How to Build a Rental Search App and Solve Real Tenants’ Problems

With the growing population in most countries, people have been going out to rent their own apartments. Not everyone can afford a house, even if it is a one-bedroom house, it is very difficult to pay the entire amount and make it yours. Hence, people have been renting out accommodations for years and the business has been flourishing in all parts of the world.

From students to workers, to entrepreneurs and artists, everyone considering renting either a room or an apartment when they’re not in their own city or state. Therefore, the rental apps have come into being and the industry has been booming with people considering these apps their guides to finding the perfect accommodation for themselves. There is a big competition of rental search apps as many of these have come into being, with features that make each stand out from the rest. These apps help solve big problems and later the rental challenges can also be overcome.

While most of these apps connect the tenants to the agents, who charge money help the former get a house.
They charge a fair amount of money as commission and connect the tenants with the owners. Going through this process can be expensive and the tenant might end up paying more than he is required too. Therefore, the rental search apps should make sure to provide an option in the app where the tenant can directly search for accommodations that have been posted by the owners themselves, and do away with the middlemen.

This way, third parties will be eliminated and renters will directly come in contact with apartment owners. The deal can be made by them and a third person won’t be included even in the negotiation.

The rental apps development is not only meant for the tenants, but it is also a way for the agents to come in contact with the landlords.

Let’s take a look at some ways that can help build these apps

Search filter should be strong

You should provide a plethora of options in your search bar. From price to location, type of apartment, number of bedrooms, balconies, toilets, pet restrictions, car parking, connectivity, food restrictions, enmities and length of lease should be mentioned in the search bar. Another important thing to consider while making a search filter is to mention the ratings and listings of the apartment. It will be better if you let the users search according to relevance and price details of rental apartments in ascending order.

Connect the tenants directly to the agents or owners

Some users might want to get in touch with agents who have a whole lot of properties with them, from among which the users can choose among their preferences. They can get in touch with these agents who have been in the business for quite some time. While there are others, who would not like to spend time and money on these agents and get in touch with the owners of the property directly. The custom search toolbar should allow the users to get an option between the two.

Immediate communication

Furthermore, the app should allow the users to exchange information with the agents and owners directly, allowing prompt communication. They should also be able to exchange numbers, send texts or exchange files for better understanding. The rental search apps development should either allow readymade messages to go directly to the users or can have their employees helping their users online.

Help users pick the best option possible

Image result for Help users pick the best option possible images of rental app

Most of the time, users might just be browsing through the app without any interest in renting the property. The search apps should thereby, assist the users and help them make a decision for a rental apartment immediately.
They should know about the pros and cons of a place and if it suits their requirements and needs. They should be able to mark favorites so that they can save a property while browsing through it and can save it for later when he is actually meaning to rent it. He can just come back to his favorite property and get in touch with the agent of the property. Also, the rental search apps should send notifications and messages of similar properties that a user is viewing.

He might not like something but might want something similar with some additional amenities. If for some reason, he is unable to come across an apartment of his choice, it should be the apps work to send out notifications of similar apartments to the user. Also, nowadays the search apps have become very advanced by giving the users a 360-degree virtual tour. To cope up with the competition, this feature should be definitely added to the app to give a better impression and understanding.

Reviews and feedbacks

An app helps the tenants search properties according to the ratings it has received on the platform from previous users. The feedbacks help them make up their mind in renting the property. Also, each user should make sure to leave a comment about the apartment and their landlord before vacating an apartment.
Migration within countries and cities has by far become very common as people change cities, towns, countries according to their jobs and needs.

Therefore, the rental business is doing pretty well and so are the rental search apps. Without having to open a rental search website in your web browser, you can directly open one of these apps which is quite handy and everything can be found under one roof, without having to navigate from one page to another. Most entrepreneurs in this business are already performing very well and the startups are also coming up with new inclusions in their apps which is making them better than the previous ones. These apps are here to meet the needs and requirements of the users, therefore they must understand the nature of the user and get him in direct contact with the agent or the owner of the property.

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People who do not want to rent an entire apartment might as well look up at the apps like common floor,
which allows them to choose a place with a random person who is also looking for rental accommodation in the same area. They can match their preferences and move in together in an apartment.

There are apps that assist the tenants even after they have moved into the new rented house. Like most times something or the other gets spoiled or something needs to get fixed. In such cases, the tenants do not have to necessarily get in touch with their landlord, instead raise the issue on the app and wait until it gets fixed. The users can take a photo and directly upload it on the app and the landlords can rely on the same with the contact details of the right service provider. This helps in maintaining the transparency between the two.

These apps are also very beneficial to the landlords as they don’t have to rely on a third party to get their vacant apartments filled. These apps a faster and easier way to get tenants round the year.

Although a rental search app development helps in a majority of things when it comes to renting properties, the landlords should make sure to do background checks of the tenants or the people they are going to rent out their property. Post that police verification is done and then a lease document is prepared. A lease document is valid for over 11 months at a time. In most cases the rent increases by a certain percentage after the lease ends and if the tenant continues to stay in the same apartment.

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