Today web design holds extreme significance in the digital world and constant efforts are being made in the direction of making websites much simpler in terms of user interface and way easier for an ultimate user experience. There are a few web design trends that designers must be aware of so that they succeed in binding audience’s interest towards the website.

Top web design trends to abide by:

Interactive Infographics
The role played by infographics is huge. Like last year there held immense importance and it has further enhanced in 2015. Earlier on, infographics were formed by most designers as static images; however the scenario is way different now. At the present time there’s a trend of interactive infographics, which make it possible for people to interact with them directly with data points and images.

Line Icons and Ghost Buttons
Nowadays, more and more web designers have increased employing line icons and ghost buttons in their designs, which was not a common practice earlier. Indeed, it’s the way to create a much simpler and cleaner aesthetic as the icons and buttons appear lighter, instead of holding primary focus. Both line icons and ghost buttons support larger and multihued imagery, such as high-resolution photography or illustrations.

Material Design
Introduced by Google, Material Design plays an active role in combining features of the famous flat design along with some slight animation and gradients that generate a kind of 3D effect to some added elements. Material Design is described by Google as “grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.” Several of iOS application development companies provide integration of this web design trend.

Micro Interactions
These are the small animations which play pivotal role in user engagement as they make the content way more alluring for the viewers. Renowned Marketing Technology and Digital Agency, R2i sum it up as “Motion is being used in material design to transition between states and to focus users’ attention.”

No Header Background Image
As we glance at it, 2014 was all about an enormous focus on larger and customized photography in campaign areas of several websites. However, now it’s predicted that there will be less of that in the coming time. You might not get to see the images appearing at max width and running to the edge of a browser/page. The upcoming time will happen to be all about appealing web design trend towards less imagery while campaign areas are going to be all the more simpler. It’s believed that content will be the focus rather than images.

Conclusion: Changes are essential in every arena and same goes with web design. This is why most of the web design companies are always looking for the new updates in the market and implement them on a timely basis for wonderful results. These above mentioned trends are indeed your key to attain amazing outcomes in the aspect of web designing.