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Is it the right time for your business to convert your e-Commerce Website into an App?

Since a long time now eCommerce websites had been reining the world of technology; however that has changed to quite some extent considering the prominence enjoyed by the mobile app. Today you can easily noticed more internet traffic on a mobile device as compared to on a mobile eCommerce app. With the help of numerous tools found in the market it becomes easy to swiftly and easily transition your website into an app.

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Reasons Why WordPress is Powering 51% of All CMSs?

So the maths is simple. 1 in every 4 websites is powered by WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) and more than half of the CMS based websites use this publishing platform. WordPress was started as a simple blogging platform just like Blogspot by Google. It was better known as “”, a community of bloggers. Although the company maintains that its blogging platform is more than capable of creating, hosting, and maintaining any type of website, it is its self-hosted version,, that attracted serious businesses to its platform.

The Flexibility, just like any other free, open-source, and community driven CMS, gives complete control in the hands of the website owner. The owner is responsible for hiring third-party hosting services, keeping up with the security and bug-fixes (which are rare until you completely mess-up with themes and plugins), and other maintenance tasks. It also gives access of its source code to WordPress developers so that they can customize themes and plugins as they please.

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Guide To Choosing The Best CMS For Your Website

Over the time CMS has become much more than a content management system. It is now widely considered a one-stop solution for building a website from scratch. The reason behind the popularity of CMS is that you don’t need to be a website development expert to create a fully functional and attractive website., Joomla, and Drupal are three widely popular CMS. When we talk about these CMSs, it is hard to single out anyone as a winner. First, let’s look at some of the similarities among them.

1. Free and Open Source: They are open-source and available for free to download. You can access the source code and customize. Themes and plugins can be created and uploaded to personalize the website.

2. Community of developers: All three platforms have a good backing of developers. This ensures future improvements in platforms in terms of features.

3. Plugins and Themes: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have many free and premium plugins and themes. These extend powerful features to the CMS-based websites.

4. Ease-of-use: I won’t say that Joomla and Drupal are as easy to use as WordPress but CMS’s don’t demand a strong grasp on web programming languages. Building a basic website from scratch is a cakewalk.

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Creating A Future-Proof E-commerce Website

E-commerce is on the rise and the queues at cash-counters of super-markets are waning. Customers are getting accustomed to a wide variety of choices and “never-before” prices and discounts offered by a range of sellers selling goods online. The trends, fueled by the customer-experience parameter, are changing year after year. Keeping up with the changes and delivering on the customers’ expectations is not only desired but imperative.

There are so many websites and so many products, ranging from cosmetics to industrial equipment, in the e-commerce arena that new entrants find a hard time in differentiating themselves from the rest; and the rest includes some of the fiercest competitors like Amazon.

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Make the Most of This Festive Season With E-Commerce

Festive Season is round the corner and it’s time already for the joyful celebrations. However, during this hoopla you ought to not be overlooked to Black Friday & Cyber Monday, as it’s time to make the most of best deals offered by Merchants and E-commerce stores.

It’s just the right time

The online shopping enthusiasts have been eagerly looking forward to this time and that’s why e-Commerce and Merchants are presenting greatest online deals treating the savvy shoppers this fall season. It’s just the right time for merchants to enter into the era of e-shopping as more than 1 billion buyers are buying products online and it’s forecasted that the figure will continuously grow.

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