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What kind of staff do you need when developing a mobile application?

Developing a quality mobile app works much more effectively in a team than alone. And it’s not just developers who need to work effectively.

This is because creating an application is a process that requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. The development itself is only one stage of the whole procedure, in addition to which thorough planning, quality assurance, and the successful sale of the completed app are equally important.

In this post, we look at what kind of staff is needed to effectively develop a mobile app. We also detail the main benefits of each function, the skills required, and the roles played in the overall process.

Hopefully, reading this article will help you find the ideal partner to create the application you have dreamed of, or even create your own application development team.

1. Project Manager

Every team needs a strategist who can coordinate the tasks of the staff entrusted to them. He is the project manager, whose responsibility is to ensure that the work is carried out from the design phase to the actual completion of the application.

An important part of his job is to act as a kind of liaison between the client and the staff responsible for the development, as well as the smaller working groups involved in the process.

To be able to perform his task at a high level, a project manager must have a wide range of knowledge and skills. At a basic level, you should know the method and technical background of application development. This way, you will be able to properly see the progress of each subtask and initiate any changes if you see fit.

The most suitable person for project management tasks is a person who is able to focus on several things at once, has an understanding of business processes, and is good at “people management”, i.e. he is able to manage his employees properly.

2. Designer

mobile application designers

Many people think of the work of mobile application designers as nothing more than simple drawing and editing. In fact, their responsibilities are quite complex.

In addition to designing the user interface of the application using their creativity, they also plan the actual development process step by step. For this, detailed documentation requiring precision is used. The more thorough and prudent they are, the more they can prevent problems that arise later. Without this step, it would be almost impossible to create a quality digital product.

During the analysis and development of the documentation process, so-called wireframes are made. If all goes well, depending on the type of project, they will move on to experimenting with UX and UI on Android and iOS platforms.

The task of a designer today is not only to design the aesthetic appearance of the application but also to incorporate the most advanced techniques during the design process.

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3. Developers

It is up to the Android or iOS developers to implement the plans they made earlier. Based on the wireframes created by the designers, they are the ones who build the structure of the application and provide it with the necessary functions.

Depending on the complexity and type of project to be implemented, the number of developers required may vary. At least one dedicated mobile (iOS, Android, or cross-platform) expert and a backend developer will certainly be needed to be able to handle server-side programming, including database management.

An application developer can bring a lot of benefits to his team if, in addition to his technical knowledge, he is able to put quality work on the table on time and under pressure.

4. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance engineers are the first and most critical audience for an application. Once the first version of the dreamed-up application is completed, it is extremely important to test it.

Each button, menu, and function should work as it is set in the plans. This is the responsibility of the quality assurance staff, who must, therefore, use the completed application with a critical eye, testing all possible scenarios on it.

If any errors are detected during testing, the application will be returned to the developer’s desktop for repair. Until a green signal is received from them, it is not advisable to make the application available to users.

5. Sales and marketing

Even the high-level work of the most professional development team is completely futile if application development as a service is not properly communicated and sold to potential customers. That’s why we need excellent sales and marketing professionals who can understand and serve customer needs.

The people responsible for marketing are responsible for strengthening and promoting the company’s brand. To this end, they set up a well-designed marketing strategy, which they strive to implement.

The sales or account manager is responsible for the sales themselves. During the initial negotiations, he liaises with the prospective client, assesses the needs and feasibility of the project, and then makes a quote. If your bid is accepted, the project manager will take over the role of the contact person.

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Thus, the creation of a mobile application requires not only developers, but the work of the other staff involved in the process is also essential to the success of the project.

It is also beneficial for team members to be constantly looking for challenging tasks and projects. Proactive and eager to learn employees also motivate each other and encourage better performance.

Do you have further questions on this topic? Maybe you just lack the perfect development team to implement your ideas? Sign up for a free consultation with us to discuss what you might really need.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Leading Software & Mobile App Development Company in Singapore.