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Know about the 5 Alternative Stores that can Sell Your Apps

Reports say that around 25 percent of apps on Apple’s iOS platform make an earning of over $5,000 per month while on Android, 16 percent can make a difference. And then as it comes to Apple’s store, you are in competition with 1.5 million other apps and around 1.6 millions apps with Google Play.

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What makes Swift Programming Language absolutely amazing?

In the presence of numerous programming languages, Swift is a modern programming language announced by Apple Inc. With this, Swift has attempted to offer a direct solution to all problems that every day users come across. This is pretty fast and goes very well with collection. Having a safer design approach, Swift has come up with a system addressing common programming errors such as pointers. This has a syntax which is way faster and works really well with collection just as a shot. It’s well-featured with generics, multiple return types, closures and type interface and this way it empowers Cocoa and Cocoa touch development.

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How Not to Get Your iOS App Rejected?

Apple has a fine sense of design, thanks to the design philosophies of its founder, Steve Jobs. The products of this Cupertino company are often cited as the perfect example of how art complements technology. No wonder why Apple is the gold-standard for product design and delivery.

Apple has never licensed its OS to computer or smartphone manufacturers, unlike Windows and Android, in order to hold its control over the quality it delivers to end-users. Some appreciate this approach, while others call it counter intuitive. From whichever school of thought you belong to, you cannot deny the exemplary standards the company has set over the years.

Contrary to its software and hardware department, Apple doesn’t have a major contribution to make in its App Store as independent app developer community is the key player. But the company has its gatekeepers in place. There are algorithms and moderators that review an app before accepting it for app store. There are strict guidelines that must be followed by developers if they want their app to the lights of the iPhone (or iPad).

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iOS 9.2 – What’s New

After pushing a series of beta versions, Apple has finally released the official update of iOS. As seen in the beta versions, iOS 9.2 is more about fixing and resolving issues than adding more features to the host of applications. So if you are noticing some niggles with your current iOS, the new update may solve them without taking a toll on your data. Although the update size is dependent on devices, it should be approximately 300 MB.

The update is released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating systems.

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Do You Know 800 People are Working on iPhone Camera?

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was recently a part of the CBS show “60 Minutes” and while in conversation with Charlie Rose, he revealed some interesting facts. Well, Apple’s camera has always been liked by the users and all of them absolutely loved capturing from it. Now you would be glad to know that a lot of brain work goes into it. It has been divulged that around 800 people are solely dedicated to working on the iPhone’s camera and the team comprise of “engineers and other specialists”, led by Graham Townsend, who took Rose on a tour of the camera testing lab.

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Cortana is Now Available to Android as iOS Users as Well!

Earlier confined to the Windows platform, Cortana – the successful app from Microsoft and best described as Microsoft’s digital personal assistant – is now available for iOS and Android users as well.

Just a day before Microsoft released Cortana as iOS and Android apps for US residents and it is expected that soon it will be available outside of the States as well. The preview editions were released on both platforms earlier this year as the finalized apps seem to be similar to them. At the bottom you’ll find a search box with an option for speech search, a menu button at the top left and the rest of the screen shows cards displaying information on weather, packages, appointments and the like.

Microsoft announced in a blog post, “Today, we’re excited to announce that Cortana is available on select iPhone, Android and Cyanogen OS powered devices as a great companion experience to your Windows 10 PC.”

It’s averred by Microsoft that the all-new Cortana app “…comes with the same intelligence as Cortana on your PC, with the ability to look up information and give helpful suggestions. The information stored in Cortana’s Notebook on your PC such as interests, weather and more, will travel with you across devices and any changes you make on one will be reflected on your other devices.”

Meanwhile, iOS and Android phones still miss some features that Cortana offers with Windows phone, such as toggling settings or opening apps, and the ability to invoke Cortana hands-free by saying “Hey Cortana.”

As of now Cortana for Windows 10 is available only in English in the country and we’ll update you when Microsoft releases Cortana for Android and iOS users in other regions.

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Simple Ways to Free up the Space on Your iPhone Device!

Is your iPhone storage already full and you’re looking for ways to free up the space? Then you’ve reached at the right place.

Well, today it is the time of advanced applications, with high-end cameras producing detailed photos and quality video, thus it is very easy for your iPhone to fill up storage quite quickly. Even users with 64GB storage models often find that their iPhone space gets filled up too fast, thus you can always look at the easiest ways to free up space on your iPhone.

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iOS 9: Here is the quick review to go through!

iOS 9 is out there in the market and everyone is pretty excited about this newly updated version from the Apple Inc. so here we have come up with a quick review regarding how iOS is distinctive from its counterparts and why it’s a must-have for your Apple device. It was only a few months back that iOS 9 was brought in the market and this one has won million hearts already. It’s little quicker and works a little more efficiently than the predecessors and this is certainly its most valuable feature.


  • Many of small, thoughtful design changes
  • Siri is more proactive
  • Spotlight search is deeper
  • Back button
  • Newly added multitasking features for the iPad


  • Transit directions in Maps are flawed
  • Apple News doesn’t seem to work perfectly
  • No low-power mode for iPods, iPads

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Apple Inc Involved in Massive Cleanup of its App Store!

This certainly came as a big blow for Apple as well as Apple aficionados when it came into attention that iPhone and iPad apps are hit by malicious programs. It’s best known that Apple has enjoyed the status of being the most secure and error free till now, however, looking at the recent case of malware injected malicious programs passing the Apple review process has shocked the company. As per the cyber security firms, before this only 5 cases of malicious apps were ever found in the App store.

Ever since the whole of this mess begin, Apple Inc APPL.0, which is a secure and popular software outlet, has been making constant efforts to identify and remove the infected iPhone and iPad programs. It was only recently that the news was divulged by the company that they have identified a malicious malware called as XcodeGhost embedded in the hundred of the authorized apps and they are now involved in the process of clearing it up. Hearsay is that the hackers succeeded in embedding these codes by convincing the developers of legitimate software with the use if a counterfeit version of Apple software for the iOS and Mac Apps creation, and as per Apple, this version is known as Xcode.

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What Sets iOS 9 Apart From The Rest [Infographic]

As we know that recently Apple launched its latest iOS which named as iOS 9 with some new features and technologies as well. So you people seem excited to know about these features and here we are going to make you aware through the Infographic by Octal Info Solution.

ios 9 features Infographic - Octal Info Solution
iOS 9 features Infographic – Octal Info Solution