Amazing reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10!

The much-awaited release of Windows 10 has taken place and many are keen on upgrading to this latest desktop operating system from Microsoft. It’s faster, performs way more efficiently and has amazing security capabilities. Needless to say, there are ample of reasons to opt for this new invention as it treats you with a fleet of new exciting features. Here we will be presenting in front of you a list of wonderful reasons why this upgrade will work in your favor. Read ahead to know how:

Cortana is now for desktops
This voice-based virtual assistant that was earlier entertaining the Windows Phone users is now on desktop platform and is highly useful with your routine activities. You find it on the right side on the taskbar and it works as per your instructions, assisting you get the needed information from the Web, be it weather information, traffic or you are thinking of feeding appointments and other important tasks, Cortana is the right option. Besides, it’s useful in writing emails without troubling your fingertips, as Cortana does it for you. In all, this is one application you can count on for a lot of purposes.

Welcome back Start menu
With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft had shocked one and all by clipping out Start Menu; however, it has made a comeback with Windows 10 in an innovative manner. Now it’s better in appearance with customization as an added feature, along with Live Tiles.

Live stream Xbox One Games
If you thought Windows 10 had its focus entirely on the productivity, then think again as Microsoft has also attempted to cheer up the games lovers by allowing them to mirror their Xbox One title and play it on their PC. In fact, it lets users bring about multiplayer games from their PC so to give competition to other Xbox players.

Command prompt
Command Prompt is another feather in the cap as it’s used to run scripts and batch files. It gives the freedom to use familiar keyboard shortcuts for selection of a line or a word at a time. At the same time it’s useful in copying and pasting of the text. Even though it is not really a function that would be entertaining a large number of Windows users, still this is a function that was long-awaited.

Serves security perspective
This version of Windows is also significant from security point of view. Microsoft Hello serves this purpose really well, as its facial recognition feature allows the user to log in without typing the password. The authentication will be done as soon as the computer’s digital camera recognizes the face of the user. Device Guard and Microsoft Passport are the added benefits in the security domain.

Windows 10 is certainly the need of today and its advance features cater a pool of audience making the processing considerably easier for them. Be it the performance, speed, stability or security features, it is a gainful deal to upgrade to Windows 10.

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Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Arun Goyal is a tech-enthusiast and visionary entrepreneur. He loves to talk about technology, and expresses his views about the trends in tech-world through this blog.