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Cortana is Now Available to Android as iOS Users as Well!

Earlier confined to the Windows platform, Cortana – the successful app from Microsoft and best described as Microsoft’s digital personal assistant – is now available for iOS and Android users as well.

Just a day before Microsoft released Cortana as iOS and Android apps for US residents and it is expected that soon it will be available outside of the States as well. The preview editions were released on both platforms earlier this year as the finalized apps seem to be similar to them. At the bottom you’ll find a search box with an option for speech search, a menu button at the top left and the rest of the screen shows cards displaying information on weather, packages, appointments and the like.

Microsoft announced in a blog post, “Today, we’re excited to announce that Cortana is available on select iPhone, Android and Cyanogen OS powered devices as a great companion experience to your Windows 10 PC.”

It’s averred by Microsoft that the all-new Cortana app “…comes with the same intelligence as Cortana on your PC, with the ability to look up information and give helpful suggestions. The information stored in Cortana’s Notebook on your PC such as interests, weather and more, will travel with you across devices and any changes you make on one will be reflected on your other devices.”

Meanwhile, iOS and Android phones still miss some features that Cortana offers with Windows phone, such as toggling settings or opening apps, and the ability to invoke Cortana hands-free by saying “Hey Cortana.”

As of now Cortana for Windows 10 is available only in English in the country and we’ll update you when Microsoft releases Cortana for Android and iOS users in other regions.

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Exceptional Case of Client-Company Relationship

There is no better feeling for a service provider than having their clients overwhelmed and feel superlative with the services delivered to them. Indeed, that’s the best kind of reward to get.

Having been in the arena of web and mobile development services for more than a decade, we have successfully earned quite a name all around the world for delivering immaculate services. Our team has made best efforts to make your experience unforgettable and your appreciation for us is the validation that we’re doing good and quality work. Here we’re celebrating this wonderful customer testimonial we have received from our esteemed client, John Valance, President and CTO of Division 1 Systems, LLC.


It was certainly a proud moment for Octal Info Solution being praised in such a remarkable manner. Have a look at the following scanned copy of his appreciation letter and it is indeed an overwhelming feeling for Team Octal.

We feel glad to see our efforts reaping good results and earning us your positive words. Big thank you for acknowledging our hard work. This will certainly motivate us to perform better.



Japan Introduces its First Windows Phone – NuAns!

Microsoft’s first Lumia smartphones that run Windows 10 Mobile are out there in the market and what came as a big surprise was Windows Phone getting support from unlikeliest of countries — Japan. Well, the buzz says that in the past few days two Windows Mobile 10 handsets have gone on sale in Japan and there’s the entry-level ¥12,000 ($104) Katana 01 from Freetel, and electronics retailer Yamada Denki’s ¥39,800 ($324) EveryPhone, which at 6.9mm thick is labeled being the thinnest Windows phone ever.

Both of the devices are considered uninteresting apart beside their novel combination of software and origin. However, now there’s a Japanese Windows phone with unique design, launched by a company that’s never even made a phone before – NuAns Neo.

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BlackBerry Priv: A decent Android phone with high price

BlackBerry’s new Priv smartphone is out in the market and there is a lot of buzz regarding it as this is first Android phone that runs Android apps. In fact, it’s also the first Android phone that has actual, physical keyboard. Coming at the price of $699, here we are providing the full review of this Android phone.

Firstly, it’d be right to put that Blackberry that decently customized Android. Though, it doesn’t run the very latest version, but then there are also no silly ideas regarding how to use a phone. You are also free to ignore or turn off the changes BlackBerry made, in case you don’t like them. Meanwhile, there are some bug issues that need to be sorted that there are some apps that freeze up and there were some issues with tag recognition. Sometimes the phone gets really hot. The company has been updating several of the software lately and in the coming days there are going to be more software updates.

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Blackberry Priv: One last throw of the dice for the company?

It has been a long time since BlackBerry struggling to claim fame in the market, however now the brand is set to try out its luck introducing first-ever BlackBerry phone powered by Google’s Android software. Blackberry CEO John Chen, who is a software industry veteran, was hired in 2013 to save the Canadian company. And upon his arrival he make a decision to try luck by joining hands with the world’s most popular operating system, Android.

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Apple now ranking the top Apple TV apps; games fetch the most prominence

Apple TV Store data is certainly talk of the town, mainly among the developers, who are trying every way possible to get the most updates out. It’s not news anymore that at the time of the TV App Store’s launch, Apple had made hundreds of applications live. However, at that moment it didn’t seem to be enough to build out dedicated category pages or rankings. It is understood that the features will be out there soon enough.

Most people are keen on knowing which apps have attained early success on the TV App Store, however, there is no access to this data. So far, Apple has stayed away from offering rankings and the trusted third-party App Store analytics firms like Apple Annie have no insight into the Apple TV App Store, either.

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Google planning for the unification of Android and Chrome

If the recent reports are anything to go by, Google is all set to merge its Chrome operating system, which is presently used in notebook and desktop computers with its Android operating system used in smartphones and tablets. Though there has been no confirmation from Google regarding the same, but Wall Street Journal claims it to be true. Here is what WSJ stated:

  • Chrome OS will be folded into Android.
  • Google has been prepping for this unification since 2013
  • The unified OS is set to be shown in 2016 and later will be released in 2017
  • Chrome OS remains a supported Open Source project that manufacturers choose to use. It’s reported that Google will focus its notebook efforts on the unified platform.

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Apple TV Review: Apple Impresses Enthusiasts With Wonderful Features!

Apple is out with its new TV product. Yes, Apple TV is here to entertain the TV enthusiast. This smallish black box runs a zillion apps from several of TV networks and service providers like Netflix. Indexed into some sort of universal search and controlled by voice, this box will certainly be an eye-candy of many. With Apple TV coming at the base price of $149, you don’t need to Wi-Fi passwords and iCloud credentials as it just requires you to get your iPhone with iOS 9.1 and Bluetooth on near the unit and you are raring to go. Or else you can take the remote, that’s a sleek black rectangle with a glass touch-pad at the top; home, menu, play and volume buttons; an accelerometer and gyroscope; and dual microphones for voice commands that get triggered by holding down the Siri button.

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Microsoft launches its new flagship store in Manhattan, near Apple outlet, the Cube!

Going by the latest developments, Microsoft is set to surprise its customers. Till now, the Fifth Avenue Apple store, known as the Cube had been grabbing eyeballs of gadget lovers as well as tourists and now they will have another nearby location to visit.

Reports say that just five blocks south of this popular street, the Redmond, Washington-based tech giant plans to launch its flagship store. This is going to be its newest and biggest store and in order to gather attention of the crowd the company is offering tickets at the grand opening for a concert with rapper Pitbull. The event is going to take place later in the day when the launch is done.

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HTC brings its latest phone One A9 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow!

It was just a day before that we announced that Google is coming with its news Nexus phone packed up with latest Android offering Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Now HTC has joined in the league as it is geared up to launch its new phone HTC One A9 with Google’s new mobile operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This device comes from HTC’s top-end One family though it differs in terms of the design and has somewhat scaled down specs. This full HD 5-inch display phone comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera, an octa-core processor, a physical home button that doubles as a fingerprint reader and an all-metal design. Striking, isn’t it?

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