You always start with a mobile app strategy while making an app. After any mobile app development company have almost finished their app’s testing and are ready to launch it, there are some undeniable approaches they should plan and execute.

Here relying on an uncertain force that will simply push your app to new heights is completely unaccepted. You must put your own control to put your app to success. So, before you push your app to the App Store there are some strategies you should not avoid at any cost:

things to consider before launch mobile app

1. Initiate marketing your app long before its launch:

Timely and proper marketing of your product accounts for maximum benefits before the mobile app launch. As seen from the trends of major app successes, Mobile app marketing is crucial and you need to plan it accordingly, at least 15 days before your app launch.

The very least, you should have a website featuring a well-targeted landing page. Social email influence is also a pivotal element in mobile app promotion. Start early and strengthen your influence before you actually unveil your mobile app.

2. Target your potential customers early:

Here Twitter is a savior. It is a platform that is all loaded with tech-savvy adopters, learners, and influencers who are ready to accept new ideas and products. If you are all set to launch your mobile app then connect with your potential customers through twitter. Some fine and most popular tools like BuzzSumo, Social Crawlytics, and Topsy will enlighten your path to identify the potential users of your particular mobile app.

These are the power users and decision-makers who are quite vocal in their doings. They may amp up your chances to get noticed.

3. Your Bug Fix Plan should be handy:

No matter how fine and well-executed testing phase your app may have gone through, there is always a room for unforeseen bugs. Identifying the bugs and eradicating the same through new releases is recommended. Intense testing is what required here because a buggy app will lose its strength in the App Store.

Either you should have an in-house team for testing and bug reports or it should be done with a dedicated agency. The key developer in the mobile app development will be more efficient to fix the bug as they know the in and out and the central architecture of the app.

4. Outreaching to niche bloggers:

This again boils down to the mobile app marketing. Outreaching to niche bloggers helps in getting some traction with your app. As contacting any random blogger won’t of any much use, you can always try to approach bloggers that are relevant to your app. For example, if you have made an app related to beauty, beauty bloggers will be your best tie-up. Reaching out to sites that publish content relative to your industry will help you get noticed in the wide market. Pitching your ideas and establishing yourself as a pool of information will help you in making a mark. In turn, it all reflects the success value of your app.

Outreaching your content comes under a valuable step in mobile app launch tips as it is the best strategy to let you get noticed and set a considerable stand before your app finally comes into action. Remember the power of blogging is incredible!!

5. Enchant audience with sneak peeks:

If you have not lived under the rock, then you must know how a sneak peek impresses mankind. It’s not wrong to say that humans are visual creatures if they see something they believe and they respond. That is why the power of sneak peeks is inevitable.

In-app industry, sneak peeks works brilliantly. A screenshot from your app, a video, or for that matter a text in your blog post might create a deep impact on the audience and potential customers.

An impressive eye-catchy sneak peek helps in generating a good amount of sign-ups. Be creative and the game is yours.

6. Know the app store process and launch materials in order

It may sound not important to many as the ones who have already published their app on the App store previously have an edge in understanding the publishing process and terms of the App Store. However, it is advisable that one should keep their eyes open on the latest events and guidelines if changed or revised.
Understand what can and can’t be published and accordingly set your app for the launch of the app store.

To add the last point in mobile app launch tips it is important to be ready with the launch content, just before you set your app for review. It comprises of the full website, press releases, videos, App Store screenshot and other important content. Gauging in media contacts for app review is also of wide help.


In a nutshell, pre-launch marketing is quintessential and comes as an impeccable mobile app strategy. No matter what is the niche of your app, who are the targeted customers, and what is the business model, pre-launch marketing adds stars to your app growth and set a market before it actually launches.