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What makes Swift Programming Language absolutely amazing?

In the presence of numerous programming languages, Swift is a modern programming language announced by Apple Inc. With this, Swift has attempted to offer a direct solution to all problems that every day users come across. This is pretty fast and goes very well with collection. Having a safer design approach, Swift has come up with a system addressing common programming errors such as pointers. This has a syntax which is way faster and works really well with collection just as a shot. It’s well-featured with generics, multiple return types, closures and type interface and this way it empowers Cocoa and Cocoa touch development.

Here let’s shed some light on the wonderful features of the Apple’s Swift Programming Language:

Open Source

Swift.org is a site where Swift is developed and it’s dedicated to the open source Swift community. Source code, mailing lists, a bug tracker and several development lists go in its making. With Swift.org you get a Linux version of Swift, with a Linux toolset comprising of the LLDB debugger, package manager support and the REPL. This programming language runs on a Mac, with being able to build apps for iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS.

Swift offers support to all apple platforms as well as makes software faster and safer. This way programming turns more entertaining.

Syntax Improvement

With the new syntax features offered by Swift you get to write more expressive code. The SDKs used new Objective-C features like nullability and generics annotation which makes swift code way faster and cleaner.

Meanwhile, with Swift 2.0, you get keyword naming rules amalgamated for methods and functions, extended pattern that matches to work well in case of clauses along with the loops, protocol extensions and much more. In case of Swift, method or function goes well with the industry-standard comma-separated list of parameters.

Swift 2.0 offers keyword naming rules unified for methods and functions, extended pattern matching to work in if clauses and for loops, protocol extensions and much more. In Swift, method or function calls uses the industry-standard comma-separated list of parameters within parenthesis. This way it offers a clean animated language featured with a simplified syntax.

Interactive Playgrounds

Swift’s Playgrounds are highly advantageous to professional developers as it allows the programmers to examine new graphics or algorithm routine sans creating a complete iPhone app. It do have an added inline code execution to playgrounds allowing the programmers write an algorithm or come up with a lot of code as well receive feedback for the same. The feedback loop improves the speed with which you can write a code. Meanwhile, Playgrounds also include comments using bullet lists along with embedded links and images.


As Swift is in place, it eliminates entire classes of unsafe code such as Integers are checked for overflow, variables are again initialized prior to use while memory is automatically managed. Then again Swift object can’t be nil, this way it has the ability to come up with a compiler error, the moment to write a bad code. It’s easy to fix problems as you write a code and this reduces your time and moment dedicated to fix errors. This sets off a runtime crash in case a NIL optional variable is used as it helps in avoiding the bug as well as fixes it quicker in Swift code.

Fast and Powerful

There have been many improvements in Swift as it dropped legacy C conventions and this programming language used the amazingly high-performance LLVM compiler that alters Swift code into optimized native code.

Besides Object sorting has significantly turned way quicker as compared to Python. You get object-oriented features such as protocols, generics and classes, thus Cocoa and Cocoa touch developers get the power and performance desired by them.

Objective-C Interoperability

No doubt, Swift is entirely compatible with Objective-C and this enables you develop a project comprising of files that are written in any language. Apps having a mixed-language codebase is easy to develop as well as it is easier to put into practice a part of your app’s functionality with the use of Swift’s latest feature. Furthermore, it can be integrated impeccably back into your existing Objective-C codebase.


Packed with extraordinary features, this programming language is built on the best of Objective-C and C, sans the constraint of C compatibility. It consists of safe programming patterns with features that make programming all the more flexible as well as easier. So now easily write OS X, iOS, tvOS and watchOS apps and this is certain to evolve with the introduction of new capabilities and features.

Arun Goyal

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