On Demand House Maid App Development

On Demand House Maid App Development – Cost and Key Features

When people owe for a super busy lifestyle, it is next to impossible for them to handle the daily chores. Instead, they believe to put that energy into something more productive. No wonder this has increased the demand for maids and the good thing is that technology is favoring the present scenario. Yes, technology has come up with this wonderful option in the form of On Demand House Maid App Development to meet the requirement for house maintenance and other cleaning-related activities.

Concept of House Maid Apps/How Does the App Works

With mobile apps, finding the right possible solution is getting easier day-by-day and for this situation, we have the mobile apps that are just developed in a manner as the users want and with the similar set of services they seek to avail. With the help of maid on-demand mobile apps, people find it easy to manage daily activities in a hassle-free manner. So, let’s understand how these mobile apps are useful to maintain household activities.

How are these apps useful?

Now no need for Maids finding a mobile app as these apps deliver well-optimized solutions for finding the maids, thus, making it easy for the users as they are required simply to tap a few times on their mobile screen. So there is no need to follow traditional ways to find the maid, finalize the charges, note down holidays, as these apps will do it all for you.

These housemaid on-demand apps also benefit the maid communities so they register to the app and explore more employment opportunities as well as can serve in areas that are far away from their current physical locations.

Market & Growth Stats

The industry of housemaid services is projected as one of the most lucrative segments with a CAGR of 6.2% to reach 74.3M USD from 2020 to 2022. The penetration of maid cleaning app services is higher in North America; Asia Pacific is the next top leader in the segment. The main types of regions in the housemaid industry are commercial cleaning services, cooking, childcare, window cleaning, vacuuming, and floor caring. The top market players in this value chain are Khan International, Whissh, ABM Industries Inc., CleanNet, Anand Cleaning Systems, etc.


You should be aware of the future shortcoming before making the app idea bulletproof. There may come so few challenges while you enter into the market of housemaid mobile apps.

  • To create trustworthy service:

House cleaning is of course a personal caring practice for people. They have emotions with their home amenities and your app should provide them with promising features to make their trust in you. Your maids are well-trained to treat the people there at home in a delicate way. Their quality gesture will be the key to your business. Plus your mobile app would be functional and responsive to handle any complaints and conflicts that arise in the meantime.

  • Build high-quality relationships with the contractors:

A lot of falls have been raised due to the communication breach between the platform and the contractors. One of the best examples of such is Homejoy, which has failed to make their position in the industry due to the issue in their lawsuit. You should allow only a transparent method of payments, consider the insurance for cleaners, and make sure that the contractors have signed the contract.

  • Cross-check any pros leakage in services:

Your services are the mirror of your business. Make sure it does not fade. Giving quality services to the customers, establishing trust with the cleaners would certainly help you to make a high note into the market. If you have found any of the gaps in any aspects, then try to resolve them in earlier stages.

  • Tough market competition:

The housemaid app market is very vast and occupied with tough competitors. To make your image in this high competition, you have a strong mindset and know the needs of your potential clients. Your app must condemn features including security and modernity and be well blended.

Creation of a House Maid Mobile Application

There are certain things you need to consider before processing into the industry of housemaid mobile applications. Let’s get a plan out what are the possible things you must include in creating the app.

  • Target Market for on-demand home service app:

Before moving further with the other prospects, you should analyze and collect more information. Figure out the demanding factors and target audience in your area. How did they approach the customers in the past? Do their customers have satisfied with the services? Based on the answers, you can move forward and introduce new services into your platform. What revenue models they are following, and the challenges they have faced, are considered to be the other major factors you must think about to give an effective app to your customers.

  • Competitors Analysis:

Yes, this is very important to know about your competitors, their places, and their weightage of existence in the marketplace. Countries on the top consumer list of this industry are the US, UK, and Singapore. Although two types of marketplace exist, i.e. are horizontal and vertical. Let’s understand them. Vertical means creating new mobile applications for the industry, while horizontal means adding new features to them. Research your market and expectations and implant those services into the app. There are many new useful domains like industry cleaning, childcare, baby massage, laundry services, gardening, party cleaning, window washing, etc.

