To What Extent A Designer should have the Knowledge of Coding?

In the IT industry, this question is often raised that how beneficial it is if designers come with a slight knowledge of coding. A good number of designers protest the discipline swap while its advocates are open to try their hands in different streams. Needless to mention that designing and coding are the two ends of a truck and started getting into the ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ of coding. A big group of people favors the discovery of excellence in a specific field; however, another group puts forth the list of benefits of being cognizant in two streams.

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Major Tips to Include Motion Design for an Excellent UX

In the world’s tech arena, the word ‘MOTION’ is quite in motion currently because it is referred to animations with smooth, clean and easy navigation. In mobile applications, motion design has got a new and vital meaning these days. Motion design is way ahead and more than what Flash websites, GIFs and obnoxious ads offer. Websites with distracting elements and those with flashy UX are the thing of past. Motion design is what the new buzz in the market with a guarantee to offer an intuitive users experience.

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Driver less Taxis Make Their Debut in Singapore

As far as moving ahead with technology is concerned, Singapore is no more behind when compared with many big players in the world. This is why on August 26 nuTonomy chose the soil of Singapore for the first-ever public trial of its robo-taxi services leaving these players way behind. The foundation of nuTonomy was laid in 2013 by ex-MIT engineers and it is manufacturing autonomous cars in Singapore since quite long. The makers have been making their driverless cars undergo trials in the city state. They have also started the trial in a restricted 2.5-square-mile residential and business district known as one-north. They have been conducting this run since April. However, the pick-up and drop-off facility has been kept limited to the specific locations by the company.

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What to Keep In Mind Before Determining Color Combinations for Web Designs?

While browsing Internet, we often come across websites that leave an excellent impression through its colors. On the other hand, there are many sites that have a washy impact as soon as they appear and most of us avoid lingering on such websites. Now, the question arises why does this happen? What exactly makes us feel awesome or annoying while browsing? As per experts, the color combination chosen for a website plays a crucial role in alluring or distracting users. Color leaves a magnificent impact on human mind as it establishes a communication with the viewer on many levels including emotional. It is the visual attribute to anything that emits, generates or mainly reflects light.

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Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana: Which is best?

There has been a battle of sorts between Siri, Cortana and Google Now when it comes to choosing the most useful personal assistant. Lately there were startling development on the front and you will soon see your personal assistant turning from ‘passive’ to an ‘active’ one. This way you get to do a lot of useful and exciting things. Well, now your question must be, How? That will happen by scrupulously studying your behavior and pre-empting your next move much prior to you even think of that.

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Major Challenges that Android App Developer comes across

It’s the time when the number of mobile users is on a huge rise and it’s certainly going to grow further. We expect that 1 billion smartphone to be sold in 2017 while more than 10 billion mobile internet devices are certain to be used in 2016 and this way there are approximately 1.4 devices per person on the planet. This in itself explains the explosive growth.

As per statistics by 2017, apps are certain to earn over $77 billion and are going to be downloaded more than 268 billion times.

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Work Culture

What works better in IT industry: Fixed working hours Vs Flexible working hours?

So often there is a big debate over what works best for your company, whether it is fixed working hours or flexible working hours, mainly when it’s concerned to IT industry.
In case of a flexible work schedule it allows an employee the selection of work hours within agreed upon limits while a regular work schedule has the fixed working hours with the usual 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or other significant shift. Quite often it’s assumed that flexi means the freedom to work on your own time,

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Android, Mobile Apps

Nougat – The Official Name of Android N

Google has finally revealed the official name for Android N: Nougat.

Android N is announced by Google today and the latest version of Android will be known as Nougat. The most interesting part is, Google pick Snapchat for the first time as one of the platforms to disclose the name of this new version of Android. This announcement came after Google communicated at I/O in June that users could submit suggestions for the name online.

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New-With Some Key Redesigns and Features Apple Showcases iOS 10 at WWDC

WWDC has been a regular platform for Apple to announce its latest products and services and following the same sequence, it has displayed its much-awaited and feature-rich iOS 10 at this year’s event. With these latest releases, Apple is trying to offer futuristic and highly advanced services for its customer across the globe.

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