Which are the Top 5 Food Delivery Services in Singapore?

Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyone’s life in today’s world. There are pros and cons of high functioning mobile phones and high-speed internet but thankfully there are more pros than cons. One of such pros is the availability of apps for any kind of service that you want to receive at your home. If you have to see a doctor then there are mobile apps that will allow you to consult a doctor just by sitting at home. Similarly, if you are looking to get food delivered at home then you have multiple outlets to order food from.

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The number of mobile apps that allow food ordering is growing day-by-day in Singapore. There is no stress of walking down to a restaurant as now the food arrives within minutes of ordering even if the restaurant is far away from your home. The food delivery business has seen a booming rise in the last 2 to 3 years and it is only going to expand even further, not just in Singapore but all around the world. But here we will have a look at the top 5 mobile food apps which have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years and deliver the best food and services to their customers. These apps have a variety in food, delivery times and even in delivery locations. So, let us have a look at these top 5 apps and help you which suits best according to your taste and location.

1. Delivaroo Singapore: This food delivery app was brought in existence in London but now it has spread wings in Singapore and 11 other countries. Their prime objective is to deliver high quality within the shortest period. And for quite a time now they have been delivering high-quality food with great consistency and packaging. Delivery charges are S$3 for their services within minimum order above S$25. Their delivery timing varies from 12 in the noon to 11 in the night.

Deliveroo Singapore

There are some qualities and criteria based on which these delivery services are appreciated and judged. We will discuss these criteria for this delivery service.

Great service: Deliveroo has established itself in Singapore based on its high-speed functioning in every aspect of their business. They do not compromise with their delivery timing and quality of food. They are the most reliable and trusted brand in this aspect in the whole of Singapore. If by any chance, there is a delay in your food arrival or your food has spilled over because of broken seal then Deliveroo will give you that meal for free and will even provide some free credit on top of that. They have set high benchmarks that others have to follow to stay in the competition.

Well-packaged food: Food packaging is an area where they stress the most. Food packaging done by them is impeccable and pleasing to the eye. They pay attention to every detail while packing the food as does that in such a way that looks pleasing to the eye. The food is delivered to the customers exactly the way it was presented to them on the menu. They try and conjure new techniques to order food and have been quite successful with them over the years.

Quick delivery is done by over 1300 delivery riders: They have over 1300 delivery riders under their wing and this gives them the advantage to deliver food at different locations within a given space of time. The riders that work for them are labeled as “Roomen” and “Roowomen”. These riders are available at working hours within their zones. This zoning method helps the delivery riders to understand their particular zone of coverage easily and deliver the food with high efficiency.

Collaboration with a high number of premium restaurants: They have tied up with over 1400 mid-range to high-end restaurants. This variety in pricing helps customers of various ranges to select food according to their convenience. This contrast in variety and pricing is a crowd puller and helps Deliveroo to score above its competitors. They have not tied up with low-quality restaurants, therefore, the customers have the assurance of receiving only quality food delivered at their doors.

Delivery parameter: They deliver food to various regions of Singapore and the most noteworthy areas are Woodlands, Central business district, Bukit Batok, Tanglin, Kallang, Bishan Bukit Merah, ang mo Kio, Pasir Ris or Changi, Sentosa cove, Clementi, Bedok, Huron east, Bukit Panjang/Chau Chu Kang, Queenstown, Bukit Timah, Tanah Merah, Sembawang, Katong, Tampines, novena.

Deliveroo generally provides discount coupons to their customers which in turn lures more users their services. And not only that, they even provide credits to Deliveroo regular users if they refer their app to their friends and relatives.

2. Foodpanda Singapore:

Foodpanda Singapore

This delivery service was started in Singapore only in the year of 2012 and is the first-ever independent professional food delivery service in Singapore. Such has been the rate of their success that they have spread their services to over 40 countries and 5 continents in a short period. They provide high-quality food to the Singapore residents at timings that suit them the most. Their delivery charge and minimum order vary according to the location and order of the customer and they provide 24 hours delivery to their customers and this feature sets them apart from their counterparts. They provide food within 30 minutes of an order.

Major areas where they rule are:

Tie-up with a large number of restaurants: They have tied up with over 1200 restaurants across Singapore. They keep a track of the restaurant that was checked by you on the previous occasion and therefore they keep the checklist of a large number of restaurants fresh for you. You will a new restaurant every time you visit their app and this allows you to try a variety of food from a variety of restaurants. Restaurants that are on the wishlist are of high quality.

Premium service for professionals: They offer high-quality service to professionals who remain busy throughout the day at work. Companies can easily sign up and gain access to select restaurants of their liking. Delivery employees of FoodPanda then deliver the chosen food to the employees of that particular company during the lunch hour. The company can save money by allocating a budget on every employee and can gain reduced delivery costs on every employee.

