The role of education around the world is immense and this fact has been well accepted by the people. Today the awareness regarding education is increasing day by day as everyone is keen on learning new things, acquiring new skills and aspire to become proficient in their favourite subject so that the road towards better career gets easy. Parents on the whole are very much concerned about their child’s education and want to make all things possible so their children can attain success.

However, often the children as well as their parents, guardians, find it tough to get the best professionals who can hone their skills. However, this common problem of today can be well-fixed with the help of On-Demand Tutor Mobile App. These apps are prominent as well as accepted by working-section of society, who find it tough to spare long hours to teach their children.

These Personal tutor finder apps are also being widely welcomed by tutors themselves, as they get to explore myriad teaching opportunities on this huge platform. Businesses in this arena are keen to make the most of this scenario and hence to help you, here we lay out the key features, useful technologies and all that is required to know to develop an excellent On-demand Tutor Mobile App.


Framework & Features of On-Demand Tutor App

User Panel (Student-side)


It is from this page that users can signup/login to the account using their email ID, social networking account, or via OTP generating from their mobile number.

Browse Tutor

It is this section which allows users to look for the tutors as per their learning requirements- subject/course wise.

View Tutor Details/Reviews

This section presents all necessary information regarding the tutors like specialization, course specifications, teaching experience, ratings & reviews given by other users and a lot more.

Share Requirement

Users can look for relevant tutor by simply posting their requirements as per their courses, subjects, grades and timings.

Book a Tutor

Once the user have gone through the reviews of tutor, s/he can simply book them so that the teaching process can begin as per the chosen subjects & courses charted out by user.

Chat with chosen Tutor

It is easier for the users to communicate with their tutor regarding various concerns like fee, timings and to gather other necessary details. This makes learning process all the more effective.

Give Ratings& Reviews

As the ratings & reviews given by other users helped in selecting a tutor, same way the users can also rate their concerned tutor according to quality of service they are receiving, comprising of teaching efficiency, time adherence and behaviour .

Tutor Panel

Profile Setup

Same as in User Panel, here as well the tutor has to set his/her profile & then signup using their email ID, social networking account or via OTP received on their mobile number.

View/Edit Bookings

This section allows the tutors to check as well as edit their booking schedule. Like the running tuitions as well as the ones of which the course is complete, can be updated by tutors.

Accept/Reject Requests

Tutors also have the privilege to accept/decline the user requests as per the time schedules or tuitions lined up for them.

Change Availability Timings

The tutors can easily change and alter timings as per the number of tuitions lined up for them.

Chat with Student

The students often ask questions via chat, and the tutor can answer their queries as well as update them in case of any change in schedule or anything else.

Check Weekly/Monthly earnings

According to the number of active tuitions, it is easier for the tutors to check their earnings weekly and monthly. Besides, the tutors can easily keep a track of their tuitions, like of the ones for which the fee has been incurred or yet to be incurred.

Admin Panel


Data is stored and managed of the facts & figures regarding the services availed, grades that have maximum tutors, most desired locations and the payments.

Manage Tutors & the services

Tutors who are registered with app are monitored in this section, along with their services, experiences and specialization.

Efficient Analysis

A track record is analysed, stored and maintained of every user and tutor who is associated with the app and availing the services.

Service Listing & Management

It is the Admin who manages and tracks all grades be it for schools/ colleges, courses, courses and specialization.

Jobs Assignment & Manager

It is the Admin who handles the entire tuition requests. Admin has the authority to transfer request to other tutors associated with the network, in case the time schedule of concerned tutor clashes with other students.

Student Manager

Admin manages the information related to students who have been enrolled for a long time, with their chosen courses and fee structure.


Weekly or Monthly report of tutors and of their earnings are verified according to applied rules & regulations, in order to maintain an effective learning ecosystem.

Advance Features:

Push Notifications

Push technology work wonders in this kind of app as it expands the user base to an all new level. This technology does a wonderful job of keeping your users and tutors engaged. You can send messages regarding special offers/news/events and other promotional offers to the app users instantly. Hence, boosting user loyalty & user engagement with the app.


It is fruitful in many a ways to integrate digital payment system in On-demand tutor mobile app. Multiple payment options like eWallet, Credit/Debit cards, NetBanking can be embedded so that users can make convenient payments within the app. This way they can book a tutor easily.

Cloud Management

Integrate this technology into your app to enhance its standards, as it boosts the functionality as well as operability infrastructure of app. The usage of this technology makes it easier to store data on cloud servers as well as it streamlines user experience by delivering data at a really fast speed, while keeping your app safe at the same time.

Hence, with cloud technology, payment information, user and tutor details can be stored in a quick and easy manner and it can be accessed as and when necessary. Thus, there is simply no need to maintain large hardware devices with cloud being for your rescue.

Heat Map View

Quite a crucial feature as it very well displays necessary details like most prominent areas/classes/subjects/categories. Hence it enable users to make production decision. They can visualize all details in concern of tutors and the services they want to avail. Among the best features for an On-demand tutor app, Heap Map View brilliantly displays all necessary details needed by user.

In-App Messaging

This built-in messaging feature makes the communication smooth and transparent between students & tutors. Students can easily clear out their queries related to any topic with their tutors. Besides, other students are also allowed to take part in the communication, thus the discussions regarding topics expands up, which adds to students’ knowledge and also empowers group-learning skills.


GPS (Global Positioning System) is again a crucial feature enabling both the admin & users to track tutors’ location in the real-time. Users can use this technology to determine whether the tutor has taken long route to reach at their place. Accordingly, the more optimized path can be suggested by the users, hence it cuts down the additional time to be taken to reach the destination.

Technology Stack

Apt technologies should be chosen as one proceeds with the On-demand tutor app development, thus meeting the varying user needs& setting yourself apart from the present competitors. Usage of right technology proves to be critical in delivering a seamless user experience. Here we present the technologies which must be embedded in this kind of app.

  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBMon
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal , Stripe, EWallets
  • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,

Team Structure:

To develop a sophisticated and premium quality mobile app, you will need to take help of best-in-class mobile app development company, which offers a team of adept technical experts, designers, developers and testers. Selection pertinent candidates is the most crucial step of mobile app development as without the skilled and knowledgeable professionals, you can’t develop a superior On-demand Tutor Mobile app.

Cost to Develop an On-Demand Tutor App

The mobile app development firms and app developers around the globe charge on per hour basis for mobile app development. Like in Developed countries like USA or Europe the prices are steep beginning from $200 to $550. The prices Eastern Europe are lower as compared to other parts of Europe region, starting from $200 to $600 per hour.

In India, the development for full-stack On-Demand tutor app starts from a really low rate of $25 to $200 per hour.

Thus, when the entire of overhead costs are calculated, an average cost for a single platform (either Android or iOS) is certain to cost $7,000 to $30,000. Then again, if you choose to develop a cross-platform app or desire to add advance features to your app, the cost will rake up to $45,000.