After more than a decade, WordPress has finally undergone a revamp. Among the major changes, there were code reworks as well as the decade old PHP framework of this hosting platform for blogs and websites has also seen a change. Codenamed Calypso (the new admin interface of WordPress) has decided to let go of PHP, thus forming an alliance with JavaScript using libraries like Node and React for the technical advancement.

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress had been functioning well and it was the favorite of millions of online users owing to its free tools, plugging and themes. It has successfully captured the web CMS market with ease. Based on b2/cafelog software, this hosting platform soon gained prominence as the most significant PHP framework for websites capturing one-fourth of the web market.

This new version comes with an all new desktop application, refining the experience of a blogger and offers a huge platform to the developers.

> New (an admin interface) will be treated like a third party interface by Word Press core.

> Using JS and API calls in place of PHP and MY SQL, the server can distribute a functional WordPress client that runs smoothly within the browser.

> The REST API will perform functions like fetching blog posts, publishing new ones along with media uploads.

> Developed as a Single Page Application, the loading screen time is reduced as well as a fully responsive experience across devices is achieved.

> The platform becomes open source on GitHub offering the flexibility to users to develop customized interfaces, plugins and themes management on Jet-pack sites.

> A new Mac desktop application is developed allowing publishers to insert content to the WordPress site from MAC OS. Windows and Linux versions are expected soon.

Buzz says that what lead to this revamp is the recent advancement introduced in Medium. However, team at Automatic has rubbished these assertions stating that the decision to revamp WordPress was taken much before the changes introduced in Medium came into picture. This Gen-next version of WordPress is certainly going to be the game changer in the world of technology!