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Why your business needs to hire a Dedicated Android App Developer?

Everyone dreams of a successful business and cost-effectiveness as it comes to the development of a mobile application. As the mobile technology arrived we saw various businesses transform for the first time in the digital age. Mobile app development is certainly changing the scenario for you and once you realize why your business requires a mobile app, the real thrill begins.

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Google unveils 2016’s Best Projects at Google I/O 2016

Tech-lovers are in for a big treat with Google having its audiences amazed with far-fetched technology realities that the company is all set to bring in the future. During this year’s grandest event Google I/O 2016, there were several announcements by Google in regard of Virtual Reality, new Allo and Duo Apps, Google Home, Android N, Google Assistant and a lot more giveaways. And at the time of launch, many of these big products are going to appear way different from what they are now. Coming to the event, it was absolutely amazing with many surprises for developers, business groups, organizations as well as the end-users.

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Hottest trends in the arena of Mobile Application Development

Smartphones has gained immense prominence in the lives of people and with time we see that its significance is increasing. In today’s times it’s common that people use Smartphone in order to manage the various tasks in their everyday life. There are a number of Smartphone users that use android operating system owing to its huge base and this way the arena of android application development is growing at a rapid pace. Here we discuss the hottest trends in the field of android application development.

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With announcement of New Technology no need to Download Entire App

The big change has arrived with the company announcing Instant Apps, this way we will soon have a future where apps and web come together to offer unique experiences. Without the need to download apps, Android phones can easily download chunks of code running the parts of apps required to play a video, sell an item or book a hotel room.

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Have a look at this AppleCare and Mok Swee Meng Guide for iPhone Repair

It’s quite heart-breaking when you end up accidentally drop your phone in the toilet bowl or maybe you’ve broken your screen. In such cases, you start looking for all the possible measures to fix your iPhone. After all, in today’s times it’s the smartphone that keeps us connected and we’ve become dependent on them for numerous tasks comprising work, shopping as well as shopping among others. Thus, it does come as a surprise when we get to know of people heading to get iPhone repair services as quickly as possible in order to keep their devices running. For the unbeknownst, Apple came up with AppleCare service for iPhone users as it comes around as quite significant when compared to average warranty owing to high customer satisfaction ratings. Also a lot of stores can offer this service on-site.

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What makes Node.js so Prominent?

Needless to say Node.js is truly the most popular web application out there, so much so that it outdoes other web applications by replacing websockets with revolutionary push technology. So what is so wonderful about them? Well, the answer is quite simple if you just dig a little. There is this cutting-edge web application with two-way, real-time connections allowing both the server and client build communication and it allows exchanging valuable data. So this simply is distinguished to the conventional web response paradigm where the communication is initiated by the client.

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Things to keep in mind as you move from Web App to Mobile App

Web app owners keep juggling with the idea of changing the web app to the mobile app often. After all, it’s a known fact that mobile is significant in the times of today and virtually everyone at some point of time feels that app must be available, workable and this way a lot of time is saved. So, what can you do? To start with on-the-go facilities are always appreciated. When the user has everything then there is no requirement to look for help of his browser and everything that you expect from the mobile app is done with the use of the mobile app. This way nothing is going to have more worth. When you limit yourself to web app and opt to skip the app-thing, then you are surely going to miss some very useful chances for your business. So is that good? Surely, not. No one desires missing even the tiniest chance to expand their business.

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Do You Need to Revamp Your Website?

There is a common notion that new, modern and responsive website development is most suitable for new companies looking to start out on the web. However, this doesn’t hold to be true as web design is equally required by well-set companies having an online presence but require revamping their image.

Even when your website is doing well since last many years there is still some place for the better and this can happen with appealing web design trends present in the market. So why not do some redecorating.

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