Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks & Tools in 2021

Whether your organization needs to create mobile applications for some project or internal purposes, you have to make sure that it is functional for multiple platforms. The market also demands the applications to be compatible with multiple platforms, especially Android and iOS. In this scenario, how do you resolve the issue? Before deciding, you have […]

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New Trends In Online Sales

The Coronavirus Epidemic Has Brought New Trends In Online Sales

The year 2020 could mark a turning point in e-commerce: online sales have played a larger role than ever before as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, with 50,000 new online shoppers entering the domestic market. Professionals, traders, and analysts are now most concerned about whether this expansion is sustainable. What trends have emerged that […]

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Serverless Architecture by AWS

Serverless Architecture By AWS: Building Apps That Require No Infrastructure Management

With so many innovative things that Amazon is doing through its web service, the company has really up the game for the IT industry. The services that are offered by AWS help organizations increase their efficiency by taking all the maintenance and management work on themselves, so that every IT company, major or small, can […]

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Concepts of the Future. But which one?

The concepts of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)  have been heard by almost without exception. It is shocking that countless children are told fairy tales, in which they are visualized as a completely normal phenomenon in front of children. For this reason, and in order to help companies operate effectively, it is important […]

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Docker vs Vagrant: Which of the two works best for the Software Development?

How often have you heard the catchphrase “Works on my computer”? Well, this actually is quite a common part of software development stating the situation when an app starts behaving unexpectedly. It is because the real production environment conditions vary from development & staging ones. This is quite a common and widespread situation, owing to […]

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