The dating apps are immensely successful in the app market and their demand among consumers doesn’t seem to decline anytime soon as the crowd of people using dating apps are increasing with the every passing day. It won’t be wrong to say that dating apps are more like social networks, as everyone around you seems to be using them and the figures are still continuously increasing.

However, despite the dating apps being there in abundance, still, people are looking for new and interactive dating solutions. Hence, entrepreneurs who are keen to develop a dating app, a market full of low-quality dating solutions does present an opportunity for them.

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What are consumers’ expectations from dating apps?

As per research held by Applause, consumers’ top-most priority is security and privacy as it comes to a dating app. So, if you desire to create such an app, then you must intend to invest in some kind of security checks for people who register to your app. Thus, offering a safe user experience is certainly your app’s competitive advantage.

Next, the most desired feature in a dating mobile app is intuitive user experience. The reason why location-based dating apps such as Tinder enjoys huge craze among its users is because, it offers an effortless swipe technique and sophisticated user interface.

So, now let’s discuss in detail how you can make a successful dating app like Tinder and provide the desired experience to consumers.  In this post, we discuss the app’s basic framework, advanced features, the development cost of a dating app and the right kind of team required to create such an app:

Basic Framework of Dating Mobile App:

User Panel

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This is the section where the user first lands on. Users can simply register to the app by signing-in using their email ID or social networking credentials.

Send Real-Time Notification

In case a person meets the desired criteria of the user nearby, then the user receives a notification on a real-time basis.

Tracking & Navigation

Users can easily find persons who meet their preferences and can begin a conversation with them in an easy & simplified manner.

Send Requests

Users can instantly send requests for communication as per their interest and they can also send a request to people so to meet in person.

Profile Builder

It is a smooth ride for the app users to create & manage their dating profiles by simply uploading pictures, quotes, or write something which describes their personality.

Check Profile views

App users get to know who has seen their profiles. Thus, they get to analyze interested people and can initiate conversation, if desired.

Private Album

Users can also create private albums while being on a chat. To maintain the security & privacy of users, the albums are encrypted; hence they can’t be accessed by any third party.

Winks & Emoticons

This feature makes the conversation among users all the more enticing. They can send greetings, emoticons to convey their feelings in an easy manner.

Accept/Reject Requests

As per their likings and interests, users are free to accept/ decline requests sent by other users.

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Admin Panel:

Membership level management

From this section, the admin manages all the app users. S/he also analyses security-related issues thus to keep spams at bay.

Track Revenue

On a weekly/monthly basis, Admin can conveniently check the revenue generated via in-app purchases/subscription packages.

Multi-language Support

This section enables Admin to check all languages which dating app supports. As per users’ physical location, Admin may delete/add languages.

Feature management

Admin manages and monitors the features related to dating app, like usability graph, loading time, and other significant details.

Screen Management

From this section, the admin monitors all app screens. S/he manages the screen displays features embedded, and also manages all provisions to improvise the screen.


Under this section, Admin looks after all the techniques to be implemented for improvising the static content pages like About Us, App Privacy, Contact Us, FAQs and a lot more.

Additional Features:

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In-app purchases

In-app purchases play a crucial role in determining the success of dating apps.  It enables users to get more features by paying a little more. Thus, the users won’t have to look for various options to remove ads or to get something more useful. After all, everything is found in the app itself and this way they won’t have to look elsewhere for finding the exciting and trending features.

Matching Algorithms

A feature which makes your app more reliable is displaying matches that are most desired by app users. The App offers the most suitable matches for the user based on his/her location, preferences, likings, and as per other profile information. This concept is much-loved by users as they don’t need investing a lot of time to search for the desired match.

Virtual Gifts

This feature enables users to send virtual gifts to their partners. Users get to send gifts and other things liked by their special ones. Using this inbuilt feature, users can create virtual images of such items. This certainly adds to make the conversation all the more smooth & effective.


It is useful for the functional criteria of a dating app. It is easy to attract users using interactive & appealing images, statistics, graphical elements, etc. Hence, gamification enables the users to complete their goals and allow them to find their desired partner in a convenient manner.

User Anonymity

This feature is really countable when you are planning to develop a dating mobile app as Tinder. It permits the user to select the information that is to be shared. Meanwhile, all other basic data stays safe & hidden. Users can even choose to hide their identity and can accordingly change settings to not allow the general public to view their profile.

Customize Templates

Through template customization, users can turn their profile all the more appealing. Template design & interactive themes can be added for making the entire profile layout more attractive. In this manner, there are myriad of templates offered, which helps in making the conversation among the users more intuitive.


It is possible to generate huge revenues via your app by showing useful advertisements. Ads related to the mobile app’s core concept can be displayed to keep users aware of your app.

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Advanced Features:

  • Cloud-flare integration: To enhance app performance, speed & security.
  • Discovery Settings: Enable app users to discover matches as per their interests & likings.
  • Push Notifications: Notifies people about nearby app users, sends alerts regarding new requests, new offers, subscription packages, and a lot more, hence increasing user engagement.
  • Facebook/Instagram: Fetches user data that is uploaded on social networking profiles and thus, the app accordingly provides the suitable matches and notifies users about the appropriate nearby person.
  • Match-making: Users can identify reliable users, meeting their preferences & specifications.
  • User-search (with Proximity): Allow users to identify the other user’s location in real-time, hence help them discover people in a convenient manner.
  • Rewind Button: Enabling users to change location, track the likes, etc are few of the features that make the dating app all the more attractive and intuitive.

Technology Stack:

  • Geolocation: Google Maps, Apple Maps
  • Data Storage: Amazon Data servers, Google Cloud Storage
  • SMS, Voice & Phone Verification: Facebook SDK, Google sign-in, Twilio
  • Database: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, etc.

Team Structure to develop a Dating App:

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  • Project Manager: Well-equipped with managerial skills & must be astute enough to recognize the best in the mobile app arena.
  • Developers: iOS Developer, Android Developers, Back-end Developers
  • Designers: Skilled & Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer
  • Testers: Proficient & experienced QA experts to deliver a rich & smooth experience to users

Estimated cost to develop a Dating Mobile App

Well, the price to develop a dating app depends on a number of factors; however, one thing is for sure that it is an expensive affair. You need to consider a lot of things to determine the cost estimate, such as the number of platforms on which you want to build your dating app. iOS or Android or maybe both. Integral parts of software development, like the design, prototypes, backend specifications and testing cannot be skipped. Then comes the kind of features you want for your app, and these may vary on the basis of budget and time you have on hand.

Meanwhile, creating a basic app is also certain to consume around 1200 hours.

App Development (Single Platform):

For iOS:

Time Consumed: 1200 hours

Cost incurred: $40000

For Android:

Time Consumed: 1200 hours

Cost Incurred: $45000

App designing

Time Consumed: Near 100 hours

Cost Incurred: $ 6000 and $8000 for Android and iOS respectively

Back-end Development

Time Consumed: Above 250 hours

Cost incurred: $8000

App Testing

Time Consumed: Around 150 hours

Hence, the cost incurred $4000 and $ 5000 for iOS and Android respectively.

So, upon calculating the entire charges to develop a native app, it is going to cost somewhere around $68000 (for iOS) & $70000 (for Android). Further,

Wrapping the overall cost:

A basic dating app with simple features is going to cost approx $45000

A tinder-based-app (for single platform) is going to cost approx $60000

An app for both iOS and Android platform with rich-features is going to cost approx $125,000


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