Once an app has been developed, the next step is finding ways how to fund your app. One way of getting hold of the much-needed funds is by launching a big campaign.

If your network is huge, the chances that your campaign will be a success are quite bright. Considering your app is good, more and more people will be enthusiastic about it and offer funds. Work on your online presence as this will pave an easy way for your current and future projects.

Mentioned below are few of the ways how you can go about getting funds for your mobile app business.

Crowd Funding- The latest funding source

Crowdfunding is a means of collecting funds by a business when both management and owners conduct events where contributions are solicited from the stakeholders who come to take part in the event. There are several crowdfunding sites that help you collect funds for your mobile app.

The arrival of Online Crowd Funding- Internet has become the focal point of everything. So no wonder online crowdfunding has grown in importance off late. The prime contributing factor to this is the high usage of social media for building awareness about just about anything together with gathering funds.

Now the questions stem up how to get Crowd Funding?
There are so many tools that can be used to get Crowd Funding. Let us have a look at a few of them.


Appsfunder is an amazing tool for funding the apps. It was set up in 2012 and links mobile developers and entrepreneurs with the funders. This tool is conditional. It comes with an all-or-nothing funding system where either complete funding is offered to the projects or nothing is allocated. If you are able to fetch your target amount 80% of the money is transferred to your paypal account, the remaining 20% is given when you launch the app.

There is an Expert Panel on this platform where developers can voice their ideas in order to get much-needed help. The panel ranks the developer on various criteria such as:

  • Innovation
  • Business potential
  • Technology
  • Team


This is basically a website where there is a provision to create campaigns in order to raise funds for your app. There are three different kinds of campaigns that are presented on this site.

• Crowd-sourcing – it enables you to raise funds for the apps
• Marketplace – to sell your app source code
• Connect – this is for talent acquisition


This web platform is meant specifically for mobile apps. It facilitates Crowdfunding as well as marketing. Mentioned below are some of the features of Kraudmob:

• Promote the app for free
• Begin with zero budget
• Developers get in touch with marketers


This tool is actually a marketplace where those who are keen can crowd invest in both iPhone and Android apps. The future sales of the app are funded by the investors. The investor benefits by this as bulk quantities can be bought at wholesale rates. They can sell the same later when the app hits the market. Purchasing is a wholesale price and makes a sale at retail price, which is what leads to a profit.

So, these are a few of the platforms where you can seek funding for your mobile app. There are some platforms such as Kickstarter or CrowdFunder, but then these are quite selective in permitting mobile app ideas for purpose of crowd-funding.