  • Ensure Effortless Cooperation:

People would trust you and keep your app in memory if they found them effortless and responsive. Being the owner or the manager of the company it’s your responsibility to bring combined cooperation between housemaids, contractors, and the platform. People may not remember your good services but they do remember any of your mistakes. So be aware of them. Try to revamp new services from your side and feature on the backend panel to figure out any of the trouble they would have faced.

  • Maids Network:

Your app is not only reliable for customers. It must have contributed something to the housemaids too. There should be a pool of hassle-free networks of maids finding app development services. Easy home-to-home services are carried out with a strong network presence. Your app consists of advanced features like GPS to quickly search nearby housemaids, and if any of them have canceled the arrival, then the next nearest is shown inside the app. This makes the customer feel comfortable and trust in your app.

  • Tech Features & Solutions:

To beat the competition of other global market leaders there must be a collection of advanced and exciting features for the customers and the cleaners. Quick and easy solutions, high-quality services, multiple payment delivery services, push notifications, GPS tracker for cleaners, are the must-have features your app has. The advanced mix of features like child care nannies, elderly care, cooks, pet care, cleaning, laundry, baby massage, etc.

  • UX/UI Design:

People come to your app and look over at its screen, if they feel excited, happy, and overwhelmed, chances are they will come for the next time. Hence, user interface design and their experiences are the key factors to retain them for the future and attract more people. But from time to time try to update your application and establish a lifelong connection with your customers.

Business Models

maid service app business model

  • App for Agencies

These kinds of apps are best suitable for already established maid-providing businesses, which have a team of professional maids. With this mobile solution, they can take the user’s experience to an all-new level. They offer personalized services to their clients thus, meeting their requirements in a way more effective manner.

  • Aggregator Model

This kind of service best suits experienced & professional maids keen on serving a huge user base. Getting linked with advanced solutions, they can open themselves to a plethora of opportunities. They serve their users far from their location and can work with numerous clients within a day itself.

  • Directory-based development

If you are keen on making your users aware regarding maid services available nearby their location, then directory-based development suits you best. The maids get to present themselves with the service category they have, expertise, and experience in the field. A directory-based app precisely offers the required information about these professionals, thus making it convenient for the users to explore the best professional maids booking mobile app.

Market Leaders

maid service app market leaders

  • Urban Company: Founded in the year 2014, the urban company is the strong competitor in the market today with revenue of $30M. They are lined up with services like hairdressing, cleaning, massage, at the comfort of people. It was previously known as UrbanClap. They are prominent leaders and have a strong presence on all of the 4 major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Urban companies are in the succession to reduce the segments like fitness and yoga in their platform. All in one it’s a platform to connect professionals with people online. Total of 107 services they have provided like electricians, beauticians, plumbers, etc. with the ease of your comfort.
  • TaskRabbit: Founded in the year 2008, by Leah Busque, was previously known as RunMyErrand. It has reached a marketplace of more than $200M in the year 2020. Due to its huge market, task rabbit is the tough competitor in the segment. It is embedded with multiple features which save time, cash-free payments, flexible work timings, instant money transactions, insurance for every task, and the easiest way to get the local jobs at your doorstep. TaskRabbit is expanding its reach to new cities and towns.
  • MaidsApp: It is one of the fastest-growing housemaid mobile applications working on a simple process. You can easily find out the nearby maids by applying filters in the app like address, a home area (in square foot), use for business, or for residential. Next to it is choose your type of suitable package including basic, quick and deep cleaning. As per the package, your services are delivered. You have the option of ordering a clean immediately or schedule it for later.

