Reports say that around 25 percent of apps on Apple’s iOS platform make an earning of over $5,000 per month while on Android, 16 percent can make a difference. And then as it comes to Apple’s store, you are in competition with 1.5 million other apps and around 1.6 millions apps with Google Play.

Alternative app stores offer wide options, like some may present better revenue plans, others offer access to a specific customer profile. As there is less competition, your app is certain to attain huge success while you can diversify beyond the two primary app stores because that way you can endure any setback in the big stores.

Five alternative app stores to consider:

1. Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground works best for apps on Amazon Fire tablets, Android, Blackberry 10 devices with the Amazon Underground app installed. When you don’t charge for app downloads or in-app fees, then the store pays according to how much time is spent by users on the apps. In case of Amazon Underground it offers free features that draw the attention of more users while developers can remain centered on the customer’s experience. Here you don’t receive money from the users but rather get paid by Amazon.

2. GetJar

GetJar featuring 70,000 mobile apps offer distribution to developers at no cost. Here requirements are the least while you can reach 2,300 phones easily. The downloads exceed three million per day through GetJar. Company’s founder Ilja Laurs puts in that the incredible feature of his company is that it offers distribution on a huge level. With GetJar, you get 849,036 mobile apps on the platform that users of Java ME, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian can download. The submission process is way simpler while the approvals don’t take much of time.

3. AppBrain

With AppBrain listing apps from GooglePlay store there is a pay-per-install system for Android apps and their developers. As an app is added to their catalogue via Google Play, free access is offered to AppLift SDK. This way you get analytics on your apps that can be used to show advertisers. The platform also recommends actions as you come across flaws in your app. At present there are over 50,000 people that use SDK in order to monetize their apps.

4. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store consists of number exceeding 300,000 mobile apps for more than 7,500 phone models comprising of Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. Apps are sold in more than 250 countries to 105,00,000 visitors each month, and 2,000,000 apps are downloaded each day. App registration is free and there is no need to remove any in-app downloads whereas developers get 70 percent royalties from their apps on Blackberry, Symbian and Android post the deduction of taxes and transaction costs. Meanwhile in case of Java, the split is 50/50.

5. Amazon

Amazon store prefers Android, Fire TV and web apps for its store. In case of Opera Mobile Store, developers get 70 percent of sales. Apps, whether free or cost money, are available in around 200 nations, while are they are exposed to ten of millions of Amazon customers. In case you choose to submit your app for marketing consideration and it get accepted then Amazon is going to promote it for you via social media channels.

What’s to Lose?

If you desire additional exposure and want to make extra revenue then it’s vital to investigate few alternative app stores. Even though Apple and Android have the biggest market share, you don’t have anything to loose with the addition of your app to other app stores. This is a sure-shot to enhance your revenue and gain new customers in various markets.

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