The mobile app world is gathering pace with time, compelling mobile app developers to adopt strategies that assist in user retention. The more the user shows loyalty, the greater is the success of the app. User retention helps in understanding the app features that help the user stay glued and engaged. A contrary situation gives you an idea about the reasons why the user prefers another app over yours.

As app developers understand the reasons of customer dissatisfaction, it becomes easy for them to devise the strategies that will help keep customers coming back. Today, mobile app development companies ensure that the app is highly differentiated and provides the utmost ease of use. Barring this, the interface should be intuitive and should add value to the user. Clearly, a satisfying onboarding experience will lead to more user engagement and retain users of the app.

The Onboarding strategies that will facilitate user retention in the field of mobile app development include:

• Making the App Less complex for the user
• Facilitate Easy Sign-up/ Log-In
• Opt for a One ScreenShot
• Include Feedback option
• Build a user-guided tour
• Use Visually Appealing Videos and Animations

Making the App Less Complex for the User –

The easier the app, easy will it be for the user to comprehend. Once a user starts using an app, it should not be difficult for him to navigate through the features. This will bring down the number of dissatisfied users and lead to lesser app uninstalls.

Facilitate Easy Sign-up/ Log-In –

The Log-In or the Sign-Up page should be compact, not involving much effort from the user to fill in. The mobile app developer may also provide the option of logging in through one single social media account. This involves minimal effort from the user, facilitating robust engagement.

Opt for One ScreenShot –

It is never a good idea to overload a user with information. Thus, having one screen in place with concise information is always preferred. This will enhance the value of the app and keep bringing back the user for more active use.
Include Feedback option – Always allow the user to give feedback about your app. That is the best way to improve the shortcomings if any. It provides a positive vibe to the user as they understand the potential of the app to consistently enhance its features and meet user challenges. Such an effort clearly helps in user retention.


Build a user-guided tour –

Most apps that are commended by users have in place a user-guided tour that provides a tutorial to ensure better usage. An audio impact that guides the user through the small facets of using the app is certainly worthy of recognition.
Use Visually Appealing Videos and Animations – Incorporating visually appealing videos and animations will attract user attention. They should be used in a manner such that the user does not find it irritating.

If a mobile app development company abides by the above rules, it will certainly see a surge in user retention. Such clear onboarding strategies will not only make the user’s life simpler but will also hold the promise to stay afloat in the long run. Engage customers, provide them an exciting experience that is seamless and interactive, and understand the market trends to act better than your competitors. The app world will keep flourishing in the future due to big data, IoT, cloud computing and mobile app developers are driven to enhance app features to keep going with this stiff competition.