Over the years, Facebook has been established as the most influential channel for marketing and advertising. The revenues generated from app install on this platform are reaching high figures. This has aggravated the competition in this realm. There is no denying the fact that Facebook holds a dominant position in-app marketing. It is the most popular social media platform with a huge population of active users. And, you can definitely leverage its market positioning to promote your app. However, running a Facebook ad promotion campaign is easier said than done. There’s a lot to be contemplated.

What Is Advertising On Facebook?

Facebook has emerged as the potential marketplace for most-targeted advertising campaigns. It has more than 1.8 billion monthly users. It offers effective audience selection tools with three options of Core, Custom, and Lookalike audiences. Core audiences can be selected manually as per their demographics. Custom audience feature uses your contact list to connect with your audiences. The lookalike feature uses the profile information of your customers to connect with similar people. Here, you can choose them according to demographics, location, interests, and behaviors.
It also offers a variety in the types of ads that you can post on Facebook. These options include App Installs that take users to App Store Page when they tap on the advertisement. The Second option is Engagement Ads that help in increasing customer engagement for better retention. These ads can boost app downloads and retain the users on your app for a long time when used appropriately. Here, you need to know that app abandonment rates are also very scary. Nearly 77% users never return to an app after 3 days of its installation. So, keeping them hooked on can be daunting. But, you can accomplish this task by following these Facebook app ad tips:

With Goals in Mind, Select Your Audiences:

You can derive measurable statistics from Facebook app ads. However, this can’t be done without predefined goals. In this regard, FB offers many options to marketers. From page likes to event responses and app engagement, you can choose your campaigns accordingly. Here, you must remember that first campaigns are often the losers and they teach you a lot about this domain. Hence, never splurge heavily on the first ads.

  • Gain valuable insights about your targeted audiences.
  • Use Facebook audience selection tools for selecting the audience from custom, core, or lookalike options.
  • Depend on User Persona for identifying the targeted audience. In this regard, you can use customer surveys done on potential users and beta testers. Also, you can use interviews and exit surveys to get more details about the customers.
  • Use Facebook Ad Manager to segment your audiences according to their location, language, age, gender, connections, demographics, interests, and behaviors.
Offer Them Reasons to Download

You must focus on the benefits that your mobile app development can provide to the users. It should give them valid reasons to download. These reasons must be clearly specified with stunning visuals and compelling descriptions in ad design. Here, you must also pay attention to the creative content of the advertisement. Here are the things to be considered:

  • Use high-quality HD images to send your message across in the most effective manner. Prefer to use real images of your images instead of spending on stock photos. Integrate the images containing screenshots of your app as seen on a mobile device.
  • Make a compelling ad copy and headline. It should be concise and relevant. Moreover, it should bring the elements of urgency and uniqueness to your campaign. Here, you can also use a lot of figures and stats related to your app. These numbers surely attract users.
  • Use relevant Call-to-Action or CTAs. It should be specific to your niche and category. Consider the best options and maintain relevance in this selection.


Integrate the Best Strategies for App Store Optimization

Even after creating the best app ad, you can’t rest on this laurel. There’s still a long road ahead. You need to optimize user experiences when they visit your app store page by clicking on the link. It should be flawless. It must show everything about your app. The main elements of ASO are:

  • The category of an app to be carefully chosen.
  • The icon should be stunning and impressive. Beautiful design always appeals to the users and it should be optimized accordingly.
  • Find relevant keywords after a detailed analysis. This will improve your chances of conversions and better rankings.
  • The name and title of the app must also reflect your business values.
  • App descriptions should reflect the core idea and benefits of your app in the minimum amount of words.
  • Videos and screenshots will also pitch your app to the right audience. Hence, use them judiciously.

Test the App Extensively

The benchmarks for Facebook app ads are remarkable and you need to match them in your campaign. Take time and hire the experts for testing the different versions of your advertisement to find the best combination of images, title, and content. In this context, you should prefer A/B testing that involves the testing of ad elements one by one. You should gather valuable data and tweak your strategies on the basis of reports generated in this process.

The Conclusion

The ad spending on Facebook is also an important consideration in this regard. This is a hyper-competitive field. Hence, you must start your campaigns with a small investment and increase this amount gradually after several rounds of testing. Follow these Facebook app ads tips and you will earn your ground in this landscape.

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