Added Services

maid service app added services

  • Childcare: Do you want a child caretaker for your kid, when you are not there, parenting care application can help you take care of your child. It allows services including teaching and others to save time and money at the home location to make it possible for their parents while they are short with time. Some of the features are sign-in and out, attendance, daily sheets, learning portals, child care amenities, and much more. There are also other services and features for parents.
  • Cook: These cook finder applications are for the people working during the day and could not have the time to cook the food at their pace. Although in pandemic times, people are less interested in using these services with the exceptional safety care and hygiene you can make them convinced. They are guaranteed to deliver fresh and delicious food to their customers.
  • Elderly care: These kinds of apps are very important for older people especially when you are not at home for their care. The market of play store is surreal with several apps including pills Reminder, eye checker, physiotherapist, personal assistance and safety man for mobile, voice and cognitive app for stimulating cognitive abilities to the older people having diseases like Alzheimer’s and many.
  • House cleaning: House cleaning is necessary for organizing a household when the members don’t have time. Various applications are available in the market for organizing your homes and cleaning them and schedule errands.
  • Laundry: Without a washer, dryer, and some person, laundry could be a painful experience for you. You too want a person who can avail of laundry services to you. Laundry service applications offer you many options to save your time, effort, and pockets in washing your clothes.

General Features/Panels

For User:

Registration: App users first land on this page from where they have to register using their email ID or social networking credentials.

View Information & Select Maids: From here users can view maid-related information, like years of experience, the area of specialization, preferred location & a lot more. Accordingly, maids can be selected by the users.

Book multiple Maids: Multiple maids can be booked by users from this section to accomplish their tasks.

Reschedule/Cancel Booking: If there is some urgency, users can also re-schedule or cancel maid booking as per their comfort.

Push notifications: Users receive notifications in case of booking completion, due payment, or in case, there is some change in the schedule of the maid. Hence, they are kept informed of every activity.

Payment Section: Users head to this section to make online payments, using Braintree, PayPal, or even select the COD option.

GPS Tracking: In this section, users can view the nearby available maids and also their profile information. Besides, they may even check routes taken by maids, to suggest more optimized routes.

View Maid history: When users choose the maid, they can also check their experience and can verify previous job assignments.

Ratings & Review: Ratings & reviews are given by other users seen in this section so that users can book maids which conveniently meet their requirements.

For Maids:

Accept/Reject Booking: In case of any pending orders or busy time-frame, maids may accept/reject user requests.

Choose from Job Lists: Respective Job categories can be chosen by the maids about user requests hence keeping them aware regarding service specialization.

Alerts & Notifications: Maids are sent alert messages in case the user’s requests are confirmed or when there are slight changes in time made from the user’s end.

Update End-time: Once a particular cleaning activity is over, the maids can update the end-time accordingly to keep track of hours consumed by them.

View Invoice: Maids can view Invoices generated as per the number of hours consumed, cost structure & extra working days.

View Order: Maids can keep track of their orders and can determine the order status. Thus, they have information regarding the number of orders completed or pending.

For Admin:

Manage Customer: From this section, Admin can keep a track of all the users associated with the mobile app & their respective orders.

Add/Edit/Delete details: From this section, Admin can edit maid-related details, update work status as well as assign orders. This way it gets easy to handle pending user requests.

Track Active/Inactive Users: Admin can easily track the active/inactive consumers from this section. S/he can also track consumers who avail maximum orders & also the ones who are registered but not using their services. Thus, the right strategy can be determined regarding user acquisition & retention.

Maid Management: The Admin manages all maids who are attuned to the app from here. S/he also keeps a track of orders related to the maids and the number of hours consumed each day.

Accept/Reject Maid Request: Admin can approve & reject user requests related to new maid’ recruitment as per the number of maids associated with the app & requests aligned to each of them.

Instant booking Management: According to the instant request made by the user, a specific maid can be assigned by the admin, thus meeting the urgent requirements of the users.

Manage Start/End time: According to the time assigned to the maid for accomplishing the task, their start & end times can be managed by the Admin. This way it gets easy for the Admin to keep track of the number of hours consumed.

