Tech-lovers are in for a big treat with Google having its audiences amazed with far-fetched technology realities that the company is all set to bring in the future. During this year’s grandest event Google I/O 2016, there were several announcements by Google in regard of Virtual Reality, new Allo and Duo Apps, Google Home, Android N, Google Assistant and a lot more giveaways. And at the time of launch, many of these big products are going to appear way different from what they are now. Coming to the event, it was absolutely amazing with many surprises for developers, business groups, organizations as well as the end-users.

Here we present few of the biggest announcements made by company:

Google Assistant:

It was certainly the biggest revelation owing to it being incredibly helpful and it has a Siri-like-setup yet very comprehensive and boundless as compared to Siri. This voice-controlled search engine of Google enable you ask anything like what you search on Google. Even though there is a bit of Google’s voice assistant from Google Now still this is going to take over Siri, Cortana and Alexa. Google Assistant can answer the difficult questions as well as smartly narrow down your searches on the basis of follow-up statements.

Google Home:

Now for Google Assistant to reside there is a home named Google Home. This exquisite white and grey Wi-Fi device keeps all the other devices of your connected so that several of everyday Functions can be performed. Google Home is made up of sensitive microphones with a brilliant brain and it takes over Amazon Echo as it will play movie, cast a movie, answering your quesries just as search engine, allowing you control your home devices (like IoT devices), set alarms, send messages to friends. Out this Fall, this is going to be the best personal assistant ever.

Awareness API:

Another announcement of the event, this API is going to be of great help for app marketers and smartphone companies with being combining seven location and context signals into a single API. This awareness API manages all the system resources and this way relieves the app from such burdens. The seven signals consist of activity, headphones, beacons, time, location, places and usage.

Allo and Duo Apps:

Speaking of advancements in technology, we can’t miss mobile app development. Yes, Allo and Duo Apps were released that are going to be both iOS and Android compatible. Allo is a new messaging app consisting of Google intelligence as you send and receive messages. This messaging app is able to automatically identify the objects in images and offer suggestions according to it. All the messages are 100% secure and personal in an incognito window.

Duo, whereas, is a Google’s version of Facetime supporting smart video calling and maintains the video quality, offering an amazing experience to callers all the way. At the same time, it enables you see the other side of calling window with its magical functionality that shows what task the caller is performing before you answer the call.

Android N:

This is the next powerful and potential operating system for Android devices. As Google has yet not given a name to their new operating system thus it has given a chance to its fans and users to decide the name and win a prize. Google is putting hard efforts to improve on the graphics part and runtime performance that includes battery life.

Android Wear 2.0:

How can here be no mention of wearable’s? Apart from explaining the interactive and useful applications of Android smart watch, Google introduced 3G and 4G-enabled watches able to work sans Smartphone connectivity. Among the many products coming this year is LG Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.

The show ended with an extraordinary display of a dazzling white-self driving car, Fiat Chrysler that joined hands with Google so that self-driving prototypes based on the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid-powered minivan can be built.

Well, we just can’t wait for these technologies to work in real time. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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