On-Demand Food Delivery App: How to take your Food Business to New Heights?

Technology has changed our lives for the better in a million ways. Today, we don’t have to take the pains of looking for a good restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere just to satiate our taste buds. Wasn’t it a tedious, hectic and time-consuming job? However, the scenario is way different now, and you can complete this task in a very little time and effort using On-Demand Food Delivery App, which can also be termed as the boon for all the foodies out there.

So, next time when you are busy at work and find it tough to go and want to have a meal, then simply sit back and relax. The on-demand food delivery app is there to rescue you as it will help you get your favorite meal delivered right to your door-step in no time.




Let’s try to understand this with some available real-time data. Statistics show that approximately 20% of customers are using the food delivery app at least once in a week. In fact, nearly 50% have given positive feedback about the services. Hence, it is clear that mobile application is gradually coming to the fore and is being warmly welcomed by the audience. This is why numerous restaurants have developed their own mobile app. Many restaurants even claim that if they fail to deliver your food within the estimated time, then it is going to be offered free of cost. Hence, it is clear that the competition is turning out to be quite deadly.

Satiate your taste buds with technology

There are myriad of food ordering app development companies helping the food businesses in meeting the demand for apps. Many food delivery apps are contributing commendably bringing ease to the life of food lovers. These on-demand apps make it easier to have food at your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

Today, online food portal is quite prominent among the foodies, as well as it has appealed to the mobile app developers and restaurant businesses too.

How does it help?

Among the many benefits of on-demand food delivery apps, the most significant is the convenience that comes with it. Now people don’t require approaching a takeaway or a restaurant, nor they require making calls and speaking to executives, which was surely tiresome. They can just have their way with just a few clicks. Hence, it’s clear that with the emergence of on-demand food delivery apps, food delivery platforms have changed tremendously.

How to succeed in the on-demand food delivery app market?

As we discuss on-demand food delivery, this comprises of Aggregators and the New Delivery systems. But, it has been noticed that most restaurant owners choose to register themselves with the restaurant aggregator app development.


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There are very few who are keen on offering a personalized experience bringing their own food ordering mobile app. Meanwhile, in both cases, you better make sure that your on-demand mobility solution not only has features to allure people but keeps them with you as well. For that, you can get the help of experienced food mobile app developers. Collect the on-demand food delivery app flow from them as it will greatly help in getting the right idea about the development process.

Here are the key points that you must consider:

The custom solution should be preferred:

The effective way to attract users is to offer something new and something that is unique. Like, having a new concept or a feature idea is good, however, if you don’t have it then it’s time to get in touch with your developer and get to know your app users and also try to find out their preferences, likes, and dislikes. Then, it gets easier to build a custom enterprise mobility solution for your app idea. By then you will also be able to totally familiar with the whole of the on-demand food delivery app development process that needs to be followed.

Social Media:

Why users prefer mobility? The main reason is its ability to save a lot of their efforts and time. Now you know how much the users today love social media, so if you offer a social media-friendly solution with your app, you are certain to get people’s love.

Just make sure that you save the users time in signing up and signing in, as well as give them a chance to see whenever their friends update what they are eating, or as they share what has been ordered by them on various social platforms.

Integrate real-time location tracking:

Today app users prefer being updated regarding the whereabouts of their order. Your app must have a feature that allows them to track the real-time location of the food they ordered.


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It consists of the whole of the process, beginning from the time their order goes to the kitchen, the time it was prepared, dispatched, as well as they should also know the estimated time for the order to reach them. This way they not only will stay engaged with the app and it will gain you their loyalty as well.

Fast & Timely Delivery:

Timely delivery is what runs the on-demand solutions industry. Research shows that your users are likely to abandon the app in case of delayed delivery. Thus, keeping a little time margin is advisable. After all, if the food reaches them a little early, they will be happy. However, delayed delivery is most likely to end up annoying them.


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Hence, the order must be accepted only when you will be able to deliver to them timely. There is no point of rushing for quantity and as you ought to focus more on offering quality with your service.

Start with the small market:

Starting with a bigger market is never a good idea. Rather opt to start at a smaller scale, get public reviews and feedback and try to learn from experience and get better. Starting small is also useful in earning the necessary expertise with time so that you are prepared to take on a larger marker.

After successfully earning a good reputation in the market and once you have learned the skills required by the larger market, you can expand your wings.

Keep your updated regarding local supply and demand:

Stay updated regarding your competitor’s activities, and your audience’s likes and dislikes. Learn about what is in demand right now and get to know from people regarding their preferences and what they desire in the future. Once you understand this, you will know your audience better and can work on their likings and demands.


At the moment the numbers of online food ordering portal and apps, along with restaurant mobile app development on the rise. These food delivery apps have simplified the lives of the consumers who get all they desire at one stop, including menu, estimated time of order delivery, prices, and so on.


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So, it’s time you get a food delivery mobile app developed for your business with the help of brilliant mobile app developers out there. Grab the market and the customers, by updating your services with prompt delivery.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Arun Goyal is a tech-enthusiast and visionary entrepreneur. He loves to talk about technology, and expresses his views about the trends in tech-world through this blog.