Android is one of the renowned products of the tech giant, Google. If sources are to be believed, then over the globe, nearly 85% of all digital gadgets are running on the Android platform.
So, it is obvious that with such a high count of users, the need of applications with multi-functionality also comes into consideration. Presently, users are allotted to opt from a vast 1.6 million apps.

Being a newbie in Android application development, there is always a query within your mind that “how should I start developing my first Android app or what things I must know before starting the coding part for the app”. Below are a few facts that must be known before developing your first Android application.

What you must learn initially:

Before starting the development process, you must know that which skill should be learned at first. The god of Android development Application is JAVA. So, ensure that you are having good resources to learn the needy languages. Starting from JAVA, you can start learning other languages that are required for developing an app.

What Skills you have:

Before running your fingers over the keyboard, you must ensure that you have enough skills, needed to develop an Android application. Java and Android are two masteries; you need to have before starting coding. The knowledge of XML is also required for the design of the app. Crosscheck your skills with the required ones and move on to answer another query.

How unique your App is:

You have collected the data, created an outline for your first application. But have you checked that which are the unique services, your app will offer to your customers. There are numerous applications in the market that can perform a single task. The fact that matters is how conveniently and effectively the response is made by your app, as compared to its rivals.

Also, ensure that what unique features are being provided by the application.

How will you perform App testing:

After the designing and coding process, your app seems to be ready for use. But it isn’t!
Your application needs testing under different scenarios which will ensure the correct working of your app on variant platforms and in numerous cases.

Here, the point to be noted is that you can run the basic testing of your app by yourself. You don’t need any specialized team to run tests on the application.

At what time your App will be Published:

As you have done your homework in concern to the Android app, it is ready to be live on different app store. But you should know the best time to make your app live on the App store, and offer ideal service to your customers. According to the survey, the best timing to publish your mobile applications are during summer and the Dinner holidays.

Now, you tactfully answered all the above questions, you have protected yourself from catastrophic outcomes. You are now ready to develop your first app for the users.

So, which Android App are you going to develop now?