It’s the time when the number of mobile users is on a huge rise and it’s certainly going to grow further. We expect that 1 billion smartphone to be sold in 2017 while more than 10 billion mobile internet devices are certain to be used in 2016 and this way there are approximately 1.4 devices per person on the planet. This in itself explains the explosive growth.

As per statistics by 2017, apps are certain to earn over $77 billion and are going to be downloaded more than 268 billion times.

As we consider the amazing number of downloads certain to be driven by entrepreneurs, it would be just amazing to create your own app. However, it isn’t that easy to create an app.

With Android platform Android app developers get amazing opportunities as well as there are a number of Android app development service providers as well who help enterprises in creating wonderful business apps for the Android platform. As Android is the most prominent OS for smartphones around the world, it allows access to the app owner to an enormous user base.

Still, despite a number of opportunities, developers do come across a number of challenges.

1. Creating a great app: Going by the immense competition out we are in constant pressure to come up with apps which gets the attention. After all no one desires being lost. However by including graphics, usable features and intuitive design, one can overcome this challenge and offer a complete experience. The rule is simple, create an app that makes life simple, productive as well as amazing.

2. Restraining Resources: Well, it’s not that corporations do not have access to in-house programming resources, but major of them have experience on Windows side instead of prominent mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. It’s necessary that Windows are part of all mobile platform discussions but work needs to be done on iOS and Android too.

3. To get the app Funded: So you have wonderful app idea but how you plan for it to get funded. Now the cost of development depends on the nature of the app as it can be anywhere from $3000 to $150,000. But how are you going to get the money. Well there are a number of ways to raise finds like you can approach your social circle, apply for loans, ask friends and relatives and search out joint venture companies investing in such apps. Give a try to crowdfunding and platforms such as Kickstarter and AppBackr offer a lot.

4. Security: Every mobile device manufacturer understands the imperativeness of security. In order to secure data, various mobile platforms are offered great amount of support. Also every mobile application doesn’t need the same amount of security as well as users majorly detest multiple login to access back-end data or data on the device. Now it is the responsibility of the application developers to protect data so that they can incorporate encryption down to the file system level.

5. Interactive App: Same as responsive design, interactions play a crucial role. We all see that these days mobile devices come up with high-tech sensors and this way you get immense opportunities. Thus it’s necessary that you make the most of these sensors. You need to create interactions but that’s time consuming and it’s a great challenge to deal with during the design phase. To beat this issue, you can consider interactions prior as that saves time during the design phase while you can also go for a comprehensive app experience.

6. Performance: Do you know that factors like Power, Memory and Graphical User Interface (GUI) impact the application’s performance. Thus, during application development, it’s necessary for the developer to be aware as well as anticipate such kind of concerns so that the code is written in a manner that the resource utilization in system is balanced and distributed in an optimal manner to all the needed applications.

7. Mobile Content Management: Mobile app content has to be wholesome with rich content such as videos, images, animations, etc. However, often the performance suffers owing to wireless networks and frequent connection drops make it difficult to offer reliable as well as rich content consuming a lot of bandwidth. To beat this, you can go for Mobile content management solutions. You find a number of system in the market aiming to simplify content management for mobiles. They are helpful in optimizing bandwidth usage and delivers content reliably.

Conclusion: So now you know the number of challenges that Android application developer comes across. As you understand these issues, you get an idea regarding the number of difficulties faced by developers during the application development of the Android device.