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8 Key Components that influence the Cost of App Development

That was the time, where money transfers through mobile phones were just like a nightmare of that imaginary world. No one could have imagined that ticket booking and telephone bill payment can be done through mobile phones only. All this has been possible due to the advent of smartphone applications. With the arrival of modern days, mobile applications are gaining…

Food Ordering App Development
in Singapore- Cost & Features

“Food is the ultimate joy of life”. Now, how many of you are a huge believer in this statement? Well, I can tell with all certainty that many of us are. Among the many pleasures offered by life, one is definitely a sumptuous meal. People work day and night to be able to afford many necessities and luxuries, and food…

Why iOS Earns huge revenues from appstores?

There is hardly any person who is not using a smartphone. From a school going kid to a corporate professional, we see a smartphone in hands of just about everyone. The number of smartphone apps available in the market is just huge. And this number is ever-growing. We need an app for just about anything. From online shopping to playing…

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