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iOS 9: Here is the quick review to go through!

iOS 9 is out there in the market and everyone is pretty excited about this newly updated version from the Apple Inc. so here we have come up with a quick review regarding how iOS is distinctive from its counterparts and why it’s a must-have for your Apple device. It was only a few months back that iOS 9 was brought in the market and this one has won million hearts already. It’s little quicker and works a little more efficiently than the predecessors and this is certainly its most valuable feature.


  • Many of small, thoughtful design changes
  • Siri is more proactive
  • Spotlight search is deeper
  • Back button
  • Newly added multitasking features for the iPad


  • Transit directions in Maps are flawed
  • Apple News doesn’t seem to work perfectly
  • No low-power mode for iPods, iPads

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Apple Inc Involved in Massive Cleanup of its App Store!

This certainly came as a big blow for Apple as well as Apple aficionados when it came into attention that iPhone and iPad apps are hit by malicious programs. It’s best known that Apple has enjoyed the status of being the most secure and error free till now, however, looking at the recent case of malware injected malicious programs passing the Apple review process has shocked the company. As per the cyber security firms, before this only 5 cases of malicious apps were ever found in the App store.

Ever since the whole of this mess begin, Apple Inc APPL.0, which is a secure and popular software outlet, has been making constant efforts to identify and remove the infected iPhone and iPad programs. It was only recently that the news was divulged by the company that they have identified a malicious malware called as XcodeGhost embedded in the hundred of the authorized apps and they are now involved in the process of clearing it up. Hearsay is that the hackers succeeded in embedding these codes by convincing the developers of legitimate software with the use if a counterfeit version of Apple software for the iOS and Mac Apps creation, and as per Apple, this version is known as Xcode.

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What Sets iOS 9 Apart From The Rest [Infographic]

As we know that recently Apple launched its latest iOS which named as iOS 9 with some new features and technologies as well. So you people seem excited to know about these features and here we are going to make you aware through the Infographic by Octal Info Solution.

ios 9 features Infographic - Octal Info Solution
iOS 9 features Infographic – Octal Info Solution

Android or iOS: Which platform is right for you?

The biggest dilemma that first-time app developer comes across is which platform is right for them and what should they should first build on whether Android or iOS. To most app builders it is often advised that they must first build an app on one platform, gather feedback regarding it and then do the improvisations on that platform before moving on to another.

Enhance your knowledge

The whole journey starts from the initial stages of mobile app development thus you must have a good understanding of everything like knowing well that apps are going to run differently on different app operating systems. As you gear up with the development of your app, you must think about these points as they will help you ease out the things for you.

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Don’t make these mistakes while developing a mobile application

Today mobile applications enjoy huge significance and that is why more and more experts are creating the applications considering several aspects. Be it in any arena, whether gaming, business, entertainment, shopping and social networking, mobile based applications are in great demand everywhere and growing at a rapid pace. In a way, it is right to put that mobile based applications are frequently changing millions of lives by helping in channelizing their work efficiency on the smart phones. This is indeed innovatory in the world of technology and mobile world holding dynamic functionalities.

However, there are certain steps one must take care of while developing a mobile application as avoiding them could prove disastrous for your business.

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Why you need an expert for mobile application testing?

The secret of any business is certainly offering an excellent user experience to your customer and this is the best way to operate a business. This demands the business owners to spend a good amount of time to make the product or service offered to prospective clients quite unique. And nowadays with more and more businesses having mobile applications, it is necessary to recognize factors adding value to the application that has been designed to have a smooth run. Mobile apps are focused on explicit functionality to hold out an advanced user experience and they are at an all time high with the escalation in smart phones’ sales.

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Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites… What will you opt for?

Today with the use of smart devices, various things have changed. Be it the way we communicate or how we access information. Our smart phones come packed with a number of mobile applications which have now found a place in our everyday life. Mobile apps are necessary components in smart devices with them, allowing you to have easier access to the information at any given point of time. However, the main motto behind the origin of these apps happened to entertain the audience. But now we have moved ahead of the same and apps have become a great medium to promote products and services, regardless of the size or function of a company.

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Important Checklist to Hire iPhone App Developers

In this smart era, it has become a business necessity to own a mobile application. However, there are several factors one must keep in mind as they begin with the process and the most vital remains hiring an experienced iPhone app developer with great expertise. Here is the checklist to go through while hiring one.


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Mobile Commerce Applications are the new ‘in’ thing. Learn how to develop them

Nowadays customers don’t have to think twice before making a purchase, as everything of their liking is just a click away. The present time is ruled by e-commerce market with more and more websites offering their products and services online. And, now it has gone a step ahead with the introduction of mobile applications, which are successfully taking over the mobile websites, with Myntra, an online shopping application being the latest instance of the same. Earlier a website, now Myntra is a full-time application where number of goods can be purchased by the app users. Once the customers download the mobile commerce application of Myntra, they are ready to make the purchases.

Today a number of companies are offering Mobile Application Development services as the world of mobile commerce is growing thick and fast since the evolution of mobile applications. Even though today most of the businesses in the market are running on e-commerce platform, still in the coming times it’s expected that m-commerce may fully take over e-commerce market.

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Now accomplishing success on Google Play is an easy process for Android developers

The market of mobile application development is incessantly buzzing and this makes the development of an application that attains great success on the app store an extremely crucial process. Enjoying good high-ranking status in the market, Android has millions of application developed and launched on everyday basis on the app store.

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