This is the second blog of our series of Android App Development articles.

The internet users on smartphones are increasingly preferring native applications to the traditional web browsing or web app. Hence, this doesn’t come as a surprise when startups and enterprises sometimes go to the app-only mode for mobile platforms.

Applications allow businesses to maintain a close relationship with their customers or clients or even employees (in the case of enterprise apps). Responsive apps, which are imperative rather than a necessity, offer great experience to mobile or tablet users and may turn customers into brand loyalists.
Android and iOS are top two markets in terms of app users and revenues, while Microsoft Store comes a distant third.

According to Statista, there are 1.6 billion apps on Google Play Store, the highest among app store of all Mobile OS platforms, but the stat that makes Android an enticing option for developers is the number of users of this Mobile OS. Android has more than 1.4 billion 30-day active users globally.

One simply cannot go wrong for developing an app for this platform, and there are some strong reasons for the same.

Brilliant ROI

Unless your app is meant entirely for philanthropy, you would expect to earn huge profits with minimum possible investment up-front. Android OS gives you this opportunity. Although not every app manages to get hold of the required level of attention and the competition is fierce, if you’ve have got the basics right and if your app offers something meaningful then it is destined to get off to a flying start.

Android provides its SDK (Software Development Kit) for free and major costs associated with developing an app varies as per the requirements and API level. The scope of customizations and app updates allows businesses to scale up and offer more features to the users once the app gets some traction. An ideal business model, isn’t it?

More Avenues For Your App

Unlike many other platforms, Android apps can be deployed on multiple third-party app stores, such as Amazon apps. Additionally, one can utilize one’s marketing skills in delivering .apk file of the app through many relevant websites so that a user need not go to even the play store to download an app.
(Having said that, it is always recommended to send visitors or potential users to the store for app download, so that their engagement could result in better ranking of your app in its category.)

More options of publishing your app result in better visibility, and this leads to more app downloads and profits.

Android is Open-Source

The recognition of Open Source continues to spiral, skyrocket, and soar. There is a big Android community you can interact with to stay updated with the upcoming expansions in Android app development.

As an open source platform, it is free and it allows an infinite number of customizations to the existing interface and functionality. This is the reason why this mobile OS continues to garner the attention of both giant and emerging smartphone manufacturers. This establishes the fact that Android is here to stay.

Diversified Platform

Good news for developers! There are new and exciting avenues to build an app for. Android was the first OS to power smartwatches (if we don’t include “Pebble”, the crowdfunding star company that popularized the concept of wearable two years back).

Android TV is another opportunity for developers to show off their coding skills and provide a superior experience to users on a bigger real estate.

This emerging app ecosystem will allow competent developers to extend app support to new devices to leverage their platform to earn more users.

Popularity in Developing Economies

Android is a popular Mobile OS among first-time smartphone users. Also, the OS has huge marketshare in developing and big economies, such as India, Brazil, and China. So, a developer has an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience with unique offerings that suit the needs of the varied demography


App development has emerged as a viable business option. There are many highly-valued app-based startups, such as yelp and Snapchat. If you have a unique idea, Android Mobile OS platform is definitely one of the best ways to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Keep up with this space as next week we are going to share our thoughts on “Why an Android-first App is a good idea?