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Mobile app development is creating waves in the world of technology and everyone is making best efforts to exploit it, however surprisingly there are companies that hesitate in adopting this innovation. It’s realized that most enterprises are slow in adopting mobile app development as they feel that this would put off the existing equilibrium and it’d be sure be tough substituting it with a new one. They often fear about the security risks involved in mobilizing an organization and thus they fail to make the most of this trend.

It’s gathered from Gartner survey on mobile app development in 2014 that mainly all organizations have development and released fewer than 10 apps, while the others have not released any mobile apps at all.

Still there is some change to notice with extensive BYOD phenomenon and a number of millennia’s joining the workforce. The technologies are advancing and there are a lot of secure solutions available; this way, enterprises are witnessing the much needed growth spurt. As per Gartner Inc., by the end of 2017, the market demand for mobile app development services is certain to escalate around five times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them. It has been expected that mobile phone sales will reach 2.1 billion units by 2019 and this will increase demand for apps in the enterprise that meet the high performance and usability of consumer apps. This way enterprise mobility is certainly going to be vital for businesses. Here we talk about the current scenario of enterprise mobile development in enterprises and ways to meet the future demands.

Why should enterprises invest in mobile solutions?

1. Increase in Productivity: Most employees in an organization are prompt to install consumer apps for basic work related tasks such as timesheet entries, approvals and workflow organization. But such vendor-governed apps put the company data to some serious security risks and thus enterprises are now developing employee facing apps to enhance their productivity levels and maintain the integrity of company information.

2. Enhance Operational Efficiency: With mobile apps there will be less paperwork and save the productive time of employees that is rather best utilized in developing the core business. Record and submit data ensuring that you access the most updated information anytime anywhere.

3. Improve Customer Service: Among its many advantages, few is that mobile apps ensure customer loyalty and retention. Majority of people access company information through their mobile phones and thus it is necessary to offer the customers with yet another touch point.

4. Competitive advantage: With mobility, businesses get competitive edge as then there is greater agility. Using mobile apps to streamline business processes you can reduce costs and lead time and this way you affect the progress of an organization.

Let’s put some light on the consumerization of enterprise apps

Gone are the days when enterprises could easily get away by making apps that were just functional without the focus on the UI or the UX of the app. After being exposed to numerous of consumer apps designed to facilitate great user experiences, today the employees expect the same out of enterprise apps. This has brought in a movement named “Consumerization of IT” which allows enterprises focus on developing design centric apps with great UX capabilities.

Offering apps with intuitive user experience, the enterprises can easily maximize its efficiency, reducing the learning curve. Thus, you must consider mobilizing all legacy systems with a consumer focused UI.


Now as we talk of enterprise app development, then it’s yet in its nascent stage however the mobility is still critical for the businesses. The improvement has been seen in mobile security as well with devices being able to manage data in a better manner as well as data can be transmitted more securely than ever. These high-end devices with biometric authentication offers additional layer of security lest needed. Going by the many benefits, mobility is certainly the heart of every organization’s business transformation initiatives.