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Best Practices for Marketing Your New iPhone App

As Seth Godin, American entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker once said: Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.
With the number of apps available in the Apple App Store for download being 2.2 million in January of 2017, marketing an iPhone app would definitely turn out to be a contest. Whether you win it or not would depend largely on a few well-thought-out strategies.

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Why iOS Earns huge revenues from appstores?

There is hardly any person who is not using a smartphone. From a school going kid to a corporate professional we see a smart phone in hands of just about everyone. The number of smartphone apps available in the market is just huge. And this number is ever growing. We need an app for just about anything. From online shopping to playing games to paying our bills, listening to music- there is an app for everything in the market.

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Tips to Develop the Best Mobile Apps for Kids

The proliferation of Smartphone’s and tablets has provided an exposure of the new technology to our current generation of Kids. Therefore, these devices have become a great source of learning for them. As a result, apps that target kids are being developed, uploaded and downloaded at a great number. However, developing such apps is a complex process and it consists of a number of stages, planning and execution.

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Essential Features Your Restaurant App Must Have

Running a business without the aid of technology is like running a car with no air in its tyres because it may give you the notion of being moved, but speed will remain far-out from your business. At present, no one can deny the value of moving a business on an app whether you are selling something huge or a tiny stuff.

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Points to follow for Setting the Correct Pricing Model

The primary aim of most of the app builders behind creating an app is to make money, especially when they see apps are the convenient mean of earning huge. However, this is the only one side of the coin. Its other side is full of hardship and money taking. Therefore, having an app created for fun and in a whim does not last long and cause the app fail to make any mark among users. We emphasize that app development is a serious endeavor and money spent in this process is of even higher significance.

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Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana: Which is best?

There has been a battle of sorts between Siri, Cortana and Google Now when it comes to choosing the most useful personal assistant. Lately there were startling development on the front and you will soon see your personal assistant turning from ‘passive’ to an ‘active’ one. This way you get to do a lot of useful and exciting things. Well, now your question must be, How? That will happen by scrupulously studying your behavior and pre-empting your next move much prior to you even think of that.

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New-With Some Key Redesigns and Features Apple Showcases iOS 10 at WWDC

WWDC has been a regular platform for Apple to announce its latest products and services and following the same sequence, it has displayed its much-awaited and feature-rich iOS 10 at this year’s event. With these latest releases, Apple is trying to offer futuristic and highly advanced services for its customer across the globe.

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Have a look at this AppleCare and Mok Swee Meng Guide for iPhone Repair

It’s quite heart-breaking when you end up accidentally drop your phone in the toilet bowl or maybe you’ve broken your screen. In such cases, you start looking for all the possible measures to fix your iPhone. After all, in today’s times it’s the smartphone that keeps us connected and we’ve become dependent on them for numerous tasks comprising work, shopping as well as shopping among others. Thus, it does come as a surprise when we get to know of people heading to get iPhone repair services as quickly as possible in order to keep their devices running. For the unbeknownst, Apple came up with AppleCare service for iPhone users as it comes around as quite significant when compared to average warranty owing to high customer satisfaction ratings. Also a lot of stores can offer this service on-site.

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