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What is Cloud Computing and Why it should be adopted by Businesses?

Cloud computing is now widely used by various business hubs and organizations. The cloud computing technology has been embraced in every single industry and the advantages have been obtained by many enterprises. Numerous corporate organizations have selected cloud administrations to store their basic information as with technological advancements it is pretty clear how secure cloud can be.

Prior, there were numerous inquiries raised against the innovation and for its implementation in organizations. Everyone was incredulous with respect to the protection of information in the cloud. Consistently, cloud innovation has refuted everyone and set up how effectively cloud can profit stockpiling and access to information from anyplace and with any gadget.

A particular space over the server enables us to save the information and recover it at whatever point it is required. This innovation has spared a lot of costs, has enhanced business efficiencies and gave an enormous upper hand over organizations that do not use cloud services. Information on the cloud can be used remotely through any gadget that is associated with the web, which is one of the notable advantages of this innovation.


Mobile Cloud Computing being a new term in the technology industry is on the ascent and the usage and demand around it are rising. The presence of cell phones will power the pattern of versatile mobile cloud computing. These days pretty much every individual has a cell phone and realizes how to utilize each element of it. As cell phones can run various very good quality applications, cloud applications are likewise easily accessible on cell phones as they can connect to devise storage for storing and retrieving data.

Mobile cloud computing possesses certain advantages few of them are as follows

Resilience: With mobile cloud computing, the data can be easily stored and accessed as and when required from any part of the world. For enabling the exchange the device needs to be connected to the internet.

• Cross-platform support: Cloud computing does not have any platform restriction and mobile cloud computing can be easily used. Thus it supports numerous platforms to run various applications smoothly.

• All-time data availability: By using mobile cloud computing real-time data can be accessed as and when required. Therefore, enabling the easy access and storage of data as per the users’ requirement.

• Cost-efficient: Mobile cloud computing technology is economical to use, there are no extra charges imposed. The users can select the desired service and can only pay for that.

• Data backup and recovery: On mobile phones, new data is generated every second and with mobile cloud computing this data can be stored on the cloud. Therefore the data that the user is not using frequently is kept securely. Talking about the data retrieval, there can be a situation due to any inconvenience the data is lost from the device. Hence with the cloud application, the data can be retrieved easily from any location if connected with the internet.


Cons of Mobile Cloud Computing

• Data protection: There can be situations while retrieving the data from the cloud a network hindrance may occur. Hence results in data breach or loss of some important and confidential data. Therefore it is really important to select the service providers wisely who ensure the safety of the data in every situation.

• Internet connection: Internet connection is the basic need for accessing the cloud services hence it is required that the connection is always up and running in order to avoid any inconvenience in transferring data. There are no impediments with the exception of these issues in light of the fact that the cloud has made some amazing progress and numerous glitches are settled which has made the contribution reasonable assistance for each organization.


Conclusion: Both cloud and mobile could computing have a very bright future in this competitive era where every information is being accessed through a digital channel. With this technology, the access of data and applications from anywhere and any device is easily possible without investing much.

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Arun Goyal

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