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The IoT is a word which you will hear these days more commonly. The concept of IoT is there for more than four decades, but then it was always discarded due to a lack of resources. As technology has increased by leaps and bounds and this concept is been alive again. The first internet-connected machine was developed around 1982. But that time it was not technically feasible so the IoT started gaining momentum somewhere around 2008.

In just nearly two decades IoT has played a significant role in changing and improving the productivity of various things. It had helped to improve our day to day tasks. The IoT is responsible for more and more network-connected devices which work together in complete synchronization. This is only the beginning of IoT in the future there will be many home and office devices which will work in collaboration and will help to make your life a lot easier. Some of the most likely IoT trends that will rock in 2019 are given below.

IoT plays a vital role in making public services a lot more efficient

In recent years IoT based services and cases are increasing exponentially, the IoT is transforming everything which includes things from the consumer end to large scale manufacturing unit or enterprise. It provides endless business and home application this is improving the way of our living. One of the most important sectors is the public service which has improved significantly after adoption IoT like IoT based smart meter devices are used in various public utilities such as electricity, water, gas, etc. these IoT based meters are efficiently working and help improve customer satisfaction.

It also gave the common public ease of billing and then paying the bill. The meter automatically sends a copy to your smartphone via text message. So, you don’t really need to even see the monitor because everything is autonomous. Apart from this, this new integration is also fetching consumption data which is telling us about consumptions pattern and the requirements of the consumers. This data can help the service providers to forecast and prognosticate the needs of new service and rise in service demands more accurately.

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This is especially useful in countries which have much dense population like India and China. The IoT can help in reducing carbon emission and minimizing wastage. The government across the globe are using IoT based chipset meters. Which can be connected through 4g networks. IoT has changed the face of government billing of utilities.

Expansion into healthcare and industry


The IoT had brought a transformative change when it comes to healthcare and industry. The spectacular speed with which it is rewriting the norms of today’s conventional industry is amazing. IoT impact is not only in one process but it is redefining all the processes concurrently. The process like supply chain management, processing, production, logistics, collection, distribution, and development. Now, these processes can be a lot quicker and you can track them with the help of just a smartphone or smart devices connected to IoT. The use of IoT in manufacturing is rapidly growing.

In the healthcare industry, IoT plays one of the vital roles and had deeper roads. Most of the hospital and healthcare clinics depend on IoT devices in some way or the other. There are various applications like smart pills, electronic health records, and personal healthcare management systems. This has a huge impact and a lot more individuals are relying on this new technology because of its reliability.

Increase Security and Data Privacy

The IoT devices are interconnected with each other and concurrently work together to help improve your overall life. There are new devices connected to this network every day and it happening all around the globe. This also had led to the rise of cyberattacks as in IoT all the devices are interconnected with each other and are much more prone to vulnerability of attacks.

So, we need better security and privacy so there would be no breach of security. But adapting more new innovative systems and with the use of bionics, IoT is getting more and more secure. It is constantly updated so anything like this would be prevented. Thus, IoT has taken a dynamic approach and added one more defense layer which can control any type of cyberattack or security threat.

Edge computing

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Expanding is the need for a better future and we need to accomplish it by having a better infrastructure so that huge volumes of data can be collected and analysis can be done. The processors are growing in their performance exponentially. However, Moore’s law has reached its peak and it the end of silicon-based processors. But we have new materials like graphite and carbon nanotubes which can give new dimensions to computing. We should not forget the use of quantum computing which can take us to another level.

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With edge computing, all the data is first sorted out and then stored in the edge network. This makes things a lot easier because here data is not sent to the centralized repository or any cloud data center. It makes things a lot easy to pull data from a small edge network and saves processing cost and time. This speeds up the process in real-time and subsequent dissemination. Things are getting more faster with the rise of new 5g network.

IoT ready infrastructure

The main advantage of adopting IoT is that data can be gathered which can then be analyzed to make some better data-driven decisions. This all needs very less human intervention. The IoT covers it all from business to institution and from home to hostel. But there is always a need for never ceasing and ever-evolving data. The process includes from collection to analysis and then dissemination of data.
A lot of companies these days depend on IoT infrastructure and it had become a need of the hour from self-driving cars to autonomous railways and drone systems all require it to function properly.

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