The ever-rising app market is facing some real jitters of idea theft. The idea is the prime course of action processed by the brain and later turns into execution. After all, ideas give rise to the execution. Right? Wrong. Ideas evolve in the human brain but not all are executed to result in something concrete. It is unlikely to say that as soon as an idea pops up in the mind it will get executed on the next scale. That’s where the index of an idea theft comes to play.


In the app market which is heavily creative, there is an exchange of similar thoughts and app ideas. Every mobile app development company believes in bringing the change into the market and would want to place their idea on the first ground. But this is hardly the possibility. The closely knitted shell of developers and idea generation for an app is bound to meet with certain coincidence.


The time when you see your ignited idea resulting in a product itself in the market, the heights of dejection are on higher grounds. But this world of the startup is flourishing not with the new ideas but also with the magnitude of making things better and more useful. Therefore, it is essential to survive in this startup world with some key points when you think that your idea is stolen by someone:

stolen app idea

Ideas are never unique

If you think that your idea is unique in its own race, you are living in a major disbelief. Your idea for generating an app or a product that is novel and new meets with some notions. First, the slightest of a chance of the mobile app idea to be unique is only a matter of time before someone else knocks with the same idea. Second, when you think that millions of people would use your product considering it is sorting the market issue, there is millions of mind who are already somewhere near or thinking exactly the same way. That leaves a small room for your idea to be unique.

It’s not the idea, Approach is important

If you are biting your nails that someone else has the same idea and quite intimidated with the effect it may have, do not worry. The idea is an ignition of the process. As they say, you do not need to be unique for being successful, it rightly proves here. Competition always ignites good energy to work prolifically well. It is not with the idea it is the final spin and the approach that makes your product or mobile app stand out. Every mobile app development company should focus on excelling its products and making it fly high with even better user experience.

Remember, the idea may coincide but the way you deal with it others may not

For any mobile app idea to meet success, the approach plays a vital role. Same ways, any company that may have the same idea or has established its product in the market will definitely have a difference with your product. The way you run your company or develop an App is unique in its own way. That’s that, here lies the major difference. Your efforts if implemented in the right direction with a particular idea will definitely set a product or app with a difference. It is all in the execution in mobile app development and that’s what separates one from another. You are the architect of your idea and this is how you are going to foothold the same.

If you have to go legal

In case your idea is actually being stolen by any means e.g. a client who didn’t pay or a huge giant who is just neglecting your small status, you have all the rights for a legal recourse only if you have filed for copyright or trademark protection of your work. The closely knitted startup world has many issues with idea stealing and that’s where business owners must be cautious about legal issues and actions. Do not forget if the idea is potentially developed to a product, it might be worthy enough to file a patent to protect you.

The bottom line is in this creative industry theft of ideas is quite common and if any unscrupulous competitor steals it next time, go through the above steps to know where do you actually fit in and react.