Fantasy cricket apps have taken the business market by storm. Every cricket fan can be heard of talking about it. The fan requires to download a fantasy cricket app and then by using his cricketing instincts, he can win money on a daily basis. There are a lot of fantasy cricket apps out there, out of which you can choose the one that suits you the best and get on with the exciting fun that has been awaiting you for so long.

What is fantasy cricket games?

These are the games that you play in the virtual mode along with the real ongoing match. You have to create a team of your own consisting of 11 players. These players have to be of both the teams combined. You have to use your cricketing instincts as to which players are going to perform in that match. Your total winnings in the contests depend completely on the players you have chosen in your team. Your cricketing knowledge needs to come to the fore in order to achieve something great in these type of games.

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How to play fantasy cricket games?

As we have discussed earlier, you have to create a team of 11 players from the players of both the playing team. These players, selected will win you points depending on their performance during the course of the match. If a bowler picks up a wicket when he is provided with the points as per decided by the points table of the app. If a batsman scores a six or four, then he is awarded the points accordingly. In this way, the total of your team is calculated and on the basis of that, you are provided with the rank in the contest that you joined before the match. Prize money is decided on the basis of the rank column. You need to pick up the team on the basis of the pitch conditions, weather forecast, players recent form.

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Is it legal to play fantasy cricket games?

Fantasy cricket games are considered completely legal as they are not being but a game of skill just like horse racing. It is a combination of three top industries: Internet, Gaming, and Cricket.

List of top 10 fantasy cricket games to earn cash:

 So No  Fantasy App Name  Joining Bonus
 1  Dream 11  Rs 100
 2  MyTeam 11  Rs 100
 3  HalaPlay  Rs 100
 4  DuggOut  Rs 50
 5  Fanfight  Rs 30
 6  Fanmojo  Rs 15
 7  Nostra Pro  Rs 20
 8  LeagueX  Rs 100
 9  GameOn  Rs 10
 10  Ballebaazi  Rs 50

1. Dream 11

It is the most famous and the oldest fantasy cricket app. You have to download the app and then log in, upon which you will receive Rs. 100 logging bonus that you can use to enter the contests in order to win some real cash. You can create a team of 11 players and on the basis of points earned by them in the match, you will win the cash. You can withdraw the amount by registering your Pan card with the app.

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2. My Team11

In this app also you have to select a team of 11 players out of both the teams. The team performance will decide the amount of cash you will win. This app also provides you with some free leagues that you can participate in and win real cash. You get logging in the bonus of Rs. 100 in this app too.
3. Hala play

Image result for Hala play
They provide you with various kind of sports league. Cricket, football, kabbadi all are included in this app that can help you win some real cash. You don’t have to become a season-long customer to play matches in this app. You can pay a visit for a single match too. Logging bonus of Rs. 100 is provided to the users.

4. Ballebazi

Image result for Ballebaazi

This is a new app that allows you to join the paid cricketing leagues with the Rs. 50 logging bonus. By winning these paid leagues you can stack up some real cash overtime. You also get Rs. 50 bonus when your referred friend joins the fun.

5.  Duggout

Image result for Dugout fantasy cricket app image

This is a different app in which you have to select 3 top players that according to you will outperform all the other players. Your 3 players will come under the category of Silver, gold, and platinum. Your cash earning will depend on these 3 players. You will also be provided with Rs. 50 wallet cash to join paid leagues and Rs. 50 for your referred friend to join the app.

6. Fanfight

This is a new app that will help you earn some real cash. In this app, you have to select 6 players from both the teams and then you have to make a captain and vice-captain out of the selected players. These players performance will help you earn extra points. A logging bonus off Rs. 30 is provided.

7. Fanmojo
Related imageIn this app, you have to select 5 players for your team. Out of these players,  you have to appoint a captain and vice-captain. Captain will get 2×points and vice-captain will get 1.5× points. Deadline for joining any contest is 40 minutes before the match. It provides Rs. 15 cash bonus on logging in.

8. Nostra pro

This is a bit different app in comparison to all the others as you don’t have to create a team of players but just have to predict which team will win the match or which player will score the must runs or which player will take the most wickets. You are awarded money on answering these questions directly. You win real paytm cash in this app which is sent to your paytm account. You are provided Rs. 20 on logging in to the app.

9. League X

This is another latest app to have hit the market. You can win real cash by contesting the paid leagues during the Ipl season. You get a logging bonus of Rs. 100 and Rs. 50 on referring it to a friend. You can stack up quite a money and they transfer it your bank account. A minimum of Rs. 100 can be drawn out.

10. Gameon App

This a different app in which you are asked 25 questions in relation to the match and if you top the list of players then you can win real cash of up to Rs. 5 Lacs. Your cricketing sense is tested to the core in this app. You are provided with Rs. 10 logging bonus and Rs. 10 on referring it to a friend.

Conclusion: So, fantasy cricket games are in the rise ever since they came into knowledge of cricket lovers and what’s better than earning some real cash from the knowledge of sport you admire so much. So, don’t wait for a second more and get on the train of this fantastic fantasy journey.