There is hardly any person who is not using a smartphone. From a school going kid to a corporate professional, we see a smartphone in hands of just about everyone. The number of smartphone apps available in the market is just huge. And this number is ever-growing. We need an app for just about anything. From online shopping to playing games to paying our bills, listening to music- there is an app for everything in the market.

There is a huge mobile app proliferation in this present era of digital technology. This unprecedented growth is a direct outcome of convenience which is provided to us by these apps. These apps are making life easier and this is the main reason why a growing number of people are using apps. There are different platforms which are put to use for developing mobile apps.

The platform should fully accomplish user expectations. The customer satisfaction should be borne in mind while choosing a platform. The two most commonly used mobile app platforms are Android and iOS. Apps are prepared basically keeping in mind these two platforms. A lot of vendors manufacture apps meant for both these platforms.


The international smartphone market is primarily conquered by Android, i.e. 84.1%. A whopping 2.2 billion mobile apps are available on Google Play Store. Regardless of these figures iOS still appears to be the preferred choice of the vendors. This is the main factor why the global mobile application development market is dominated by the iOS app development firms.

Mentioned are few these reasons why iOS-based mobile apps earn more revenues as compared to apps on Google Play Store:

Superior user experience

iPhone boasts of a dedicated user base. These loyal customers lead to an expansion in usage of iOS-based apps and as a result, iOS-based apps earn more revenues. So, most of the app developers prefer to develop an app for the iOS platform. Also, iOS apps are known to offer better experience as well as the interface to the users.

Targeted at higher app revenue groups

iPhones are aimed at a premium marketplace. People who are in a higher income bracket go in for buying an iPhone as this phone is bolstered with many superior features as compared to other smartphones available in the market. People with better resources are ready to spend even more in return for better services and superior tools.


The higher is monetization, superior is outcome attained, with an augmentation in the amount of revenue. Those who use iOS devices are more likely to buy apps. These people also make frequent in-app purchases. Owing to the closed nature of iOS chances of piracy are less as compared to Android apps. So, as a result, revenue generation spruces up in a big way.

Quality of the Apps.

As Apple Inc holds total control over the software as well as devices releases by it, iOS is a closed platform. Apple apps have their own designers who follow stringent guidelines as far as quality is concerned. These guidelines are followed both in terms of developing software or hardware. The main factor why iOS receives preference by mobile app developers is because of the limited number of devices that are present and hardly any difference from previous hardware versions. It is convenient for iOS users to get the latest version of the operating system. This leads to its higher rate of adoption as compared to Android OS.

Level of Complexities

Building UI/UX for iOS devices is quite simple. iOS is user-friendly. The frameworks are much easier to work with. All this leads to superior user experience.

Strict Review Process

Even though the review process for building iOS apps is longer, the quality of apps developed is much superior. Apple has stringent guidelines that it ensures are properly followed while making an app for the iOS platform.

Lesser number of bugs

iOS-based devices are hit by a fewer number of bugs. This is one of the biggest benefits of OS from Apple. Apple necessities lesser codes and because of this lesser bugs are generated. So, most of the users prefer iOS apps as these come with less virus threats.

Developer Tools

Apple boasts of faster as well as firmer developer tools. These tools are better for mobile app development, as compared to other platforms.

Better App Store Visibility

The Apple App Store is organized into various categories. Rankings are given to an app by making use of a complicated algorithm. Once you read the ratings as well as reviews on the iTunes App Store, it becomes easy for you to choose different apps.

Even though there are more Android-based devices in the market as compared to iOS devices but the quality of apps for iOS-based devices is superior. This is the reason why apps for iOS generate more revenues as these are used primarily by affluent people. Google boasts of more downloads, but Apple’s app store wins the battle by churning in more profits. Reports have shown that iOS App Store earns 75% more than the Google Play Store.