Technology Trends that you will come across in 2016

Technology Trends in 2016

Technology has a great future as there are several of promising developments ahead. This way there are too many of surprises in store for you and few companies have provided roadmaps and projections.

Here we are presenting the list of few technology trends that has many striking features.

The end of the traditional desktop OS

Now that Microsoft possessing outright control of Windows 10 updates and making best efforts to push users to its latest OS, the traditional desktop OS is just dead. There have been forced updates, need to being completely online and licenses tied to specific hardware. With the same numerous subscriptions and service fees is expected.

Google encourages ChromeOS as a gateway to its own services that are not much usable offline. As well as there have been minor updates signifying the concept of a version number no longer exists. Facing the issue of swiftly depleting data cap will make you wish for better Internet connectivity.

Broadband becomes our lifeblood

The speed of internet connection is vital. The music and gaming industries quickly adopt streaming as a revenue model and this way there is more pressure on your bandwidth limit. Last year, there were countless music streaming services and we can expect more this year. At the same time there is constant speculation that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will arrive in India, while Sony and Nvidia plan to stream video games to every device on the planet. Whichever game there is on PC, PS4 or Xbox One, ships in an unfinished state on disc requiring massive updates before you even start with them. This means that you must start upgrading your broadband connection prior to upgrading your gadgets.

Evolving Hardware

2016 will see some great changes on the hardware front – like television, smartphones to home internet.

Possibly the safest bet to make – 2016 is set to bring about some big changes on the hardware side of things – from televisions to smartphones to home Internet. Most televisions today use LED-backlit LCD panels, but LG brought OLED to the market in 2015 and more manufacturers, including Samsung, Haier and TCL, have announced plans to follow suit in 2016. OLED TVs use a thin, electrically charged organic film to emit light, and each pixel generates its own light. OLED TVs have many advantages, including lighter and thinner panels, deeper blacks, and wider viewing angles.

USB Type-C ports will be there for smartphones and PCs and soon you can easily plug your phone into its data cable and charger. Connectivity wise, 4G network capabilities will grow and more operators will be there for users in India to choose from.

There are going to be high-resolution screens and more flagship smartphones stepping up to Quad-HD or 4K resolution. Soon we will see e-SIM cards coming up and thus you won’t need to insert a different SIM card into your phone for different operators.

Fresh new shapes for devices

This year smartphones, tablets and computers are expected to adopt new form factors. Samsung will bring its foldable screens to market enabling devices to be flexible. You can fold your smartphone and put it in your pocket bending it as much as you desire. Curved screens will be more common and there will be great variety in the designs and form factors of our devices.
Now in 2016, smartphones will be slimmer while iPhone 7 will be 1mm slimmer letting go of its 3.5mm socket. We can expect Android joining the league.

Internet of Things (IoT) will only get bigger

Till now Internet of Things (IoT) has been seen as an exciting concept and in 2016, we expect it to go mainstream. It’s said that nearly 6.4 billion connected devices are in use globally and there is going to be a jump of 30 percent in the coming months. These all features along with apps attract many to develop app in thus trending market. For being trendy in market, hire windows mobile app developer.

There are already many of smart devices in the Indian market and we expect more to be there next year. We see the policy framework for IoT being laid out and India aims for a six percent share in this $300 billion global industry.

Needless to say, we are excitingly looking forward to these services.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Arun Goyal is a tech-enthusiast and visionary entrepreneur. He loves to talk about technology, and expresses his views about the trends in tech-world through this blog.