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Blackberry Priv: One last throw of the dice for the company?

It has been a long time since BlackBerry struggling to claim fame in the market, however now the brand is set to try out its luck introducing first-ever BlackBerry phone powered by Google’s Android software. Blackberry CEO John Chen, who is a software industry veteran, was hired in 2013 to save the Canadian company. And upon his arrival he make a decision to try luck by joining hands with the world’s most popular operating system, Android.

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Apple now ranking the top Apple TV apps; games fetch the most prominence

Apple TV Store data is certainly talk of the town, mainly among the developers, who are trying every way possible to get the most updates out. It’s not news anymore that at the time of the TV App Store’s launch, Apple had made hundreds of applications live. However, at that moment it didn’t seem to be enough to build out dedicated category pages or rankings. It is understood that the features will be out there soon enough.

Most people are keen on knowing which apps have attained early success on the TV App Store, however, there is no access to this data. So far, Apple has stayed away from offering rankings and the trusted third-party App Store analytics firms like Apple Annie have no insight into the Apple TV App Store, either.

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Valuable testing tips to follow while developing a mobile app

Testing has always been considered a complex task, especially testing a mobile application that is consumer facing one. It won’t be wrong to say that it is purely an art. Several of mobile operating systems, device sizes and scenarios make it appear extremely difficult. It is necessary to ascertain that the apps meet consumer expectations for speed, responsiveness, ease of use and more.

Hence here we have come up with several of testing tips that will help you while testing a mobile app.

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Why PhoneGap is the right choice for Enterprise Mobile App Development?

Going by the current trend the demand for mobile app development is certain to grow by large extent in the coming years. Nowadays we see businesses at start-up or enterprise level benefiting hugely from PhoneGap, which is counted among the best cross platforms development tools.

If you’re wondering whether your business is going to benefit from one or more apps, then we have a solution for you. It goes without saying that for successful running of a business you must target a large group of people and among them many would be those using different mobile platforms for iOS, Android or Windows. However, you would be keen on splurging the amount three times for the same time. And with PhoneGap you get the answer to your query as with the help of this mobile development framework developers can easily write out the code for an app and deploy it across multiple platforms for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc sans the need to write different code for different platforms.

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How User Interface Have an Impact on App Designing?

This is the time when mobile apps have become an universal phenomenon and there are in fact people who have created a perception that making these apps are easy and straightforward process. However, that’s not really the case as it’s quite difficult to keep the entire process on track and takes a lot of time for development. As you come across the hurdles, you will find some are unique however few remain undiagnosed. So, here we will step ahead of the dramatic history of development postponement, coding delays and out of budget problems and see what is that actually hinders the app development, other than these.

So let’s begin. It’s the User Interface that plays the role of bridge between the users and the business, thus is vital element of an app development life cycle. It needs to be developed very precisely so that user finds your app needful and useful. If the app is designed properly then it’s a boon, however there is high possibility that you might fail to justify and decide a useful and simple interface. When the use interface gets cluttered, then the app designing faces unnecessary problem. Here we present few major essentials defining the influence of user interface on app designing.

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Easy Ways to Cut Costs for Your Application Development and Maintenance!

In today’s time Application development and maintenance has greatly impacted the business development, with it being used for varying purposes such as creating client base, easy reach to customers, staying in touch with buyers, etc. Meanwhile, the cost to develop and maintain a small app differs from few thousand to even millions. There have been apps that gained instant popularity such as Amazon, Myntra, Freecharge, Paytm, etc, however what can’t be denied is that fact that there have also been myriad apps that went unnoticed. There is an absence of ultimate dictionary and guide that can be used to make your app successful, still there are a few methods and factors that can be practiced in order to make the most out of your app.

To start with, cost cutting the development and maintenance charges is the most essential things that needs to be worked upon. Lest your app becomes a hit then you will certainly save surplus bucks, however if it fails that at least you won’t have to suffer from putting in high inputs.

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Simple Ways to Free up the Space on Your iPhone Device!

Is your iPhone storage already full and you’re looking for ways to free up the space? Then you’ve reached at the right place.

Well, today it is the time of advanced applications, with high-end cameras producing detailed photos and quality video, thus it is very easy for your iPhone to fill up storage quite quickly. Even users with 64GB storage models often find that their iPhone space gets filled up too fast, thus you can always look at the easiest ways to free up space on your iPhone.

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