Payment Management: Admin can manage the cost structure of each maid from this section. S/he can also analyze the payments made by users and also the ones which are due.

maid service app small cta

Advanced Features

GPS: Incorporating GPS does raise the development cost of your On-demand maid app, but at the same time, it counts as an essential feature. With this, users can explore nearby maids, hence, it is convenient for them to book the maid. Besides, users can also track routes that maids are following, and can suggest more optimized ones if needed.

Allocation: As per the location form, where the user request is assigned to the maid, and based on the maid availability and their expertise, the admin may allocate a maid, meeting the user’s requirements.

Payment: It is a crucial feature of an On-demand housemaid app as users like to make online payments, which allows them to let go of payment-related hassles. Hence, integrating payment options such as Braintree, PayPal, etc., is immensely beneficial for your app.

Push Notifications: The feature is used to enhance user engagement, increase business visibility, and keep them attuned to the mobile app. Users are notified regarding new offers, services, deals, discounts, order confirmation, maid allocation, and a lot more.

Individual/Team: Often users require a team of maids to accomplish their specific purposes. Hence, they should be allowed to book maids as per their requirements. Integrating this feature ensures users that they don’t have to go anywhere to find maids for various services as they get all with this one-stop mobile solution.

Scheduling Requests: The pre-booking feature is very much liked by users, as it instantly captures their attention. It allows them to book maids in advance to meet their requirements.

Safety: If the maid hired by your users from your business fails to meet their expectations, then it will certainly harm your business. So, it is vital to ensure proper documentation and verification of the maids based on their expertise & experience. Assign trained maids to users and allow users to interview them before hiring. This way, users can be ensured of safety and it eliminates trust-related issues.

Technology Stack

To create a feature-rich & sophisticated On-Demand House-Maid booking Mobile App, one must stick to the ideal technology stack. With this kind of app, you will satisfy your users and will also stay ahead of competitors.

  • Cloud Environment – Google, AWS, Azure
  • Database – Cassandra, MongoDB, Hbase, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Real-time Analytics – BigData, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Payments – PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, e-Wallets
  • Push Notifications – Push.io, Twilio
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio

Required Team Structure

To give stability to your business and needs is a very tedious task without ruling by an established team of experts. Your team operates by the right mix of professionals to fused values in the application. A right team composed of:

  • Project Manager: To sustain overall coordination with their team members and smoothly handle the management of the project.
  • Developers: They are responsible for creating the app as per the platforms like Android or iOS to give the best robust solution.
  • Designers: They are the most creative people to illustrate their designs and fascinate us with them. Known as UI/UX designers.
  • Back-end developers: For the development of backend panels and handling APIs, databases, they are responsible.
  • Quality Analysts: these experts are performing testing of the entire application and report any bug to the development team.

Cost to develop an On-Demand Maid Booking Mobile App

Now it’s time to determine the cost for maids booking apps development. Well, the estimated cost can be realized, by calculating the size & complexity of the app. Besides, it depends on the developers’ physical location & the number of hours consumed. Based on different zones, we outlined the cost structure to develop a feature-rich On-Demand Maid finding App.

app dev hourly price

  • USA-based developers: – $50-$250/hour
  • Singapore-based developers: – $30-$150/hour
  • India based developers: – $10-$80/hour

Thus, an app developed with a company located in India with average features is certain to cost somewhere around $8,000 to $25,000 for a single platform (iOS or Android), and for the hybrid mobile app, the cost lies somewhere between $20,000 and $35,000. However, the cost may go up in case you intend to create a feature-rich app with high-quality standards.


In an environment where we are more cautious about our health and hygiene, it would be a great idea to take care of others too. By launching a new housemaid booking app with your touch of long-lasting features not only help you to gain profit but also sound like a health freak. Brief out the gap this industry would be facing in recent times and come up with your idea to convert it into reality. Although it would be complex for you without implanting great functionality features inside the app, so hire a team of professionals who can understand your ideas and thoughts and elaborate them into something meaningful. Octal Info Solution has been in the mobile application industry for over a decade and their products hit a high notch in the market without any doubt. You can connect with us with your app idea to turn into a profitable business.

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