Serverless Architecture by AWS

Serverless Architecture By AWS: Building Apps That Require No Infrastructure Management

With so many innovative things that Amazon is doing through its web service, the company has really up the game for the IT industry. The services that are offered by AWS help organizations increase their efficiency by taking all the maintenance and management work on themselves, so that every IT company, major or small, can focus on what it’s set to do.

One such miraculous service offered by AWS is the serverless architecture. Now, before we begin with what this service is all about, how it helps an organization in increasing its efficiency, and how to build a serverless app, we are going to talk a little bit about the problem that many IT companies face which the serverless architecture aims to tackle.

Most IT companies working today have to spend a considerable amount of time in maintaining and operating their server, so much so, that there is little to no time left for exploring new creativity. This is where the serverless architecture comes in. Let’s start by understanding but serverless architecture is.

What is Serverless Architecture?

Serverless Architecture

Simply put, it is a way by which you can focus on the building part of an application without having to worry about all the hassles related to managing its infrastructure. In other words, everything that makes your application or database run will be done through server management by AWS.

This isn’t exactly serverless, per se, as the server would still be maintained by AWS itself, but the fact that you don’t have to worry about it makes it worthy of deserving its name. Now that you’ve been familiarized with the what, let’s move on to the why!

Why Have Serverless Architecture for Your Organization?

This is a legitimate question. After all, the same thing that Serverless architecture does can be done by the developers themselves, right? Well, aside from the fact that maintenance is not exactly the true utilization of a developer’s creative capabilities, the serverless architecture also saves a lot of time so that they can focus on their core product rather than worrying about managing and operating the servers or runtimes, whether they are on the premises or on the cloud.

So, to sum up, not only does it save a developers’ time, but also allows them to do their real job of product development with more reliability and scalability.

But how does one build their own serverless app? Let’s find out.

Building a Serverless Web Application

Building a Serverless Web Application

A serverless app would let you emphasize solely on developing and running an app without worrying about server maintenance. If you’re trying to build your own serverless application for the first time, take some help from the tutorial mentioned below.

To build a serverless web app, you need to make use of a bunch of AWS services together. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend time and resources in managing those apps as they will do pretty much everything by themselves. It will just take a few steps to configure them and voila, you’re all set!

Let’s take an example to make a better sense of it. You start with object storing and website hosting and then register and authenticate new users to your application through a user directory and authentication tool. Simultaneously, your app will receive dynamic API calls and performs business logic which passes through the Amazon API gateway and is received for serverless computing, which is stored in a NoSQL database. There you have it, you have built your first serverless web application. Pat yourself on the back!

Use cases of Serverless Applications

So far, we have covered all the basics of Serverless. We’ve understood what it is, what its significance is, and how to build a serverless app yourself. Now we come to the practical application of serverless applications.

In the domain of data processing, a serverless platform could help build different types of real-time data processing systems by using different AWS services. You can also build a variety of serverless web applications and backends by using these tools for serverless architecture. In the end, it’s just a bunch of tools available on AWS that you can make use of to reduce all the monotonous maintenance work and focus of doing the stuff that matters.


Now that you have received an overview of the serverless architecture, you must have already come to the conclusion that sooner or later, every organization that focuses on the real work will switch to it to get rid of all the managing work by using Serverless architecture. Now, you can also build your own serverless application and see the results for yourself.


Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Leading Software & Mobile App Development Company in Singapore.