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How to Hire an Expert Team of Dedicated Developers

Outsourcing is a much common practice in many firms, be it small, midsize, or big. It is a unique way of hiring professional and dedicated talent offshore. There are a number of firms that choose the dedicated development team model, which is quite prominent as it is greatly useful in delivering managed IT services remotely from all across the globe. At the same time, it leads to a decrease in the cost of the company’s development expenses, enhance business agility, productivity levels, and strengthen the development process. To offer a better understanding of the concept Dedicated Team Model, we have explained it below.

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

dedicated team model

A dedicated team model is a kind of software outsourcing that works best for large & long-term business projects that have a constant workload. So here, a dedicated team combines high skills, commitment, and affordable costs. This way you hire a single team of developers for the job, who dedicatedly works for your project till the end. This model works best for the clients who are aware of the workflow and risks and have a clear vision of investment. With a dedicated team of developers, it works just like your own employees, so you get the skills, focus, and discipline. And what more is needed, after all!

How can you benefit with a dedicated team of developers?

 dedicated team of developers

It can be great to have a team of dedicated developers working for you and here we have how:

  • A dedicated team works best for the large, time-consuming and complex projects, as there won’t be any risk of changing developers during the process.
  • For the projects that may require technical amendments over time, a dedicated team model can be helpful.
  • A dedicated team model can be great if the development process involves multiple frameworks, technologies, third-party services, etc. After all, this means there is a certain level of risk and unpredictability here.

As one looks to hire a team of dedicated developers, it is essential to base on search on the base of quality and skills. But how to find a dedicated team and how to hire them. Well, this is what we are exploring next.


How to find the right team of dedicated developers for your project?

Mainly, there are four ways to find a web developer

  • Hire an in-house developer team
  • Employ freelancers
  • Involve web developers who can be your business partner
  • Outsource the entire project

However, before you zero upon an option, it is vital that you ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the kind of website/mobile app that you are looking to build?
  • How many features do you plan to integrate?
  • Which technologies you will be using?
  • Is it a short-term or a long-term project?

As per the answers, you get a rough description of the project and that way you can choose a team based on your requirements.

In-house team of dedicated developers

 dedicated team of developers

There are a certain group of business owners who believe that the team works efficiently only when it gathers at one place, like in the office. So, here let’s understand the pros and cons of having one.


  • You get a fully dedicated team that completely knows your project.
  • You will have full control over teamwork.


  • It will be more beneficial for the business to spend most of its time focusing on its area of primary expertise instead of managing the development aspect.
  • If yours is not a big project then there is no point in hitting a full-time development team, where temporary employees seldom meet the expectations.
  • It is better to go with temporary developers if you have a requirement for a simple website that will take just a few months to be developed.
  • Hiring a cohesive team might be time-taking, like in the US, an average hiring process takes around 23.8 days.
  • An in-house team of developers is an expensive deal. Here you require paying high salaries to developers, along with the taxes & insurances.



Hiring a team of freelancer developers is another option. This way you will be able to save majorly on web & mobile development process, but on the downside, you might need to compromise on the quality and deal with postponed deadlines.


  • As compared to rates of development firms, the hourly rates of freelancers are lower.
  • When it comes to the working hours, independent developers are more flexible.
  • The non-staff workers can even work on-demand as per your arrangements.


  • It is pretty difficult to control independent personnel and you simply cannot ensure the quality of your website or mobile app.
  • In certain cases, freelancers may have trouble getting along and cooperating with the other team members.

Business Partner/Web Developer


This works great in case of a startup or small firm. You just need to hire a CTO/s for the development work and give them the shares or say make them a co-owner of the firm or a CTO.


  • You will share the financial risks of the project together with your partners.
  • It can be really helpful to hire a reliable/dependable person whom you have known since ages.


  • A highly skilled & experienced CTO will demand a high salary (+% equity).
  • There are chances that your technical partner might not be as passionate about your business idea as you are.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the technical background of your business partner

Outsource web development

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This method works best for the businesses who require developing a website or a mobile app at reasonable rates and also meet the deadlines of the project.


  • Here you share the risks with the development firm you hire.
  • Rather than managing the development team, this method allows you to focus on the business.
  • Outsourcing the development team is a cheaper option (unless you’re outsourcing to the United States).
  • Here the team of dedicated developers you are hiring is used to working together hence there will be better coordination and increased efficiency.


  • Here you have limited control over the project as compared to when you hire full-time employees.
  • You might require to deal with the time-zone differences of a nation you pick to outsource to.
Final note:

Ultimately to hire the right team of dedicated developers you need to pick a method that works best for you. Even though it can be pretty challenging to choose the best team with so many choices of developers available out there. Still, with the right strategy, it gets easier to find the best team of dedicated developers for your business.

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