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How to Develop A Successful e-Learning App & Websites Like Treehouse or Udemy?

Today, the article conveys one of the paramount principles of the cognitive theory of science that is called “e-Learning”. As stated by Forbes, the world is going to notice a tremendous hike of $325 billion by 2025 in the strength of online (e)learners. Parallel to it, as the number of e-learners grows, it will directly tell upon the numbers of the e-learning development company. So if we put a glance at the forecast, Online Learning will be the new uproar in the IT sector. 

Therefore it becomes worthwhile to study this concept in a more precise way. This post is committed to giving extensive information on how to develop a successful e-Learning app? just like the tech giants Treehouse or Udemy. The details will cover the complete introductions, benefits, and of course the steps involved in crafting such result-driving apps or websites. Hence, let get onto the core information

What is the Treehouse & Udemy Apps?


Having said that, it becomes very essential for us to take a glance over Treehouse & Udemy Apps. What are these? Why does anybody want to have an app like that? These are some of the questions which you should ask, before making an app like these. 

What is Treehouse?

When it comes to e-learning then Treehouse is something that captivates everybody. It is an application committed to delivering online information on website building and coding. It is an e-technology institution that allows beginners to advance courses in branches like web designing and development, mobile app development, and game development, etc. Treehouse offers video tutorials, intuitive quizzes to enhance coding skills and development techniques in the students. 

Just like this, Udemy comes into the mind when it comes to international online learning, especially from America. The app was formulated in 2010 by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani. It offers Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and other prominent courses in the direction of providing online education to the students. 

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Is It Good Have An App Like Treehouse or Udemy?

Yes, why not? It is completely in a satisfactory zone to have an application like this. According to a recent survey, around 40,000+ students have been enrolled up to February 2021 under the Udemy app. Simultaneously, Treehouse has raised more than $4.75 million in funding, being among the best learning platforms. Hence, it is advisable to walk through the custom mobile app development company to develop an app like Treehouse and Udemy.

What Convenience Do You Enjoy Having An e-Learning App or Website?

At present time, being associated with the technology trend always welcomes prosperity in the business. e-Learning is a segment that has mushroomed like anything and provided billions of turnover to the e-learning app development company. Therefore, we have shared some of the Eye-Catchy features which you get on your e-learning application development. 

Supple Access

Providing flexibility in learning, online learning apps have collected a huge crowd base. Students get the ease of accessing the information anywhere anytime. It is totally in their hands to pick any topic and start collecting knowledge at any hour of the day. Simultaneously, you need not move to any place for learning anything. Just sit back on your chair at home and enjoy learning via innovative tools and techniques. 

Scheduling of Sessions

These apps offer scheduling lectures as per the ease of the applicant. There are features like offline videos, saving the tutorials, or recording them for studying as per convenience. Students enjoy learning via these apps and institutions today and believe in this kind of learning activity. 


Budget is what impacts education at any level. Either it is offline learning from Schools & Institutions or the home, money somewhere plays a vital role in backing off of students from studies. E-learning has helped many students acquire the required knowledge almost or completely Free. Many e-learning development companies are running their apps and providing free access to their tools and techniques. 

This helps in outstanding the application amongst others. You get quality and unique visitors by establishing a magnificent client base for your business.

Complete Information

Apps like Udemy, Treehouse, Coursera, etc. are tech giants of the online learning industry. These have completely changed the learning patterns and benefited thousands of students. They have provided expert lectures, sessions full of interesting & interactive activities, etc. The UI of the application is seamless, error-free, and gives smooth functioning. 

These are the pioneer characteristics that have drawn the interest of many e-learning app developers towards it. Now the coming sections will describe, How to Develop An e-Learning App like Udemy & Treehouse? You must read all the criteria with full consent. Have a look!

How to Build An e-Learning App Like Treehouse or Udemy?


Before any development, it is mandated to evaluate the steps once. The section here describes the analyzed steps involved in the development of e-learning app like the famous Treehouse & others:

Niche Selection

Before any implementation, there should be an idea or any layout. This helps in setting up a direction for the development of an e-learning app. Apps like Treehouse and Udemy work on the technology niche, giving knowledge on coding, languages, web development, etc. 

A niche is what the application is made upon. Thereafter, selecting the respective course related to the niche for the students. There can be single or multiple courses associated with the targeted niche. Once you have done the selection, you are good to go for a further development process. 

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Earning Module

The second most important step is to set-up an earning module. Monetization policy should be as simple as possible. There are both of the modules i.e. Free & Paid. Some of the companies offer free education, while some of the companies demand a small investment in the app. This can be in the form of a subscription, for downloading e-books, pdf, etc. 

Generally, the paid services are implemented on the subscription of the app, test series, video tutorials, etc. Whatsoever the nature of the app i.e. paid or free version, there should be an ease to it. A student never loses trust or gets into any kind of trouble during the payment process.  

Business Module or Functionality

The entrepreneur should now choose the module wherein they will showcase their business to students. If you prefer an app like Treehouse or Udemy, then there is a need to showcase your product on the front side of the app. Which courses are available and that too with complete details, how much fees are there for any course, etc. Simultaneously, you must showcase your free services with any course like notes, video tutorials, etc. 

e-Learning should not have a complex UI/UX which interrupts users to encounter any information. Online learning apps should have a precise and simplest design and navigation. It boosts your target audience and makes them your returning visitors on the app. 

Developing Platform

When it comes to choosing the right platforms for an e-learning app, then you have got two choices i.e. building a website or an app from scratch and opting for the readymade solutions. The section involves a quick uptake of both of the segments. So, let’s get started. 

When it comes to customizing any application, it becomes expensive and time-consuming. But it gives the desired results. It works well when it comes to targeting more than thousands of applicants. 

b.Readymade Solution:
These pre-prepared solutions help you build your online education app within a few clicks in comparatively less span. A source code that is accessible to all i.e. Moodle contains all the fundamental students’ attributes. It also comes with some good to go characteristics. 

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Technique Used

In the making of any app like Udemy, Coursera, or Treehouse you need to look forward to the three important aspects i.e. Backend, Frontend, and Integrations of third-party tools. The back-end is the language part that builds the server end of the online apps. 

Earlier the best programming language for such apps was PHP but with the growing technological stack, Python has taken over the field. Now comes the front-end, which is the front side of the website. It is the amalgamation of all the techniques like Javascripts, CSS3, and others. Then comes, the third-party attribute and feature integrations. It is the alignment of extra add-ons to the e-learning app.

So that we are aware of the development process, let us get a peep at the expense we will bear in the development of eLearning apps like Udemy or Treehouse.

How Much Money Does Developing of e-Learning App Like Treehouse Require?

Development without estimating the cost is like making a boat without an anchor. Money or budget plays a vital role in making any online education app. In the process of obtaining an e-learning application development like Udemy or Coursera, you must have a glance at this aspect:

Apps developed with some common attributes may cost around $15,000. But if you are planning to integrate some extensive feature or high-profile functionality then it may cost around $50,00 and above. So think and analyze the aspect described above.

To sum up, if you want to make an app like Udemy or Treehouse then you must ensure the described procedure is implemented well. Along with this, you can take a glance over the experts employed, a platform on which the app deployed, etc.

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