In case of a flexible work schedule it allows an employee the selection of work hours within agreed upon limits while a regular work schedule has the fixed working hours with the usual 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or other significant shift. Quite often it’s assumed that flexi means the freedom to work on your own time,

but it’s that really so? After all the fact can’t be ignored that ‘always on’ availability also results in you doing work at odd hours, which certainly a “not-so-good-feel” as it interferes with your free time.
In case of fixed schedule, there is a strict time-game which amps up the urgency but it allows us to find out how much work can be done when the time is consolidated.


in case of flexible schedule, it also has it perks, mainly when you are in the arena which requires high level of creativity and require to try new things to see what connects with your audience.

Your work and state of mind are not confined to a schedule and you have the freedom to sit down only when you can produce your best work.

It can be said that fixed time is comfortable for some departments while some require flexi time. So what’s your say on the same when it comes to the productive output and overall enjoyment of work? What you rely on, strict schedule or flexible schedule?

We’d love to hear from you.