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Google Makes the Big Announcement in the Field of Indoor Mapping and AR

Google always has something new to offer to its audience, be it in Internet search, smartphones, driverless car technology, or any of the myriad areas. Among its many breakthroughs, one is Project Tango, which created a lot of buzz when the company announced that Lenovo is going to release the first smartphone to come with Tango baked in.

New-With Some Key Redesigns and Features Apple Showcases iOS 10 at WWDC

WWDC has been a regular platform for Apple to announce its latest products and services and following the same sequence, it has displayed its much-awaited and feature-rich iOS 10 at this year’s event. With these latest releases, Apple is trying to offer futuristic and highly advanced services for its customer across the globe.

Technologies to Look Forward to in 2016

2016 is already here, and we are now even closer to the technologies we heard about in 2015. Although none of the much-talked-about technologies of the previous year are going to be mainstream this year, but they could fall into your hands if you won’t mind spending a hefty amount of dollars. Let’s have a look at these:

Google May Introduce a New Artificial Intelligence Project

Here we have another interesting piece of news for the Google lovers. Buzz has that Google is gearing up to introduce a new artificial intelligence project that’s currently in the works. At the moment, the company is working on a new messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with answers to search queries. As of now there are…

Android Phone Users Can Now Use Android Pay

It’s merry time for Android smartphone users as now all of them will have an access to Android Pay, that is equivalent of NFC payment via your smartphone. The announcement was made on the official blog for Android. To put it in an easy and more understandable manner, Android Pay is Google’s mobile equivalent of Apple Pay. However, there is…

WordPress Undergoes an Overhaul; New WordPress Interface is out There

After more than a decade, WordPress has finally undergone a revamp. Among the major changes, there were code reworks as well as the decade old PHP framework of this hosting platform for blogs and websites has also seen a change. Codenamed Calypso (the new admin interface of WordPress) has decided to let go of PHP, thus forming an alliance with…

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