For an Android App Developer, Google Play is the ultimate destination. This superb, highly convenient platform is the best way how app developers can connect with app users. Most of the startups love to launch their Android apps on Google Play.

Just keep in mind a few basic tips and you will find it easy to launch your Android App on Google Play. The basic knowledge of the process is what you need prior to going about the same.

Google Play Store - Tips and Guideline to Follow

1. The primary thing which you require before launching an app is preparing for minutest of things needed to upload the app. Your app icon should be impressive, the app should have an appealing name, and app screens should be all set to place in the presentation stream. Also, the keywords should be ready to put in the tags section. The app description should be set so that all the content which you require is with you.


2. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the wide variety of platform versions available as well as mobile devices. The all-new Android Lollipop has made the earlier versions become useless. The number of Android-friendly gadgets as well as their functional extensions is ever-expanding; you need to be prepared to bolster the apt screen options together with relevant resources so as to meet the most recent requirements, particularly if your app comes with lots of features


3. Make up mind whether you want to introduce a free app or you want to add a fee for using it. Your monetization scheme needs to be fully clear to avoid any confusion later on. Go for the In-App Purchase plan in case you wish to charge for the extra services and benefits within the free basic version which you offer. This work should be completed prior to launching your app on Google Play as no way back option is available later on.


4. Even though Google Play doesn’t follow strict policies like Apple Store, still you must go through its terms and conditions so as to have a better understanding of its policy guidelines. By doing so you will be able to pair up your assortments in a better way keeping them aligned with sales rights as well as intellectual property directives of the platform.


5. In case you decide on a territory-specific app introduction, you should clearly understand the localization policies. This will enable you to integrate better in your app the essential distribution, pricing, and legal inputs. You will have superior penetration in your target market. The local audiences will be extremely happy with the effectiveness of the app.


6. Permit app users to use the app before it is officially launched. This way you will get your app tested via a beta release. This step will enable you to diagnose as well as make right hidden bugs and limitations of your app which have been left untouched.


7. Marketing is hugely important in present times. Prior to submitting your app to Google Play, ensure that you are done with the promotional stuff. Make generous use of social channels in order to endorse as well as share the app with the maximum number of people.


8. Once the app has been launched, put in all possible efforts to offer the best quality to the end-users. Keep tab of the comments which the users are giving as regards bugs and any other issues. Keep watch on app ratings as well as reviews for perfect mobile app development.


Every other day a new app is launched in the market. In case you follow all these tips you will be able to launch your app in a better manner and can reach out to a wider audience.