What is the first thing that you reach for the moment your eyes open? That’s correct, it’s your precious smartphone. It is the one thing that you cannot live without in your day to day life. From contacting your boss to your childhood friend, the smartphones just keep getting better, with online shopping, online streaming and even online dating taking place in one tiny body of metal.

To use smartphones, we need apps. Apps stand for Applications, which are little packages that are programmed to do certain tasks in the shortest amount of time possible.

Google, one of the leading companies in the mobile app development business, had introduced Google Material Designs in 2014. Since then there have been more and more android apps in the market, and their arrivals mean better, faster and easier methods of app development, ad this week, Google has made that possible.

google's Material Design’s New Suite

They launched, to app developers delight, a new website, full of features and interesting tools to make developing fantastic and authentic apps quicker and faster. Before diving into these features, however, it is important to know some of the benefits of the well-know Material Design:

Excellent Features of Material Design:
1. Supports the Android Platform, which is the most popular platform at the moment, that is good for both the UI and the UX.
2. This language has a properly documented set of rules, which makes everything easier to use.
3. Material Designs makes the creation of animations very easy to use and execute with smooth animations and motions, which is a huge help for making indie games for mobile phones.
4. It is extremely cost-effective, so using it feels not only easy but also stays light on the pocket.


Now that we have the basic and major features of the Material Design out of the way, it’s time to dive into the great features that the new website has to offer for both the existing and the new app developers.

The new site that was launched is called Material.io, and according to Google, it will be mostly used to help support the design language. The company plans to release more features directly into this website, which will help any basic mobile app development company to have an easier time handling the costs and producing better apps for the market.

Another new tool is Stage, and according to Google, it will offer companies who hire app developers, “more dynamic, intentional, and systematic workflow for crafting digital experiences.” Also, there is a new Material Design tool called the Remixer, which is immensely helpful for the prototyping process, complete with a demo that can be interacted with directly.


Here is a look at the features in a more detailed way:

Google has claimed that the Material.io platform is better at the task of staying on the toes of its competitors in terms of design with their new web page. This site is surely going to provide app developers with fresh new designs and creative directions to make app designing an exciting prospect.


With this nifty little features, the developers can now actually share their work in progress with whoever they wish to and quiet easily at that. They now have the option to include the whole team involved with the app. There is a unique comment system that will allow members of the team to comment and correct or just update their work progress in general.


This will help the developers to check the working of the app or apps they are creating at the early stages to gain extra insight as to where the bugs might lie, and what to improve, making Stages an excellent tool to have.


The last tool to make this list is the great Remixer app. It helps the designers by providing a space that will help them to design and manage elements of the designs.
This can be done from both computers and smartphones, making it versatile.


Some of the features, while in the beta stages, are excited to test out, and are available to do so in the main site. Those interested in checking out the features should visit the Material.io site for further information.