In today’s time Application development and maintenance has greatly impacted the business development, with it being used for varying purposes such as creating client base, easy reach to customers, staying in touch with buyers, etc. Meanwhile, the cost to develop and maintain a small app differs from few thousand to even millions. There have been apps that gained instant popularity such as Amazon, Myntra, Freecharge, Paytm, etc, however what can’t be denied is that fact that there have also been myriad apps that went unnoticed. There is an absence of ultimate dictionary and guide that can be used to make your app successful, still there are a few methods and factors that can be practiced in order to make the most out of your app.

To start with, cost cutting the development and maintenance charges is the most essential things that needs to be worked upon. Lest your app becomes a hit then you will certainly save surplus bucks, however if it fails that at least you won’t have to suffer from putting in high inputs.

Now you must be wondering about ways over where to cut the cost. So, here we present a few parameters that help you in doing the same and make a change by making some wise decisions.

Role description

As the inspection of the app takes place, there has been an absence of role assignment for different app cycle phases. Thus, it is necessary that you ensure while outsourcing an IT firm that they agree to the different roles and their profiles. There is a need for proper nomenclature for each role like development, analysis, designing, coding, etc. With the same, they need to have a well defined knowledge, skill and experience to hold that role. This is the sure shot way to make the process organized while also establishes the baseline for a standard price for your app.

Experience is necessary

As it comes to IT outsourcing, experience matters a lot and on the basis of the experience, the personnel will hold the command. Once the distinct roles and responsibilities are in place, it’s time to sort out the things by allotting work on the basis of the experience. It’s best to go for experienced resources for important phases like, coding, designing, etc. Analyzing and Documentation is easily done with an intermediate level resource as this is going to moderate the cost to some extent.


Despite the availability of high technology experts in the market, there is a problem with the premium rates demanded by them. It’s advised that while deciding the rate, you should consider experience along with the expertise in the technology you want. For instance, there is no need of experience in Java if you are planning the app to be developed with PHP or SQL technology. It’s needed to decide it beforehand that you are opting for experience and expertise together or not.


Yes, location is very important as the kind of developer you are, technology and man hour rates all depend on and differs according to the geographical location. The pay rates for resources vary based upon geographical locations. Still, the service centers are often dispersed all around the world so that iti9s easy to outsource the team or app developers, offshore or onshore. For instance in countries like India, Argentina or others there are rates per hour quite cheaper still the technology and manual labor is proficient and qualitative. You might be surprised to know that the rates within these countries vary a lot, whereas in countries like the US, Canada, etc, the rates charged per hour are high as they are counted in dollars. Thus, it is best to invest according to your budget.

Proper Metrics

It’s indeed a challenge within an app development to quantify and measure the efforts and to size the associated time and cost. It’s difficult to measure the process sans analyzing the expected duration and complexity. Metric defines how much work needs to be done and is expected to be done within stipulated time period. However, there is a presence of certain terms and definitions that ensure that the entire development and maintenance is testable, feasible, correct, and relevant and measures the productivity along with the time. This is the way to attain standard results and the progress can be analyzed well.

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