Here is the good news for the mobile app developers as now tracking the performance of your applications is way easier a process. Android application development service providers are well-versed with efficient tools that are useful in tracking the performance of their apps. Tracking makes it easier to improve upon the current app and come up with a significantly better version. Besides, it plays a vital role in customer engagement as well as carrying out effective A/B testing. Measuring app performing can help out in various ways.

Google search engine has come with a new tool for the android developers. It’s Search Console, which was earlier known as Webmaster tools. New reporting features have been introduced to it that gives insight on how Google Search Engine looks at the in-app content.

What sets Search Console apart?
Search Console has been introduced with an aim to offer a comprehensive source of information to app developers and it is set to play a valuable role as it comes to search stats. Comparison is made by new Search Analytics between app content that’s in the search, and which gets the most clicks. In case they matc,h then the result is positive and your app is working fine.

Here are the ways of using Search Console effectively:

Add the app to Search Console: it’s extremely easy and the process begins just by entering the name of your app. The information is kept confidential and is available to only authorized owners, so you need to use only the Google Play account. In order to access, the current owner needs to authorize and verify it.

Connect site to app: As an app developer, you also need to connect the associated website with the app, as it’s vital for app indexing. This is just the apt way to understand the ranking of the content.

Track app content: The report generated through Search Analytics give detailed information regarding the top searches, top app pages, the source of traffic and many more. Besides, specific query type, clicks, impressions, region, etc., can be easily narrowed down using various filters.

It’s vital for Android app developer to create app content that’s well understood by the Google as sans the perceptiveness, your app pages are bound to be indexed. With the use of crawl error you can recognize the errors and know exactly what is required to better make your page indexable. You can also do that by using right keywords or putting across the page in a more efficient manner. Alpha version of Fetch is the right thing to go for in order to find out whether the app URL is working or not. It’s significant in making the comparison of app content with website content to debug all kinds of errors like content mismatch. This paves way for higher chances of optimization and open app developers to deliver quality content.

As per Google, the ratio of mobile searches is higher than PC search in nations such as the USA, and others. This is why an app developer has better chances with mobile search in offering valuable content. Introduction of new Analytics enhancements enable app developers in implementing deeper linking and make the app content indexable. Enhanced mobile search does well to mobile app developer, providing a useful app for smartphone users.