If a company aims towards a mobile-first strategy, it cannot afford to miss the opportunity an app presents for a better customer engagement. There are more than 1.6 billion apps on Google Play Store and more than a billion apps on iOS. In fact, 85% of the smartphone market is dominated by iOS and Android.

There are two major categories of applications, i.e. Native and Hybrid. Native apps are platform specific apps written in native language. On the other hand, hybrid apps are written in web language and thus, supports multiple platform. Hybrid apps are put in native containers so as to extend native like features to apps developed in cross-platform language.

Apart from the distinctions between app, there is clearly a new emerging concept of enterprise apps as more and more companies are concerned about data safety and employees’ productivity. Focus on big data analytics and popularity of cloud-computing is fueling the rise of enterprise apps and mobility.
Amid this app-frenzy world, we tried to find a few trends.

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Hybrid apps are on the rise, and the same trends holds true for enterprise apps. Companies are increasingly trying to stay ahead of the technology curve to stay relevant.

Mobile apps are the future… and the present.