24*7 delivery service available: This is probably the best benefit of using FoodPanda delivery services as people can order food at any point in time, even at midnight. Late night parties get a major boost by this feature of FoodPanda. This service is not provided by many food delivery companies but FoodPanda recognized the importance of food cravings at night and added this specific feature in their functioning.

Loads of experience: FoodPanda is among the oldest food delivery services that were launched in Singapore. The years of experience allowed them to create a wide delivery network to deliver food relative ease. It saves time and money for them and experience also allows them to handle the customers better in comparison to other delivery services. They have formed a rapport with their customers after providing them their services for such a long period of time. FoodPanda restaurants list mainly consist of cheap and mid-range restaurants. FoodPanda also offers some additional benefits such as delivering the food for free if the food order costs above S$60 in some restaurants. They also provide codes, coupons, and vouchers to their regular customers.

3. WHYQ: This one is a new entrant in the world of food delivery in Singapore. They have tried something innovative that the people of Singapore have appreciated and that in turn has made them popular in Singapore. So what different they have done from other established food delivery services in Singapore to gain so much of fame in such a short duration??

Hawker food gets delivered to the doorstep of customers: The trend followed by major food delivery services was to deliver food from various restaurants to the customers but WHYQ has done something different by delivering hawker dishes to the people. With this benefit being provided, people can choose to stay in their office or at their home and enjoy their favorite delicious recipes from any of the food court around them.

Low delivery charge: In WHYQ, the delivery fee is charged based on the number of meals ordered and not based on the number of trips done by the delivery boy. The delivery charge is $1.5 for each meal. This is quite beneficial when you order food for less number of people.

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Food from various food stalls can be merged in one order: You can order your favorite food from one of the stalls, then can jump to other stalls to order your favorite dish from that stall. All these dishes from different stalls can be included in one order and delivered at your doorstep without any fuss. The restaurants that this delivery service focuses upon are different food courts all over Singapore.

4. Grain


In the market of food delivering, Grain created its name by delivering healthy food to the people. They fulfill their promise of providing healthy food to the customers with the help of their chefs, kitchens, delivery riders and their yummy menu. Delivery fees charged by them is $4 on orders of at least $20. Their delivery timings have two slots, one slot is from 11 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon and the second slot is from 6 in the evening to 8 in the night. Some major points of this delivery service that allows it to stand apart from other food delivery services are explained down below.

Delicious and healthy food delivered at your doorstep: Grain looks after the health of their so they use only nutritious and high-quality ingredients in their dishes. More spices are used with less amount of seasoning added. The food is grilled instead of deep-frying. Creative recipes are tried by their chefs to make the food taste yummy. And the food prepared by them is also low on calories.

New food is constantly added on the menu: They never keep the food items on the menu the same as before and these tweaks with their food items keep the customers on their toes. These ever-changing dishes do not allow customers to lose interest in Grain.

Pickup option to save the delivery fee: People who are looking to eat healthy food can do their body more good by walking to the grain’s outlet and picking up the ordered food. This will also allow the customers to save their delivery fee. One can share the promo code from his account page with his friends and enjoy grain credits of $5 worth when his friend sign up and place his/her first order through Grain.

5. GrabFood: The latest delivery service to have started delivering food in Singapore is GrabFood. They at first launched their separate app but soon after joined hands with the main Grab app. GrabFood is a new company in comparison to FoodPanda and Deliveroo, therefore the number of restaurants they have collaborated with is still on the shorter side.

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One thing that is different in their app is the in-app promotions within the app like Try Me Free which means free delivery, discounts on food items and complementary sides. There is no minimum limit on your orders. The delivery charge is $2.

Timings of their delivery services are in the window of 7 am to 2 am in the night. If a restaurant is not up for a food delivery than it will be displayed as unavailable on the app. Their delivery locations vary island-wide.

Their delivery locations are widespread but when you enter your location address in the app then it will show the nearest restaurants to your location. By this, the food gets delivered to you within the shortest possible time plus the food remains hot and fresh. Payment for your delivery can be done with maximum ease through Grabpay credits, debit card, credit card, cash and PayPal which in turn will award you GrabRewards points which can be used in ordering food later on.

Conclusion: If you are a Singapore resident then this piece of information will help you to distinguish food delivery services according to your choice and comfort. It will help you to decide which service suits your demands the most. All these delivery services are top-notch with each having different qualities than the other. This article helps you find your savior.

Meanwhile, in case you are looking for an opportunity to enter in the food delivery app business, then you can jump in by getting in touch with a mobile app development firm, which will guide you through the basics and details of food delivery mobile app development. After having an in-depth discussion with them you can decide on the key features, additional features, number of platforms, and the budget needed to create such an app.

So without any further delay, get in touch now to get desired results!

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